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  1. When originally posted, the vast majority of comments were from folk that are awake to the lie. Those that were celebrating salvation through a needle were few and far between - those comments were slaughtered.
  2. They don't need guns any longer.
  3. Their language merely reflects what the MSM puts in their skulls. It has to be simple. Easier to say Domsestos than it is to say hydroxychloroquine. Some cannot quite manage even three syllables and so bleach is preferable.
  4. 'According to the document, the two vaccines are called Ambush and Triumph.' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-54375643
  5. Extremely naive to think that the organisation isn't already heavily infiltrated. If it's like any 'protest' group I've been involved in, money would have changed hands long ago and the direction it will be going in will already be in the process of being steered into the least beneficial (to the cause) direction possible.
  6. As I read that I thought about the film 'Scum' and how Carlin went straight for the leader and then picked off his weaker mates one by one. Go after the 'strong man' and the minions fall like flies.
  7. Good grief. The little I have seen of her this last few days gives me the impression that she is in it for herself, trying to carve an easy living and not really caring for the things she says. Comes across as a clanging symbol.
  8. Video removed by user - what was it?
  9. And looks like the love child of Matthew Corbett and Mick Hucknall
  10. Revolting https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-coronavirus-vote-law-conservatives-labour-snp-tory-rebel-b641224.html
  11. I expected it. Those filming and communicating between the pillars of that high place above the stage looked sinister just by virtue of their position. The vast array of riot vans parked at three of the exit streets weren't there for reactive reasons - they were there in preparation to instigate.
  12. Just seen this elsewhere. I'm 54 and said back in March that they would bring the then age of 70 down to eventually include over 50's. They are setting the stage for now but it will come. Perhaps we who are over 50 will be the people that will be forced to take the vaccination. I would say that the predominant age group at Trafalgar Square yesterday were the over 50's.
  13. Looked through all my footage and it's no surprise she looked familiar as there must have been a hundred or more over 65yrs women with scarves and shawls - only one in green clothing with red hair and it wasn't the one in the video.
  14. First instinct was that she reminded me of a Dick Emery character when I first saw it before reading that it might have been staged. I'll go through all my shots to see if I can spot her - definitely looked familiar from the clothing.
  15. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/army-called-support-door-door-19001116 "The Army would be there in an extra capacity, boots on the ground sense, not in a military sense and not in an enforcement sense," said Cllr Jones at a regional briefing hosted by mayor Andy Street. So they are there in just an intimidatory capacity?
  16. Firstly, be thankful that you can see whilst being mindful that there was a time when you couldn't as others banged their heads against walls. Keep that close at all times, chip away without anger when opportunities arise and always have others' future well-being prominent. Never give up.
  17. They went in under the premise of social distancing breaches, which begs the question why they didn't go in hours before. Under the restrictions placed upon the rally by Westminster council, the police have effectively stood and watched a mass 'crime' committed for over three hours before wading into the crowd.
  18. I left before then but could see it coming. The conditions of the risk assessment were read out to the crowd at the beginning and everybody laughed because there was no way those conditions could be met.
  19. until

    On the way now from Birmingham. Dr. Heiko Schöning has been confirmed overnight as a speaker and the risk assessment for the rally has been passed by the local council. Hoping myself to get as much footage of the day as possible.
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