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  1. Do you include yourself when saying everybody has their own agenda - or are you exempt?
  2. The absence of a sausage roll and iced donut would be enough to turn them against their masters.
  3. I wouldn't bother. Send this back for a laugh:
  4. Further to that video comments section, somebody observed a major contradiction. Even Trump said back in June 2019 that they would try to steal the election. Yet Simon was surprised, despite being a part of 'The Plan's' inner circle.
  5. Impossible - assuming for a moment that Q is a real person. This comment was repeated by many on this video:
  6. All roads lead to civil war, whether straight paths or crooked.
  7. I felt that Corbyn was controlled opposition, put in place (along with clowns like Abbott) to be completely unelectable.
  8. Same here. Perhaps most or all of it is deliberate disinformation, but the Chinese - who have patiently and expertly infiltrated almost every fabric of USA power bases/structures - would never fall for that. Xi Jinping "Crap! I've just watched some bald, overweight YouTuber bypass our censorship agreement with Google and announce that the military are in charge with Trump activating the insurrection act. We must change course immediately. Generals! DEW strike all tunnels around every military base now!" There are so many possibilities regarding deception that I'm treating it as I would a play or a film.
  9. 6/4 Bullet from a redneck wearing a white string vest. 5/6 Covid 5-1 Both
  10. I read that in a Joe Pesci voice.
  11. https://uk.fidanto.com/mobile/jobs/job-opening/educational-guidance-school-and-vocational-counselors/covid-administrator-197310240
  12. Their thinking is that the greater the threat of much more severe Draconian measures, the greater the chance of people finding salvation in a needle.
  13. I love photographing the night sky and particularly look to go out during meteor showers. Meteors can and do appear outside of named shower times - last major one was the Quadrantids, which finished on Tuesday. I missed the peak night because of cloud (as I generally do). They are mainly white streaks, can be colourful (usually green), but can also appear as fireballs. I've yet to see one in hundreds of hours over the last couple of years, so you've had a treat there. Next one I'm looking forward to are the Lyrids in April. I caught this one from my back garden last time around.
  14. They've been preparing for war for many years, if recent events in the USA are anything to go by.
  15. Last I heard on waking this morning was to be ready for an Emergency Broadcast - that was fifteen minutes ago. All usual internet avenues have been blocked. The British media is ahead of the game and framing Trump as having gone rogue in his attempt to overthrow democracy.
  16. That's the one possibility in all of this that causes me to pause - was Trump in on the whole thing, playing the part he auditioned for? I guess we'll find out soon.
  17. She went down as if just fainting. The entire thing from start to finish was so terribly done that I (at first instinct) suspected Trump's team had framed the deep state with a false false flag - making it look like the left had executed the false flag.
  18. I was going to say the same thing. Perhaps she really is only 11/12 but her masters would then be more readily accused of destroying her childhood for monetary/political gain.
  19. I am in two minds about the whole shenanigans and have been for a long time. Spent a few hours this morning watching John O Savin and Simon Parkes. I then watched some MSM stuff. The latter is brimful of puerile Trump haters with no sign of any intelligence; just calling everybody who tries to articulate what they 'think' is true (and contrary to the MSM reporting) as insane. However, the chessboard is way bigger than we can see and I've found in life that decievers tend to be of the more intelligent kind and have a penchant for spewing convolution and complexity. Arrogance and greed is often their downfall. On a personal level, I would love for Trump to be the man with a mission his supporters believe him to be.
  20. As much as I've enjoyed football for most of my life (despite being a Wolves fan for over four decades), I can see what an idol it can become. One can invest so much energy, emotion, money and time in something that is really no more than a bunch of grossly overpaid men running around in shorts, kicking a bag of wind about. Football has brought me tears of joy, rage, mild depression, anxiety (one up at Wembley with ten minutes to go etc), a sense of belonging to a large family, pride in being loyal, arguments in factories that have almost come to blows, hatred of certain other clubs. There are millions in the UK that have invested thousands of millions of hours of emotion into the game; perhaps more emotional honesty than they've ever shown to their own families. To remove the Golden Calf would have people falling over themselves to do anything to get it back - as if their very lives had been taken from them. For many, their football team is God and governments the world over know this.
  21. Those are the pegs (besides Italy) that those trusting the plan are hanging their white hats on.
  22. Finally, the London Nightingale hospital is going to be used - as a vaccination centre.
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