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  1. The swamp not being drained is galling. So much was promised.
  2. He is one ugly bastard. Everything about his face (not just his eyes) reflects his rotten innards and is something I have noticed with many a deceiver. Ted Bundy was described as handsome but that weak mouth and insane eyes were a giveaway regardless of hindsight as to his crimes. I get the same vibe with many a politician and none more so than Hancock and that Cuomo creature over in New York - he is a sadist.
  3. Nobody has the power to arrest Soros, any more than any of the Rothschilds or Rockefellers. These guys shit all over law enforcement, supreme courts, presidents, princes and kings. His only day in court shall be the one that really matters - and he won't be able to hide anything.
  4. He's on the verge of conceding judging by the sounds coming out of right wing commentaries over in the USA.
  5. Not when you understand the vast majority of people are in debt up to their eyeballs. Debt has been positively encouraged this last forty years or so. Think of all the small and medium sized businesses that have collapsed this year, with many more coming to ruin in the first quarter of 2021. The majority will love for us all to start from zero.
  6. I am quite sick of it all. I only got up to speed with the Q stuff recently and my initial thoughts were much different from what they are now. It's gone from thinking Trump has surrounded himself with brilliant minds to it's all a load of bollocks. Sometimes I get swayed back to a position somewhere in the middle but as I said - it's all shifting sands. I'll be coming off the internet for the month of December and might extend that until the end of January. There's a con that says if we don't log into our favourite sites, pages, forums etc, we are missing out on extremely important information. The truth is that shit will always be happening regardless. I am looking forward to a month or more of hearing and seeing absolutely no news whatsoever.
  7. Shapiro (Daily Wire) reporting that Trump's legal team are falling apart after officially putting distance between themselves and Sidney Powell. So much for Biblical, Biblical, Biblical - she is now being described by Trump as never having been a part of their official legal team. “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” Trump’s legal team said in a statement. “She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.” Qbots are claiming this as a brilliant chess move on Trump's behalf but not actually offering any reason why that might be the case. The right are claiming it's left wing lies and Shapiro is nothing but a whore to advertising revenue via his 6 million followers. The shifting sands of politics, eh.
  8. What makes me suspicious of Trump - above all else - is the fact he is still alive. The Elites can take the life of anybody they choose to at their convenience. So barring God's Sovereign protection on him (for His own purposes) Trump simply has to be an important piece on their chess board, or he would have been taken out as far back as 2016. The swamp is pretty much as it was when he promised to drain it.
  9. I'm not sure anybody is. His inner circle during this plandemic all smell of psychopathy. What happened to Rees-Mogg?
  10. It's not unlike Boris v Corbyn. Many assumed that they must vote Boris to avoid commie Corbyn's madness but ended up with a government doing the perfect will of the totalitarian Globalists. The new right is further left of anything we've ever seen.
  11. Much of the false prophetic in the church thrives on apophenic thinking. It's actually vanity born out of intellectual pride, but I can see how easily a computer program can play out a game using this 'interconnectedness of things' and do so far more impressively than most humans.
  12. I'll read that on my night shift later but have never discounted that it's as described here - I could not put it into words, though: Apophenia is : “the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful pattern between unrelated or random things (such as objects or ideas)”
  13. He's a fraud bent on short term internet fame. YouTube is saturated with copy and paste 'alt right' in-the-know fantasists.
  14. I couldn't believe it at first (having watched the video) but then remembered that the media have nothing to lose now. They are balls deep in blatant lies and might as well go full postal right to the bitter end.
  15. There will come a time soon when false flag atrocities will be committed in the name of anti-vaxers.
  16. September 02nd: But Premier Steven Marshall said the state was now "back to zero active cases … which is great news" South Australia was held up as a beacon to the success of lockdowns and masks. Of course, the masses cannot remember what they had for breakfast so it doesn't matter.
  17. It's a horrible place. Go against the grain and you have rats biting you from every angle. I lasted less than a day and never went back as an account holder.
  18. I put £43 on Trump at 6/1 and Sky Bet have not paid out on Biden at any point - other betting sites did. Now tempted to lay myself (ooer missus) with a different Bookie.
  19. Just posted it on my FB for all my wonderful communist friends to bask in. The reality is finally going to meet their fantasies.
  20. The fake lefties (mainly students) hate the notion of not owning anything. The reason they are at university is to land a well paid job that can get them more stuff. Even true lefties (that I know) wouldn't stand for starting from a level playing field of bugger all. All of them live in massive houses with numerous cars, fancy holidays in Tuscany and the like, golden pensions, nights out at the ballet. They covet more than anybody I know but can quote The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist word for word.
  21. I experienced something to that effect when enslaved by mental health 'experts' back in the 90's. I was a walking pharmacy of all manner of chemicals, most of which were for side effects that produced the symptoms for further labels that required even more drugs. What a bloody mess 'health' science has become.
  22. The side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine will/might be presented as Covid-20. The side effects from the vaccine for Covid-20 will/might be presented as Covid-21. And so on.
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