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  1. Johnson seamlessly conjoining the NHS and the military. Over to the scientific expert and then over to the Brigadier in full garb. How quickly the escalation towards their intended end game has happened. And the people love it so.
  2. I see your point - more a pointed reminder than a revelation to the unknowing.
  3. I find it hard to conceive that there's anybody out there that doesn't already know what a wicked man Blair is.
  4. I think that's the only good thing to come out of this. Even the staunchest of patriots must look at the last four years and walk away from politics for good, accepting that they (along with Liberals) never had a choice.
  5. UK press announce Biden as POTUS after Congress officially confirmed him.
  6. That's where I'm at with it all most of the time but can get drawn into believing the left are worse than anything out there. When I was younger, I was taught that the right were all wicked and the left were mostly righteous. In reality, we are all evil to varying degrees and politics is the art of lying and deceiving for personal gain. Anything else simply doesn't get anywhere near power.
  7. The same idiots that say regarding lockdowns and masks "well if it saves just one life, it's worth it" will be saying "well if only a small number die because of the vaccine, many millions will be saved - which is worth it". The twats.
  8. Yes, they've sucked the life out of life. The only consolation is seeing the looks on the faces of those who have enabled evil to do its thing in the name of social media peer pressure when the wolf casts aside its sheepskin.
  9. But 911 and the slaughter of millions in the Middle East was fine.
  10. Biden calling for law and order to be respected and for Democracy to be upheld for the good of righteousness. I feel he's taking the piss a bit.
  11. Would you say he was as much a part of the swamp or that there is no swamp. Hilary called it all (pizzagate, child trafficking, Satanic child sacrifices) a right wing conspiracy.
  12. I assumed that was a giant cock. The tattoo, not the actor, that is.
  13. I don't think truth (assuming voter fraud really did happen on a massive scale) matters to almost anybody in politics or in the courts. Most ordinary folk don't care for it, either - until the consequences of lies come and visit their house. Those bringing us the news actually glory in telling lies. We are in a time of great deception and cold hearts.
  14. Children are the perfect human shield for despots/fascists to hide behind.
  15. Methinks it's over for Republicans (and probably forever). All that Q stuff never meant a thing except to give false hope in a flawed man that might well have been no more than a gatekeeper as China took control of the nation. Both Democrat and Republican voters will suffer greatly, as surely as Brexiters and Remainers. Chin up, stop trusting in man, seek God.
  16. I took a month off (the whole of December) and on my return see exactly the same promises, revelations, soundbites etc as in November.
  17. I said many years ago that there will come a day when declaring oneself heterosexual will be viewed as homophobic; that words such as straight, normal and heterosexual shall become crimes. There won't even be neutrality on the matter.
  18. If they have planned a false flag, Iran will get the blame (stage already set). If they could bag tens of thousands of lives, say by the use of a dirty bomb, then Trump would be held responsible for gathering hundreds of thousands of supporters at a time when his own life is widely known to be in danger.
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