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  1. Wrong one - this is from 5 months ago. Correct one on Save Our Rights on Facebook but cannot locate YouTube streams
  2. Hyde Park it is.
  3. HANDS FACE SPACE It's not often that I'm driven to murder.
  4. It's the first thing I zoomed in on.
  5. That's how the government get their Covid figures.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_VP1
  7. Democrats have this habit of accusing Republicans of what they are guilty of themselves.
  8. Not the same one. Bennu is a third of a mile wide and absolutely no threat (as defined by NASA).
  9. My thoughts, too. To further polarise division, the stage has been set to blame those who stood against the first wave. No online, on street, in court platform will ever be afforded to the same people and dissenters could be rounded up in the name of national security. "Had everybody believed the severity of the first wave and not divided public opinion with misinformation, we might not be in the terribly worrying position we are in now"
  10. Cheers. I've bookmarked it for my next night shift.
  11. I was getting into that - worth watching the whole thing?
  12. I tell people who pull me up on talking to myself that they do it all the time. It's called thinking. Only, I do it aloud instead of contained in my head. I know that God can hear me whether I am talking junk, entertaining myself, relieving stress or plain praying.
  13. I've already been warned by a teacher friend that this is what the government are planning, given the concentration on electronic homework scheduling. They are in a huge rush to provide data to the government regarding which parents can or can't access online assignments. And that's for eight year olds, as well as twelve year olds at the same school. The spreadsheet data had to be in last week. Half term for my kids begins in one week. If they do go back to school, I don't believe it will be for very long before they are back in the house for months on end.
  14. NASA have already said that it's the size of a small car, has a 0.41% of entering our atmosphere, and would disintegrate even if it did. Unless, of course, the narrative will be that NASA (a lying organisation) got it all wrong and lessons will be learnt once the waters settle. Kind of a bigger scale Michael Fish. I did watch the entire video and all three seem genuine in their convictions but those controlling the chess board will, on occasion, encode false threats to discredit those that have been exposed as true.
  15. Murder, rape and torture now permissable where matters of national security are concerned - but not where human rights laws might be violated. Which means, presumably, that anybody (say) refusing a vaccine can be tortured, raped and then killed because they threaten to undermine the health of the nation which in itself will be defined as a greater human rights violation (millions could die - genocide) than just the one death of one obstinate man. Or will the UK have to opt out of human rights laws first? I did read on here somewhere that Johnson had that on his agenda.
  16. Definitely. As somebody else said, I remember threads from back in the day getting sidetracked and I'd lose interest for weeks at a time. I guess that's the purpose.
  17. Saved


    Front page. Sheffield was advertised for a long time.
  18. My town. Lessons will be learnt going forward. The end.
  19. I trust the integrity of all these 'free speech' video alternatives about as much as I do YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Big Tech either control the alternative from the off or take control once the right money has been accepted.
  20. They are so arrogant that it wouldn't occur to them that their masters will be smirking with far more satisfaction at their inevitable demise.
  21. We are now perceived as the bigoted Mary Whitehouses of this generation.
  22. On the rare occasions I have needed to use a taxi this last six months, I always open with a variant of: "Alright mate - do you want me to wear a mask or are you of the same opinion that we are being lied to on a grand scale?" Every single time the taxi driver agrees with me and we have very similar conversations to the ones on here. I have yet to meet anybody face to face that believes what we are being told by the media, governments, scientists etc.
  23. Yes. There's a spirit of resigned misery in the air wherever I go in Birmingham. At best it looks and feels how I would imagine a 1950s East European communist city to be. At worst it looks and feels how I would imagine sheep do on those huge caged trucks as they make their way to the abattoir.
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