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  1. Yep - dehydration always looks like that. You're fine one minute and then you look like you've had a heart attack.
  2. We've nearly knocked some of them down in the city centre as they skip off pavements and go the wrong way on a dual carriageway - even with another person on the back of the scooter. Selly Oak and parts of Northfield are absolutely littered with the bloody things.
  3. Like kids in a sweet shop. It is likely that many have never seen a pair of real life legs before. If they are Muslim, there's a chance they'll view infidel women as 'war booty' and just assume they can help themselves. I remember that Afghan lad raping a young girl and being let off because he assumed it was an okay thing to do according to his 'culture'.
  4. That was magnificent. Like that silly blonde woman, one of my teenage daughters does exactly the same thing when she's in the wrong and knows it. She'll slump right down and throw her hands out in mock exasperation at the injustice of it all.
  5. Whenever I point out that America is irretrievably falling to its destruction - and has been for many decades - I get called a leftist. Christians in name only, Republicans in name only, Patriots in name only, all hanging onto nothing but the fog of blind faith. The Queen of capitalism simply has to be toppled if the darkest of all agendas is to be fulfilled - which it will be. The ultimate question as to whom do you serve shall be asked of everybody when the time comes. Give the 'wrong' answer and the world shall celebrate your death.
  6. His eyes are too close together because of years of reading teleprompters. I'd love to see somebody debate him just on this video alone. Being a coward, he'd never do such a thing. He hasn't an original thought or conviction in his entire being.
  7. Henry was a sublime player and a winner. The thing about winners is that they often have it in them to win at all costs. Maradona was another, remembered as much for his instinctive cheating against England as he was a winner at Barcelona, Napoli and Argentina. Sport isn't important in the great scheme of things but despite the expression 'being a good sport' I'd want to be remembered as a winner if I'd found myself in that world. Winners are driven. This is why I would order my players to take Mbappe out with a series of non red card challenges - otherwise known as 'professional fouls'. That expression says it all really, more or less admitting that it's a part of the profession and expected by anybody calling themselves a professional footballer. I doubt that Southgate has it in him to inspire or coax out whatever winning mentalities are in the England squad. He's shown that already on more than one occasion (Croatia and Italy). He only got the England job because of the Fat Sam scandal, having failed with Boro and failed with the England kids. He was fast tracked for the Boro job without the necessary coaching badge! He was forced to go and get one before he was allowed to manage them after complaints were raised by other managers who had legitimately worked their way into managerial positions. If England are to win the world cup it will be in spite of Southgate. Moments of outrageous skill from the likes of Bellingham and Foden; perhaps a series of world class saves from Pickford. The thing about Southgate, if you look at his route to the top, is that he has undoubtedly been groomed to be the man to wilfully push political and socially engineered agendas. He showed his complete lack of integrity in that pizza advert that ritually humiliated him in front of tens of millions - after bottling a penalty against ze Germans. He revelled in that role without a hint of self respect. He declared that he would do anything asked of him - the perfect manager to get those English lads down on one knee
  8. Mbappe running at a half fit Walker doesn't bare thinking about. If I was managing England I'd instruct the players to rotate fouls on him. Traore at Wolves has frightening acceleration. Teams quickly worked out that they could rotate fouling him and deliberately grabbed his arm every time. They knew he had dislocated it and they knew it was a weakness. Spurs were the biggest culprits and three were booked, including (I think) Harry Kane. They would literally try and yank his arm back out of it's socket. Wolves quickly countered that and smothered his arms in grease before every game. All teams will do anything to win or to gain an advantage. There's no honour whatsoever in most professional sports and football is particularly ruthless. If they are nicey nicey (after their manager) then that England defence is going to get run ragged. It would still be nice to put one over the frogs. Who could forget what Thierry Henri did against Ireland? He went on to lie about it, saying it was accidental, but that sly smile when the goal was given said it all. Having said that, I despise our sloppy mouthed whelk of a manager and would celebrate a defeat if it meant the end of him.
  9. The Blades have indeed been done twice.
  10. A bit like heroin dealers. I'd be approached by new faces, offered a sample, given their number, enjoy the sample, get a fair deal on some fire gear - drop my previous dealer - and watch the quality go downhill over time. Being desperate people, we'd put up with the poor quality because it was better than nothing. All as we could do was wait for the next new face to repeat the same pattern.
  11. It's as utterly ridiculous in the UK as it ever was (reported by our media) in North Korea with stories of Kim jong-un claiming to have completed his first ever round of golf 54 under par or whatever it was. We are in an age where lying is everywhere (not just war propaganda) and truth is despised. Excellent writing, incidentally - I saw all those things happening in my imagination as I was reading the words
  12. I agree. I have seen a man die directly in front of me at a football match. It was Wolves away at Carlisle and this elderly man just keeled over in his seat. He was carried out by St John ambulance staff and there wasn't a thought for the game being stopped, let alone abandoned - though we got beat, so an abandonment wouldn't have been the end of the world. Because the idiots who refuse to think believe that all those game halting medical emergencies last season were nothing to do with any jab - and probably something to do with their beloved covid - abandoning a game will keep the covid fear porn in the air for all to breathe in. Something similar in the World Cup final might be a triggering event for the next round of fear OR perhaps they'll introduce something new that now causes heart attacks, is related to some sort of virus, and can cover for the masses of suddenlies coming our way this winter.
