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  1. people like this especially if they are healthcare workers are a real worry . they are not there to judge patients or decisions people make ,the fact that they are intentionally wishing harm on people who have a perfect right to decide what medical interventions to have shows how well the brainwashing campaign has worked or maybe they were just horrible people to start with .
  2. people need to be looking at the figures for deaths from other causes and start making comparisons .Anything based on "modelling " is suspect anyway .
  3. as i said ,this is the current available treatment. I know of others who have had it .When you are in danger of losing your sight you have to trust someone ,if there was an alternative that had reasonable results I'd do it .Ive done my research into what it involves and the risks and i don't have to justify myself to anyone .
  4. Obviously you have no idea what the current treatments for Glaucoma are .I have already lost a lot of peripheral vision and am in danger of an attack of dangerous eye pressure which could result in blindness .This laser treatment has been the accepted preventitive treatment in closed angle glaucoma for several years .
  5. Do you have a link to this information that they have admitted the vaccines has Aida in it ?
  6. Luckily i found another eye specialist whom I saw yesterday that does not at present require a PCR test .i m glad i found them actually as their opinion on my eyes and what's needed to correct the problem was somewhat different to my previous doctor and Im feeling more confident about have the treatment which if Id gone ahead with the other Dr would have been the wrong thing for the issues .So every cloud .... as they say . I ended up making a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission about the other Dr just cutting me off and refusing to even acknowledge my question or provide information .i got a stupid answer from the Commission along a similar line ,not acknowledging what Im saying and telling me the issue is not one they can deal with .Ive appealed against this but haven't has a reply yet .
  7. to me this is a sgin of desperation
  8. There are things in the pipeline ,many groups now working on solutions and more people waking up .Personally i think if this idea of picnicking on the pavement was tried over here ,the police or the riot squad would be called in and people would be manhandled and fined ..not a reason not to try it though .
  9. https://view.comms.service.nsw.gov.au/?qs=a5e0f7de8f9f585f4b206feed4188f888aeda46c8dac5444ad1a21d8c1b5044eb2d528750ed85fa269f5609fdb1a08bbc9e3925416dbcc5f8d63a366227540e5f612aa750f93140be7a0f760e8f1f684
  10. Email I got today ,this makes me sick ,the vaccinated now have permission to have some freedoms https://view.comms.service.nsw.gov.au/?qs=a5e0f7de8f9f585f4b206feed4188f888aeda46c8dac5444ad1a21d8c1b5044eb2d528750ed85fa269f5609fdb1a08bbc9e3925416dbcc5f8d63a366227540e5f612aa750f93140be7a0f760e8f1f684
  11. Feel like commentating on this but not sure how ,He represents an era to people of my older sisters generation and i grew up hearing his music played all the time .I love the Shadows but no so keen on Cliff himself . I saw them on there final tour of Australia a few years back . There's something about him ,cant put my finger on it ,i guess some just don't want to believe all that's been implied because it demolishes a bit of their youth full memories . if he's 80 years old and had 3 jabs he's not long for this world anyway ,assuming of course he actually had the jabs .
  12. he has 2 You Tube channels i already subscribe to one ,the video about the lady was on the other channel ,i don't think he has come up with anything convincing ,its all conjecture ,fair enough if you have some proof ,but otherwise he is just creating suspicion and division .
  13. I wonder if this guy has ambitions to be the Aussie John Overkill ? Do we even know in what context these pictures were taken or what she was doing in that shot where camera were pointed on her ? On the other hand ,things that make me wonder are ,why hasn't she been interviewed by someone about what happened and given her account of things and why is she wearing a bright orange jacket that would make her a target in a crowd ? Of course there make be simple explanations ,not every one is a crisis actor . I ve watched quite a bit of footage of the incident where she was pushed over and sprayed ,and the force that was used to push her was very hard ,it looks as if she hits her head on the road .
  14. ofcourse it is but it could still be challenged legally ,even here in Australia -so far- its still possible to challenge the impositions in court .
  15. i cant see how the powers that be can justify this even if the companies concerned ,ie Apple ,Samsung and Google are complicit .You might be able to make up a reason for banning the unvaxxed from shops ,venues ect ,on the grounds of "public safety " but how is denying them access to a phone or social media account going to make anyone else "safer ?
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