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  1. Duck Duck Go https://thepointnews.uk/2020/11/15/biden-campaign-director-arrested-for-electoral-fraud/ Google - nothing, except to call out (via fact checkers) the two sites reporting Dallas's arrest as far right extremist tin foil hat jobs.
  2. They prepped the ground for this some months back. Along with mutations, they will push a scenario whereby it's four or even more jabs a year forever.
  3. This is the bit that concerns me: 'All Trump needs is to continue gathering evidence, prepare to present it to the world, and continue to garner support from millions of Americans who are ready to lay their lives on the line, if necessary, to defend this nation.' The 'if necessary' bit will be necessary because Trump has no way to 'present it to the world' without 99% of the world's media calling him a deranged liar. I can understand (though don't currently wholeheartedly agree) why some look at the chess board and see complicity between the Republicans and Democrats in engineering a civil war on behalf of the usual suspects seeking to tighten control over the masses. Time will tell.
  4. They will eventually go the whole hog and nobody will own anything - not even their own bodies. Depending how quickly this will happen will decide if it is worth even investing in property, gold, sliver. But then what can you take with you of material value except a memory of being comfortable for three score years and ten? Where your treasure is where your heart will be also.
  5. 1) No Brexit 2) Civil war in the USA 3) Real virus released 4) Parliament, Buckingham Palace and other buildings destroyed in coordinated attacks 5) Rationing
  6. To me, it's the powers that be boasting how they have every political party in their grip. They obviously couldn't get away with Dr Peter Hitler, so went with this instead.
  7. Turns out that the Ubisoft thing was a hoax call https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/montreal-police-ubisoft-1.5801236
  8. Play the Game by Queen conveniently playing in the background.
  9. As above, I got YouTube adverts without a hitch but no videos would load beyond that for a few hours.
  10. They have it all tied up. Dropping R number simply means that masks and lockdowns work. Increasing R number means Terry and his honkey mates have been going to illegal raves, the selfish bastards.
  11. Like this one: Being positive or negative totally depends on the CT counts of your antibodies test, they may alter completely or produce a totally different result in a matter of hours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person do not have COVID-19, he may have it but the body may not be under a high viral load that’s why it’s taking longer cycles to replicate the RNA structures. I wasn’t expecting musk of all people to mock the seriousness of this disease and contribute more confusion to the world. Bad move.
  12. Just seen this on FB and went straight to the comments section where damage control was being done by new profiles. They try to come across as knowledgeable authorities by using strings of 'sciency words'.
  13. Ticketmaster says fans will need proof they've had the vaccine or a negative COVID test result to attend concerts and sports games when they return. https://trib.al/8GMBPXF
  14. The poor have been giving to the rich since the beginning. The poor have been laying their lives down for the rich since the beginning. Why stop now?
  15. At last! Something that I do naturally.
  16. I've had lots of comments deleted down the years and had videos shadow banned. It's just the way it is. I've also had comments held for review on certain videos on my channels, even though I do not have that setting activated on those particular videos.
  17. As you say, because people are thick. Their brains have been conditioned to not think about anything. The potential is there but the desire has been killed by entertainment and comfort. They have been made thick.
  18. Just surprised that they aren't a couple of trannsexuals. That would teach the bigots a thing or two.
  19. People have been conditioned to have their thinking done for them - we are in the age of the lazy. Televisions were not that widespread when I was little and even when we got one, we watched mainly cricket and MOTD. Newspapers were widespread but I never read anything but the sports pages as a child. There really wasn't much news in my life when growing up. I remember Elvis dying and the occasional serial killer. We were all afforded room to discover and reason - even at school. That has long ceased to be the case. We are bombarded by endless channels and also have the internet, which although a blessing to the inquisitive is also a curse to the majority who believe the news cannot possibly lie. "This is what happened. The end."
  20. Snakes everywhere, but he would have known that and waited for the right time. Perhaps Esper had to first leave a trail. There will be others who are sweating.
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