  13. I saw plenty of do-gooding from do-gooders that I know. They were always at pains to say they were only doing it for the vulnerable they might come into contact with. Yet when they would drop something off at our house, they would be terrified when I opened the door as if I was a serial killer. They'd put the item down half way up the drive (birthday presents for one of my four kids etc) and back away to their car in direct proportion to me walking towards the object. I went to a barbecue when lockdown was over and there were around a dozen of us there. My kids were running around like lunatics and I mislaid one of them, so went into the house to find her. The host jumped out of her chair and told me that I wasn't allowed to as there were already six in the house - as if my mere presence would wipe out lives. All of them at that barbecue were cowards. The mask had a two fold function for them: 1) They could signal their virtue. 2) They could hide their terror behind it. I have long since not had anything to do with these people. They sicken me. All of the parents went on to have their kids jabbed and all of them were delighted to see the back of me. They desperately tried to persuade my wife to get jabbed, assuming that I'd brainwashed her. Ten months later and they have all aged and look like shit. One has skin like the inside of a cement mixer. Seeing her was like seeing that recent picture of Simon Cowell - a completely different person except for a tiny remnant of how I remembered her.
  14. It must be cheating on a massive scale - millions of votes as opposed to just a few thousand here and there. If they got away with it once (Dominion) then even if Trump gets 100m votes and Biden (or whoever) gets 1m votes in 2024, they can cheat again. Nobody can do a thing to stop it. The courts - and even the Republican party itself - are swamps full of snakes. I'm at a loss as to why Trump would even bother to go up against the machine again - unless he's a willing participant in some script. The USA is like an African Marxist shit hole from the 1980s. I remember the most hated presidents always getting 99.9% victories at election times. It was utterly laughable but now it's happening in the most 'free' nation on Earth. I guess that if America falls then so does everybody else. I'd have said prior to September 2001 that the USA would be the toughest nut to crack if a one world government was ever to become a reality. I think today that it might already have happened.
  15. We'd have probably gone out on penalties Goal line technology is a good thing when it works. It doesn't require five minutes of human subjective thought based on ever changing rules. It's either over the line or it isn't. Unless, of course, you're Aston Villa and staring down the barrel of relegation - followed by an inevitable points deduction for breaking EFL financial fair play rules the season before. It cost them £170m to get out of the Championship and to circumvent EPL financial fair play they had to buy the ground off themselves to keep the Premier League bosses off their case. That was allowed - as was citing the loss of revenue for the 'covid' season at three times the amount that other clubs with bigger grounds did. I don't know what corruption is going on at that club but they benefitted from the only time that goal line technology didn't work. They conceded a goal against Sheffield United that would have relegated them - the ball was miles over the line but somebody had 'forgot' to switch the goal line technology on. The ref thought it was a goal, the Villa keeper thought it was a goal, but the 'Beep!' didn't go off so it wasn't given as a goal. They stayed up as a result. Villa will eventually go bust, as will other giants or former giants of the game. I see that now the European Super League is further away than hoped, American owners are looking to sell up. Wolves went Chinese and that's now looking a bad decision as the CCP are looking to reel in foreign investments. Perhaps the near future for all clubs to survive will be oil, with City and Newcastle having a head start on everybody else. Watch those lefty fans of clubs like Liverpool justify their hypocrisy when bought by a similarly evil regime as Newcastle were. Here's Lampard's goal; who would go on to be as crap a manager as Martinez is.
  16. You got that right. There's supposedly as much 'covid' about today as there was claimed to be when this post was made two and a half years ago. But because most are jabbed with a concoction that doesn't work - except to send people to an early grave - it's perfectly safe to gather in our tens of thousands. It's interesting to look back.
  17. What a shameless monster he is. As my dad would say, he's never forgiven God for making him ugly.
  18. Today - only to be used in exceptional circumstances. Tomorrow - we are in lockdown. These are exceptional circumstances and we must protect the majority of law abiding people who are staying in their homes. Plenty of us ignored the rules during previous lockdowns but if there were robots patrolling every area with orders to kill ANY human in the interest of national security, then we might not be so keen to be seen out and about. You can argue with a policeman but no robot is going to understand you. They have dehumanised us all to a degree, so to have a killing machine with no conscience is a psychopath's wet dream. It wouldn't surprise me if they have millions of killing machines already mass produced and ready to go.
  19. I steer clear of all this kind of stuff but it does get thrown in your face even if you don't follow the news on them (Alex, Kanye, Kardashians, others). The common theme is that anybody amongst their number who dares to touch upon important truths comes across as deeply disturbed, or at the very least a bit weird. Sometimes they just appear to be a bit raving, not having a balanced demeanor - angry and unhinged. I don't like that because they are the public face of 'conspiracy theorists'. It's similar to the soaps I used to watch twenty years ago. Any Christian character would be a figure of fun (Dot Cotton) or a psychotic fantasist, like that woman who once kidnapped a child and jumped off a castle or something like that. The heroes are always ethnic or gay or in the case of Roy Cropper (who I liked) married to a bloke called Harold in a bloody dress. What an image to start the day with.
  20. Daily Mail - hardly a bastion of truth but I doubt they'd risk being sued over something so silly as a doctored image.
  21. That's very similar to my list. This particularly gross image showed up on Facebook. At first I thought it might be jab related but it's probably down to too much indulgence in Botox jabs. Some people are never genuinely happy.
  22. If only he'd shown the same passion for truth before getting his kid done.
  23. Too bloody late for so many parents that I know. Or used to know before I was unofficially shunned, troublemaker that I am.
  24. Thanks - saved me writing something similar. These reports of groups such as stop oil and their ilk spread themselves across the internet and even television/radio, giving the impression of there being huge support for climate matters. There was an hourly bulletin on the radio the other day - something about glue and a busy airport and flights being cancelled. It's no more than a yappy dog in the Grand Canyon, making amplified noise that travels far and wide due to the massive echo chamber it finds itself in. The media ensures that the yappy dogs of climate activision get the same boost to their voices. The bigger the hypocrisy of it all, the better - they want people exasperated over twats like Thunberg, Gates and any other famous name attached to the environmental agenda. I look forward to it all being melted some day.
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