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  1. This is all very strange because I watched a video of him renouncing Christianity and commented on it somewhere on here. Then I saw that this had been posted by him - a testimony I haven't yet watched - and cannot for the life of me find the video where he declares his Atheism. In the comments there was great support from at least one of his cheerleaders; a regular who stated that even the notion of there being a God is for the weak and mentally unstable - you know, the usual. Now I'm wondering if I actually dreamt the whole thing. I think that perhaps I did because I blocked his Facebook page, yet today (when I looked) he is still on my list of groups. As I was scrolling through every post this last few months I came across this, which adds to the list of people he's accusing of shillery.
  2. This is the Hugo that proudly declared his Atheistic position a few months ago. This is also the Hugo that occasionally mentions God and quotes the Bible - particularly eschatological Scripture that is prophetic and supports whatever it is he's proposing. This is the Hugo that never shows his face. This is the Hugo that is at great pains to criticise anybody who is 'part of the system' yet is such a person himself with his Patreon. This is the Hugo that out of one side of his mouth thinks it suspicious that somebody should have millions of YouTube views; and out of the other side of his mouth has his own YouTube channel with 142,000 subs and millions of views. He's a strange sort. Perhaps he envies Icke, perhaps he himself is controlled opposition. Either way or no way, I've planted those seeds in exactly the same way as he has planted seeds about Icke. During the fake pandemic, I observed that many of his videos followed immediately what was spoken on here - as if this was his main source of research. He does have a point with the tacit agreement thing in that petition but the implication is that Icke is somehow in on it - why else flesh the video out with negative suggestions concerning him?
  3. Forgiveness requires repentance. Repentance requires confession. Confession requires conviction. If there is no conviction of me doing something wrong then I won't have any desire to confess to wrongdoing. My conscience will be unbothered and my tongue silent as a result. If there is conviction of me doing something wrong then I will (if my conscience isn't seared) want to confess to what I have done. That confession will be useless if I am not going to repent. True repentance means acknowledging what I have done wrong and not only turning from it with my mind and my tongue but demonstrating it's validity with my future actions - which will reveal the true intent of my heart. If anybody complicit in genocide jumps straight to forgiveness without confessing what they have done, then they have never been convicted in the first place and any apparent repentance is useless. In such a case you are probably dealing with a narcissistic psychopath. In fact, I'd say you most certainly are dealing with a narcissistic psychopath because this bastard is demanding that we forgive EACH OTHER. Such a person will always claim victimhood and imply you are at least equally guilty. They will do so publicly in order to project a moral superiority - just as Hancock did. I won't be surprised if that snake declares forgiveness to all who said hurty words about him; comparing that to (or even blaming that on) the lesser crime of adultery - which was a set-up to 'get him out of there'. I assume he hasn't confessed to genocide yet? What crime against humanity did you or I commit when speaking the truth in love; when warning others for their own good in the face of false accusations even to the point of family members turning on us and careers being destroyed and businesses being lost and mental health being crushed? These people are sick.
  4. How did the Democrats do so well? Is it that the majority of people (like me) have given up on voting?
  5. They are both uninformed of the truth and super-informed of a lie. When the television was invented, I bet those who wanted to rule the world - they already did - were doing cartwheels of joy. They could eventually get their lies into every household and even force the masses to pay for the privilege. Same goes for the internet.
  6. Same principle with masks. I'm still seeing single sheets of perspex at counters.
  7. Just as an unrepentant serial killer would ask to be forgiven for stealing a bag of crisps.
  8. They are still at many entrances to shops and I've noticed that some people don't just put it on going in, but do so coming out. Most of my colleagues are obsessed with hand 'sanitiser' at work and will do all they can not to touch multi contact points such as door handles. They have small bottles of the stuff hanging from key chains on their belts. The three that are the most obsessive with the gunk also happen to believe that people who wear seatbelts are - and I quote - poofters afraid of death. "I firmly believe that when your time is up, there's nothing you can do about it" Which is true, up to a point, so why won't you touch a car door without two layers of gloves and a hazmat suit? Presumably, it's better to die by going through a windscreen than it is to die of 'covid' or, more likely, cancer. And I'm the nutter. Their thinking (programming) is loaded with terror.
  9. Their immune systems are shot to pieces. That won't stop them blaming you, of course. "Probably caught this off that unholy Pete's unvaccinated breath at the last meet. These tin hat warriors are like drunk drivers walking away without a scratch whilst the innocent melt in a fireball. Should be in jail." I'm certain that awful things are said about us. I've noticed a distance between me and some of the jabbed at work since the MSM have allowed many 'sudden deaths' of fit, young people to make it into print.
