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  1. Last time this happened was at the Ariana Grande concert.
  2. Early reports of seven dead across multiple locations but you know how these things change.
  3. Seeing as the premise for this happening or not happening is a matter of consent, no asteroid (or a DEW strike under the guise of an asteroid) would be hailed as a prophetic victory.
  4. My MP would probably pay for such a service.
  5. The sound system was poor and though I was at the front, it was a struggle to hear what was being said from time to time. The bloody thing cut out completely a number of times as if there was a loose wire somewhere.
  6. I purposely ended my video from yesterday on this note.
  7. There was a lot of wasted time through the ramblings of the Asian chap who was hosting. The 5g bloke came across as if he was just there to self promote. Nerves got the better of a few, I'm sure - some took the tactic of repeating themselves from a slightly different angle rather than collecting their thoughts and enjoying the silence for a few seconds. The biggest error was to wait half an hour after David finished to walk around the city centre. Instead of using that momentum, a mousey voiced man got up and waffled incoherently for what seemed an age. Instead of 1200 (my estimate) making a noise and handing out flyers to thousands of bewildered sheep, a good 800 had left and the train of people was a third the size it could have been. A good day, some great conversations, four or five good speeches, a lot of naivety from the organisers that prevented it being as effective as it could have been. Favourite quote of the day was the one regarding which side you are on: Satan owns the fence.
  8. Only heard of him for the first time last year and could see he was a puppet within a few minutes.
  9. Even they are not trying to hide it any longer. "If you have to stay safe"
  10. It was only a few months ago that folk were noticing how there had been no terror attacks for ages and that Rona had defeated radical Islam. I was expecting the attacks to ramp up shortly after restrictions were lifted in the summer. Most of us were. I'm still waiting on a major 911 scale attack on Westminster and Buckingham Palace but expect now they'll be saving that for a more critical moment. The moving out of the Queen and the never ending 'renovations' on Big Ben and Parliament, along with Boris establishing a base in Scotland all got the antennas twitching. Big Ben is due to be completed in 2021 - of course.
  11. I used to be a regular part of the online (and event) vape community. I noticed this recurring pattern of drama involving the same faces which would occur whenever one of the bigger reviewers would have a product out with their name on. It quickly became apparent to me that they were orchestrating the drama between them in order to draw attention to their channels. The watching vape community would virtue signal that 'we hate drama, think about the damage you are all doing' but the viewing figures would speak for themselves - huge spikes in views whenever there was a falling out. The people enjoyed the show. The people loved strife, drama, controversy and seeing people attacked by ravenous fanboys of rival reviewers. The people are voyeurs of trouble.
  12. Both the film and reality due to be released in 2021. Michael Bay, one of the producers behind The Purge, is the producer for this film. The theme of wanton breaking of laws without consequences continues - this time by government as opposed to the people. 2020 will be looked back on as the last days of freedom compared to what is coming.
  13. Amen. How many of us see gross violence, hear enormous lies, witness endless arguments except through the words and visuals of others? Taking up photography allowed me to see so much more than I bothered to ever look for. From macro in the garden in the summer, through landscape at any time of the year and astrophotography on clear nights, there is always something of interest to search for. Creation, apart from humans, doesn't stress.
  14. Conclusion from the short article: 'In my opinion, this hand-waving explanation might just be the most awesome act of cognitive dissonance of this entire saga. Experts are claiming, with a straight face, that a laxly enforced hodgepodge of restrictions, which varies wildly between countries and regions, has overnight eradicated an ancient scourge of humanity from the face of the Earth. And in the next breath, they warn that the incidence of another identically transmitted virus is through the roof. Much more likely in my opinion is that the flu has been confused for Covid in the vast majority of cases. Is it really so hard to believe that flu sufferers could have been confused for Covid cases? After all, we know that lung cancer patients were. In any case, and irrespective of the explanation, one wonders if the flu’s disappearing act means that the largest-ever flu vaccine rollout slated for this winter will be cancelled. Somehow, I think not.'
  15. I know a few neurotics that thrive on the drama of it all and delight in their own righteousness at saving others.
  16. My nieces and nephews - all 18,19,20,22 years old- seemed so alive on social media. I saw them in person a few Christmases ago and all four of them sat there like lemons with nothing to say. None of them had any conversational skills whatsoever. None of them had a sense of humour in the flesh, though were full of banter online. After numerous efforts to engage them I suggested they should all go into the garden and communicate with me via Facebook, which they nervously laughed at. Seen them all once since then but it was clear they never forgave me for a light hearted observation. Incredibly bold behind a screen - some of their interactions with others would make your toes curl - but utter fannies in real life. And that's the problem. Many of this generation have had their lives divided whereby they are adults online and babies in real life. The part that 'grows up' is a fantasy person they have created. In short, an environment has been created where people are terrified of real contact, real relationships, live conversations, real growth. When the internet disappears (as we know it) I suspect they'll all drop dead at the terror of realising they are alone - and always were.
  17. Nottingham to go into Tier 3 lockdown.
  18. This one is by Aston University - ten minute walk from the city centre, three buses stop right outside it, two minute walk for thousands of students. With its positioning and accessibility, it should be inundated with people.
  19. Yes, the word 'theory' when coupled with the word 'conspiracy' is redefined as something that has been, is and always will be a theory - and a paranoid one at that. You never see the expression 'conspiracy fact'. Every murder investigation starts off with a series of theories.
  20. A bit of light relief. As you were.
  21. Been past this one in Birmingham on numerous occasions - morning, night and day - and only ever see goons in florescent jackets. Might have to stake it out for a whole eight hours to get a more accurate picture. It's right in the middle of a student area.
  22. I went to Trafalgar Square but this is right on my doorstep (I'm in Selly Oak). Just rang a manager on the off chance of getting Saturday night off and have been granted it.
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