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  1. Everyone is strong when they have love. Without love they are showing their weakness
  2. Schools are a nightmare. We need to find a proper alternative. I am struggling myself with young children. Currently schools promote experimental medication and unproven climate change science (for the greater good of elite only). Parents can see the sham, so authorities need to react to the true greater good. Easier said than done!
  3. Just remember that, if the COVID 'vaccine' plan goes to rat-shit, these devious bastards will potentially throw the kitchen sink at the population now. Expect UFO alien invaders, cyber security breakdown and famine to turn the vaxx hesitant into fearful slaves. Dont buy any of it! Keep your love and your sanity!
  4. this is propaganda being sent out in Philippines. The Department of Health
  5. I think that emulating KKK would provide ammunition to opposition. I understand idea, though.
  6. I saw the article on Philippines hospital bill waiver for covid fake cause of death in today's news. My wife is filipina and we plan to get back there soon from middle east. My wife told me that 2 young lads from our village in Philippines unfortunately both died in a head-on motorcycle crash. The hospital offered cash to one of the families in return for stating covid as cause of death on the death certificate. They are exploiting poor people's desperation for money in order to manipulate the statistics in favour of lockdowns, vaccines and restrictions! People are accepting their own imprisonment for a bit of short term cash. Crazy stuff! Just to let you know. Love your work and all the best! Jon
  7. 'Oh yes, COVID has to be real, because I, a distinguished politician, once had it.....' - other similarly distinguished politicians claimed Saddam had WMD's! What a bunch of blatant liars! If the fatality level of the 'virus' is confirmed by CDC as extremely low, I do not understand how this 'politician' has the audacity to make such a speech? I guess his globalist puppet-masters are pulling the strings and forcing the global-marxism brainwash. What a disgrace BJ is to humanity. He and similarly-minded people need to step-down and be replaced with people who speak on behalf of humanity and common decency.
  8. Yes, Elle is probably a 77-Brigade identity-ridden construct. It's predictably disappointing that the Police behaved this way in front of a peaceful demonstration. Those arrested should hold their heads high and you are all blessed for participating making yourselves heard. It looked like a big turn-out and I look forward to hearing some of the speeches.
  9. Poor Ms. Elle! Yes - brainwashed. Looks like an excellent turnout and makes me proud to be a human being!
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