  10. Only 35 years old. Intelligent and disciplined players can certainly play at a very high level at that age. Indeed, he had 18 months left on his contract...
  11. I had it with all three deaths announced today. In fact, I have had that with Treacher before - this is the third time I thought he had died.
  12. Went to a couple of these as a potentially interesting photography opportunity. I put this video together when there in 2017.
  13. My leftist family hate him because he's a Tory and no other reason. All university educated, all jabbed up to the eyeballs, not a single care for critical thinking between them. He's a Tory, therefore he's evil.
  14. I'm surprised that they only managed to link antivaxers with insane, murderous 'refugee' haters. Only a matter of time before somebody committing a similar act is shown to have a posting history (as a sleeper) on a site such as this one. Conspiracy sites will be criminalised and banned one day under online harms legislation.
  15. Don't know if this is real but those eyes are full of murder.
  16. Nobody gets such a prominent show on a huge broadcasting platform unless they are playing a part given to them. His job is to placate those who think that politics solves man's woes; a valve for the right and even for those who know the game but need an antidote to the utter madness of the left. SKY news Australia do the same job.
  17. I see, that despite giving a decent sized list, they are STILL refusing to speak of Rodney Marsh's death - which happened on the same day as Warne. Both were about to go to, or had just arrived at, countries where full 'vaccination' was a strict requirement for entry. Both famous Aussie cricketers, both good mates, both just boosted - kept apart by the media even after all this time.
  18. Another medical episode - this time at the wheel of a bus not far from Birmingham. Driver dead. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/sandwell/oldbury/2022/10/15/oldbury-bus-crash-driver-dies-after-suffering-medical-episode-at-the-wheel/
  19. Just seen this. The one, repeating comment I always see is: "What has changed this last couple of years to cause all these sudden deaths, most of them heart related? It's a total mystery" Always gets the most likes and positive responses.
  20. Perhaps a few localised 'small' nuclear explosions could cover for the myriad of instant and slow deaths from the jab. Never forget that the people calling the shots have no conscience - seared as with a hot iron so to speak. The next major war that involves many nations will cause billions (not millions) of deaths to both humans and other living things. Once this happens the people will beg for a hero to save the planet. They will get their wish.
  21. I only knew one person in over half a century that has had a heart attack. One. In this last month one colleague has had two heart attacks (quad jabbed) and another collapsed the same day as having an up to date booster (yesterday). The first 'medical emergency' was nervously dismissed as being down to vaping, diet or a history of smoking - depending on which covidian you listened to. The second 'medical emergency' NOW has their attention and they are finally flapping it in public. Everybody (jabbed and free) is just waiting for the next one to hit the floor clutching their chest. I doubt very much that we'll get through this winter without any 'sudden' deaths. That current number of 4% of the workforce suffering medical emergencies could easily become much higher; especially as they are also getting their bloody flu jabs. I think there's around five of us out of fifty or so that haven't been jabbed. Despite the ridicule we received for two years, there is no gloating - just knowing looks when the news breaks.
  22. It is and will be an ongoing refining of events until all believe, culminating in the open worship of Satan. The last events will be miracles to behold - lying signs and wonders but utterly convincing. When he arrives on the scene and is revealed (but declaring himself as God), many layers not yet unfolded will have happened. The people that are left alive shall beg for a great leader, a king to rule over them. Looking at the sheer size of the lies already masquerading as truth - and being believed - tells me that time is very short indeed. Yet everybody's world is not sufficiently awful for the ultimate lie to be believed. Therefore, I expect deceptions of a spiritual nature to be shortly commonplace and celebrated via the media. This will be a tough nut to crack as most people - even those pretending to be spiritual - are materialists at heart.
  23. Many that I know got handed over to a foolish mind. Previously cautious, non risk taking, high functioning, steady folk - all apparently very good at life with solid families and both academically and professionally successful - had my illusionary perception of them as people to look up to shattered. Architects, lawyers, lots of doctors, teachers, retired professors with well adjusted children in their late teens to mid twenties all following in their footsteps - turned out they were unable to discern, unwilling to debate, useless at critical thinking, cowardly. The wise (those that the world consider to be) have become foolish and the foolish (those that the world consider to be) have become wise. I do think that the underlying spiritual principle that this scenario speaks of - those inside and outside of God's perfect will - is being mirrored throughout society. The visible church is being tested and subsequently judged for not loving truth, despite what their lips say. The Bible refers to all this as the product of a darkened mind. Brain dead is equally good.
  24. I noticed it and commented about it on here two summers ago. Even before the jab rollout, I noticed that those believing the lie were becoming cold hearted.
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