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  1. Also i notice they never seem to wear gloves .i dont believe for a moment that any leader of a country or member of the Royal family ever gets the real vaccine ,way too risky if they all started dropping off like flies
  2. thanks and to others who replied ,I still cant find exactly a badge the same ,I will contact the Auschwitz museum as they supplied the photo of my husbands relative to me and see what they say .
  3. https://hugotalks.com/2021/06/15/heathrow-prison-clip-is-crazy-hugo-talks-some-more-lockdown/
  4. I know its off topic but can anyone tell me what the round red circle signified .We have a photo from Auschwitz camp of a relative of my husbands and he has a round badge on his prison jacket ,he was not Jewish .
  5. starting to think there are quite a few "plants" in these protests ,certainly seeing the same people in the thick of it lately .Been watching John Overkill"s channel ,cant say I agree with all he says but he seems to have done a lot of research into the usual suspects appearing regularly .
  6. Thanks have just copied this and put a link to the stats on Facebook -will be interesting to see if it stays up .
  7. my daughter who was working in Victoria for 3 months luckily managed to get a flight home tonight .Im sure the one week lockdown will end up being longer .Im glad she escaped .
  8. This very worrying .I can here the virtue signalers applauding this loudly. Another form of coercion .
  9. I bet there will be questions about the jab on the census form .A relative of mine who is applying for a Disability pension from Centrelink told me there were questions on the form asking if you had had either the vaccine or a PCR test . Luckily there was an option to say you preferred not to answer .
  10. Today I got an email from the NSW state Government inviting me to have the jab (see pic ) .Seeing Australia is always behind other countries I imagine this is the 1st phase of trying to convince people .When i tell my husband whats going on in the Uk he seems to think that things like that wont happen here ,denial is a great comfort .Im sure in the end there will be soldiers knocking on doors ,demonisation of the unvaccinated etc etc . The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper today printed a letter from someone saying that the over 50's should be "setting an example" by getting the jab .Ill be setting an example of how to think for myself thanks .
  11. Im concerned this may happen here in Australia .Im about to see a surgeon next month about an operation on my foot .I will be put on a waiting list and no doubt by the time my turn comes around they will be demanding the same .I wouldnt even have a PCR test for a start so that probably excludes me from surgery anyway .
  12. https://news.yahoo.com/covid-australias-vaccine-hesitancy-worries-160802161.html
  13. I noticed that when I clicked on the link to video ,there was a second video being played in the lower right hand corner about deaths in India showing a beach covered in dead bodies and a claim of 300,00 dead so far .Obviously meant to counter the story about Texas or to make people think twice about sharing the story .
  14. https://davidicke.com/2021/05/23/war-on-the-awake-and-its-only-just-begun-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast/ After watching the latest dot connector video ,I agree with David Icke that it's so important for the awake people not to ,fold ,give in or crumble when it comes to the vaccine .We have to "stiffen our backbone " Here is Australia in the last few days they are really pushing the vaccine agenda ,the number of articles in the newspapers have increased ,journalists are trying to demonise "anti-vaxxers" and Letters to the Editor pages are full of letters saying things like "its not about you its about protecting everyone else " A rather mindless sentiment in my book .For people to imply that you should risk your own health ,with all that implies for your life and those of your family for the so called protection of others is ludicrous. They are even trying to work out which celebrities and sports people might best be used in a Australian advertising campaign to persuade the "vaccine hesitant ". Interesting times ahead .
  15. it says "The creator of this test says it cannot be used to test for covid. " - I have seen several interviews with Kary Mullis where he says a positive PCR test doesn't mean you are sick ,and if you amplify it enough you can find almost anything but I ve never seen anything where Covid is actually mentioned by him .
  16. Poor Kary Mullis by saying what he said he was probably signing his own death warrant .I have to say theres something odd about Faucis face these days .When you look at videos of him from a few years back his face is looking as if its made of plastic now .
  17. Today I was at the hairdressers . (here in Australia )A very obese young woman came in and while she was having her hair washed she was telling the hairdresser about her recent reactions to the Astra Zeneca vaccine and then saying that she had been told the second jab would not be as bad .To top it all off it emerged she was also pregnant .I cant imagine who gives an obese pregnant woman medical advice to have an experimental vaccine .She also proudly announced her husband was about to get the flu vaccine .Then an elderly lady at the next basin was talking about her side effects and saying she was going to report it to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration ) -Cant help but feel some people get what they deserve from sheer stupidity :(
  18. Here in NSW Australia our "lovely " Premiers has said https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/premier-reveals-magic-number-needed-to-reopen-international-borders-20210517-p57sp2.html Premier Gladys Berejiklian wants this winter to be the last spent in isolation, saying more than 5 million NSW residents need to be fully vaccinated before the state government will consider reopening international borders and warning people aged over 50 that delaying immunisation is not a safe strategy. “We have no assurance of future supply chain to the vaccine,” Ms Berejiklian said. “If you have a vaccine that is safe and available to you, you should get the jab as soon as you can.” The question being ofcourse -is the vaccine safe ? .Note the use of fear mongering by implying if you dont get it now the supply in future cant be guaranteed .
  19. heres one article i found ,make of it what you will .Who knows what to believe these days ? https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-antigen-control-idUSKCN2AV2KR
  20. Thanks for mentioning this ,Im a UK Column member and was going to post it myself .
  21. yes .I expected as much really
  22. What a shame the OP didnt come back .
  23. Went to my GPs surgery today ,they have a vaccine clinic set up in the car park .There were queues of people lining up .This is just a small village .Easy to to see how the current scaremongering is working . The idea that health officials have to hunt down mysterious spreaders of the so called disease seems laughable to me .The fact that they are using a test that doesn't test for infectious disease and is very unreliable about what it does detect might explain why the cant find the actual source of these so called "cases "
  24. I I cant see it and someone else has already commented that they cant see it ether . Ive told you it wasnt my intention so you can believe what you like .
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