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  1. 11 hours ago, Athenry04 said:

    This is disgusting. I can't believe the issue of vaccinations and swabs would not be mentioned beforehand. There appears to be an assumption amongst the jabbed that everyone else has had it, and a complete inability to work out why people would refuse. I'm gutted for you and your husband, and wish you all the best in your continued battle against his condition.

    Thanks .Im hoping the original Dr who referred him will be able to offer something even it  means prescribing something over the phone .

  2. We had a bad experience last week .My husband was recently offered a chance to take part in a clinical trial as he has prostate cancer and other treatments haven't worked . 6  weeks ago we went down to Sydney (a 2 hour trip each way  ) to meet the professor in charge of the trial .No mention was made of vaccinations or PCR tests ,we were treated warmly and asked to return in a month .  Last week we went back with the expectation of my husband undergoing routine  blood tests and to be accepted into the trial  .We arrived at the  clinic to a full waiting room and went up to the reception desk to say we were there ,the receptionist  immediately asked if we were vaccinated ,when we said no the professors assistant  suddenly appeared and we were told to go out into the corridor . the assistant then said he hadn't realised we wouldn't be vaccinated ,so i said why wasn't any of this mentioned previously . He asked if we would have PCR tests -i think he meant lateral flow ,he kept referring to it as a Covid swab .Anyway we refused ,he went away 3 times to speak to the professor and we were told my husband could not be seen .The assistant kept going on about the Covid swab -i told him none of the tests could detect Covid and they were using deception  and misleading people i  got very angry and said a few more things . Anyway we left and drove home .My husband sent an email to the professor the next day expressing his opinion and disappointment . he received a short reply stating that he could not accepted into the trial without continuous PCR tests or  being double vaccinated .  My husbands option is to go back to the hospital cancer clinic that referred him for the trail ,but i have a feeling their rules will have changed too . i was interested in how the participants in the trial being vaccinated would affect the results of the 2 treatments being studied .The feeling of being cast aside as a 2nd class citizens  was not a pleasant t feeling .


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  3. 18 hours ago, skitzorat said:

    2 nurses attitude towards the unvaxxed here in NZ. Shocking stuff! 1 works in mental health it seems!


    people like this especially if they are healthcare workers are a real worry . they are not there to judge patients or decisions people make ,the fact that they are intentionally wishing harm on people who have a perfect right to decide what medical interventions to have shows how well the brainwashing campaign has worked or maybe they were just horrible people to start with .

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  4. 9 hours ago, skitzorat said:







    So out of ~640 "cases" 26 currently in hospital

    Lets round to 5000 "cases" and 30 deaths






    people need to be looking at the figures for deaths from other causes and start making comparisons .Anything based on "modelling " is suspect anyway .

  5. 33 minutes ago, Nathan Oakley said:


    Knowing what you know now about the medical establishment and Big Pharma - you trust them taking a laser to your eyes?

    as i said ,this is the current available treatment. I know of others  who have had it .When you are in danger of losing your sight you have to trust someone ,if there was an alternative that had reasonable results I'd do it .Ive done my research into what it involves and the risks and i don't have to justify myself to anyone .

  6. On 10/16/2021 at 10:42 PM, Nathan Oakley said:


    You are going to let them stick a lazer into your eyes? WTF. 
    I had have the PCR test in order than not to happen!!

    Obviously you have no idea what the current treatments for Glaucoma are .I have already lost a lot of  peripheral vision and am in danger of an attack of dangerous eye pressure which could result in blindness  .This laser treatment has been the accepted preventitive  treatment in closed angle glaucoma for several years . 

  7. 1 hour ago, webtrekker said:


    Looks like you're between the Devil and the deep blue sea here mate.


    The only hope I can give you, and also hope that your eyes don't deteriorate much further in the meantime, is that (from my post above) it looks like PCR tests will be withdrawn over the next 2 to 3 months as they have been accepted by the CDC as useless.


    Let's hope this happens in your country too.




    Luckily i found another eye specialist whom I saw yesterday that does not at present require a PCR test .i m glad i found them actually as their opinion on my eyes and what's needed to correct the problem was somewhat different to my previous doctor and Im feeling more confident about have the treatment which if Id gone ahead with the other Dr would have been the wrong thing for the issues .So every cloud .... as they say . I ended up making  a complaint to the Health  Care Complaints Commission about the other Dr just cutting me off and refusing to even acknowledge my question or provide information .i got a stupid answer from the Commission  along a similar line ,not acknowledging what Im saying and telling me the issue is not one they can deal with .Ive appealed against this but haven't has a reply yet .

  8. 1 minute ago, Roscommon said:

    What you people have to do is get together and come up with innovative ways of making their draconian rules redundant....


    Like this....



    There are things in the pipeline ,many groups now working on solutions and more people waking up .Personally i think if this idea of picnicking on the pavement was tried over here ,the police or the riot squad would be called in and people would be manhandled and fined ..not a reason not to try it though .

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  9. 6 hours ago, alexa said:

    Congratulations Cliff, if you have really taken 3 jabs (which I doubt) you'll be lucky to see 82.


    'I'm taking no chances... I've been TRIPLE jabbed already': As Sir Cliff Richard embarks on his delayed 80th birthday tour, the star invites the Mail backstage to reveal what's kept him rocking through the pandemic 

    As to vaccines, there is no room for doubt there either, in contrast to the row over unvaccinated dancers that has engulfed Strictly Come Dancing. Sir Cliff has been triple vaccinated and all members of his backstage team and band are jabbed, too




    Feel like commentating on this but not sure how ,He represents an era to people of my older sisters generation and i grew up hearing his music played all the time .I love the Shadows but no so keen on Cliff himself . I saw them on there final tour of Australia a few years back . There's something about him ,cant put my finger on it ,i guess some just don't want to believe all that's been implied because it demolishes a bit of their youth full memories . if he's 80 years old and had 3 jabs he's not long for this world anyway ,assuming of course he actually had the jabs .

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