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  1. I was up to my neck in heroin addiction at that time and knew nothing about the Bush/Gore race until just this minute. I'll have to check it out.
  2. I've heard this many times over the last three days (even reporting it myself) but I'm not yet anywhere near convinced it's true. The Democrats and the media know about this story but aren't in the slightest concerned. The BBC are now talking of Biden in the context as being president, reiterating his anti Brexit stance and talks to be had over the Irish border and trade deals.
  3. They will not need any news corp except one. Every media mogul will be redundant, every 'journalist', every commentator. They will be discarded on the scrap heap as having done their job. There will be no reward - just scorn that they were dribbling cowards, despite their usefulness. Psychopaths do not recognise loyalty.
  4. PS: There needs to be a shut up you stupid twat emoji for people like her.
  5. Definitely enough internet for today. Goodnight everybody
  6. I saw that on his son's official FB page tonight, but who knows if even that is real?
  7. If Trump fails to overturn the projected result that Biden is President - even through the courts - then it will be the death knell for concepts like Qanon. As it is defined by big tech as a Far Right conspiracy collective, then any dissenting voice will also be proscribed the same and likely banished from the internet as a threat to national security. HRC is on record as saying that talk of her and others being involved in child trafficking, paedophilia etc is a Far Right bunch of lies. I can see there being no speech on the subject of paedophilia, the Cabal etc being permitted online anywhere. Things will go back to how they were before the internet was invented and within a generation, nobody will question anything. But then Orange Man Bad, so it's all good.
  8. After going on the True Geordie show - particularly after getting Wildman on - his stock rose exponentially. People were more interested in Wildman, though, and there was supposed to be a follow up show that never happened. It looked as if True Geordie just dropped him after first insisting they must come back. Wildman eventually did a couple of Q&A's on Attwood's channel before disappearing. There were quite a few prison stories to follow before he ventured into the Satanic paedophile stuff that has been done to death by everybody. I feel he might have tapped into the shock market of violence, rape and perversion for views and self promotion and possibly wants to be a macabre version of James English. If I'm right about him pandering to gore and misery voyeurs for exposure then he's running out of road. I watched his last video yesterday and the only thing I could come away with was to ponder whether it was better to be shot in the eye or the willy. One thing to remember is that online drama and beef raises everybody's profile. Again, it's a voyeuristic dynamic that YouTubers (and others) use to their advantage.
  9. Software glitch https://www.dailywire.com/news/michigan-gop-claims-software-glitch-switched-6000-republican-votes-to-democrat-47-counties-used-same-software?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro
  10. There's that number again: The easiest and most popular option is sending a text message to 13033
  11. It certainly looks like a coup - but without the military.
  12. "What about his rudeness?! What about his obnoxiousness?!" Interrupts the vacuous media whore, whilst sitting next to the most odious money grubbing oaf on the television.
  13. Just seen these but don't follow the Q stuff:
  14. If they didn't hear the echoes from the starting gun, they aren't going to hear running spikes hurtling towards the line.
  15. It is an absolute shit show over there. I don't put any hope in man, let alone his political leanings, but do derive a perverse pleasure from seeing the self-righteous explode with indignation when they don't get what they believe their 'morals' deserve. As for this particular shambles, I did think that Trump would win by a landslide but still lose. Like Brexit - which I also suspected would never be allowed to happen - this American election could still be undecided next January 20th. I have seen first hand the depths of spiritual deception that can manifest in 'churches' (even blinding good men) and therefore have absolutely no confidence that Trump is the saviour that the religious right in the USA would have you believe to be the case. However, the Democrats are rotten to the core - overtly so. So Trump winning, as in 2016, at least would afford me some laughter as the left implode across the internet. But that's not to say that he is going to reverse the evil that pervades this world in ever increasing measure and it is not to say either that he won't be the one to accelerate it. Satan comes as an angel of light.
  16. Just ensure you get paid out at the earliest time offered by the bookie. Things could get dirty with 45 million+ mail-in votes, some of which won't be 'counted' until next week.
  17. There's a new video up with a demon channeling shaman. The lady from the asteroid video announced that they stopped it happening. They quickly moved on to Trump, who it is claimed by the Shaman, to be possessed by an Aztec demon beginning with the letter Q. Trump will win the election, be quickly removed, the people will revolt, borders will shift, we all live happily ever after in a New Age utopian society once the old order have been tried for their crimes against humanity. Admittedly, I skipped 99% of the 2 hour 17 minute video - I'm due an afternoon nap.
  18. Birmingham, possibly. They already had a door to door trial with uniformed armed services in tow. Handsworth and Selly Oak were two areas that they operated in but they hit a problem with potentially contaminated kits, which is undergoing an enquiry.
  19. Forgot about this. Is London still standing?
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