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  1. Thanks for mentioning this ,Im a UK Column member and was going to post it myself .
  2. yes .I expected as much really
  3. What a shame the OP didnt come back .
  4. Went to my GPs surgery today ,they have a vaccine clinic set up in the car park .There were queues of people lining up .This is just a small village .Easy to to see how the current scaremongering is working . The idea that health officials have to hunt down mysterious spreaders of the so called disease seems laughable to me .The fact that they are using a test that doesn't test for infectious disease and is very unreliable about what it does detect might explain why the cant find the actual source of these so called "cases "
  5. I I cant see it and someone else has already commented that they cant see it ether . Ive told you it wasnt my intention so you can believe what you like .
  6. this was featured recently on UK Column News .It will be interesting to see if it comes true ,seems likely .
  7. exactly and i noticed in the article that quote "James McCaw, an epidemiologist and mathematical biologist with the University of Melbourne who is leading a research team providing modelling on the pandemic to the federal government, said it was “absolutely inevitable” that the virus would spread within Australia. " unquote -Another of these computer modellers like Neil Ferguson in the UK ,in many cases modelling ends up having little in common with reality .As David Icke is saying in his latest video ,people are being conditioned to believe a narrative rather than their own personal expe
  8. Chances are the so called virus is merely flu rebranded ,many people have been saying this for a long time .and yes you can get serious effects from the flu and have post -viral syndrome which some may prefer to all "long Covid " none of this means its any worse that any other flu viruses in the past or necessitates lock downs and other restrictions of freedom .There are pages of people suffering issues similar to those you mention as a result of vaccines too.
  9. The latest fearmongering headline in Australia ,despite the fact that 909 people in the whole of Australia died last year and that's increased to just 910 so far this year we are still meant to believe a deadly virus is silently stalking us .We are told that "“The biggest issue for Australia is the fact that the pandemic and epidemic is growing. It’s actually worse than ever [and] the virus is very different to the original Wuhan strain,” said Dr Suman Majumdar, infectious diseases physician at the Burnet Institute. " https://www.smh.com.au/national/top-epidemiologist-says-virus-outbreak-is-
  10. I cannot find any post where I have put someone elses comments ,The post s don't appear to me to look like that .If I have clicked on "Quote " when answering a post and for some reason its ends up appearing as if Im using someone elses post as mine then thats not the intention ,enough said -as far as Im concerned.
  11. I dont know what you mean .As far as Im concerned i havent posted anyone elses comments as my own- only quoted ones I have commented on .Perhaps you would like to point out exactly where this happened
  12. so what is the answer? .peaceful protest,,non compliance ?. How bad do things have to get before people are prepared to take physical action ? Disarmed people have found ways in the past to fight back .the French Resistance for example. But many will just give in and do as they are told .
  13. Maybe ,I personally feel TV and the media has a lot to with it .I came here in 1962 and have been told I still have a bit of an English accent .I only watch British Tv dramas ,never anything Australian because the accents sound so strange to me even after all these years .
  14. So who are the Pied Pipers ? I though the last big rally in London proved you can get the numbers but I too have doubts about the family day out ,music and singing atmosphere of these marches . How many of those in the last march would be capable of physically fighting back ,if required, because I think it will come to that if people really want things to change .Ive read a lot of comments on social media from those who say dont use violence its "what they want " implying peaceful protest is the only way . David Icke himself says all we have to do is say no ,that non compliance is the answer b
  15. Do you really think so ? I find the opposite ,people say they dont want to be like America but are quite happy to watch reality TV ,Netflix, Gogglebox and other rubbish etc and the accent in Australia has changed over the years ,Ive noticed especially in young people so they no longer sound Australian .But then Im cynical .
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