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  1. The only good thing about Argentina winning is France losing. Their midget leader with the mother complex would have been even more insufferable had they not bottled it. I heard that Macron was on the pitch after the game, grabbing camera time and generally being an annoying twat. Didn't see it myself as I was on the way to work in Birmingham city centre and didn't want to get my phone snatched by a Somalian drill rapper with his trousers halfway down his arse.
  2. Conspiracy theorist has overtaken far right as a loaded term. Those given the label have gone from a figure of fun to be ridiculed to a danger to national security. It might even become relabeled as a mental illness, having various degrees of severity that at the least requires big pharma offerings and at the opposite end requires sectioning. That shift has become enshrined in people's consciences this last two to three years. Given that, you might well be right that the ground has been prepared with something specific in mind that has yet to be revealed.
  3. He'll find a way to end his days in Vietnam or some other paedophile playground. First, we'll have the Daily Mail and the Sun and the Mirror all with headlines saying how they tracked him down in various places. The media glories in the likes of Gadd, Cooke, Oliver and many other nonce monsters. Googling 'infamous paedophiles free' shows thousands of faces having received joke sentences. I see Vanessa George out shopping, Blanchard on the brink of being released early. Spend fifteen minutes searching and it will sicken any reasonable person - one might even think that there's ten or twenty nonces per hundred of the populace once finishing a cursory search. Having done just that, it's time to watch some beauty - there's plenty of wonderful things that humans do every day.
  4. He has to die just like everybody else. And then Judgement. At the point of death will be an understanding that our entire lives - whatever the length - were but a breath. I do not envy those with vast wealth and great achievements, those with positions and titles. We are taught that such people are the success stories of humanity. They are referred to as very important people. Unlimited cocaine and beautiful prostitutes, the finest wines and choice food, billions stashed away in modern day barns known as tax havens. Playing the world as if it were a game, a chess board, where a single pawn represents millions of lives lost in a war of your making for profit and power. What shall they think as they draw their last and what terror awaits them as they realise it's too late to change their eternal destiny. Some would have charged their puppets (the likes of presidents and prime ministers and kings) with the sole task of suppressing the truth for reasons of wickedness. These men of pretend power below the super rich serve their masters with grovelling hands - their end shall be the same. I don't find pity or compassion in my heart for any of them. Not for a Rothschild and not for a Hancock. I most certainly don't find envy there. So yes, this particular cnut doth prosper for a short while, but in the end he must die and justice does not sleep.
  5. We are heading towards one shot heals all. God in a syringe. Ultimately, they will promise that not only will there be no more pain and no more tears - they will promise that death will be done away with. Those who do go on to die will be accounted for as unbelievers in their hearts. In my book, faith and worship will be intrinsic elements in whatever is forced upon mankind as the ultimate solution. As the days fly past I am increasing suspecting that some sort of (false) medical miracle will be entwined within that worship.
  6. She popped up on here a few months ago and the first thing I noticed was the derangement in her eyes. No surprise that she has gone - there's a pattern of these sorts of inflammatory, toxic people dropping dead this last six months or so.
  7. I know people who have had the original jab and two boosters. One of them had two heart attacks shortly after his flu jab and second booster.
  8. No idea what the bloke in red is saying but to the eye this looks like a cult and he looks like a cult leader. Quite possibly they are set up by the government to be knocked down by the government - as an example to the world as to just how dangerous it is to follow anybody outside of elected leaders. Trust your government. Perhaps this is another Wako in the making.
  9. Most of us said back in 2020 that even the pretence of democracy has gone forever. There will never again be any opposition - whether legitimate or in on the script. It's all designed to demoralise as we head towards a world system without elections.
  10. I'd have been far more sick if England had won the bloody thing, even though I wanted England to win it. "A victory for inclusion" "Humility wins" "Brave England rewarded in the face of homophobia" "Racism 0-1 England" "Arise Sir Gareth" "The Queen would have been proud. She'll be looking down and smiling" Yeah, I've changed my mind. Thank you France and thank you dodgy referee. You've saved us thirty years of gut wrenching hurt.
  11. Well there's a surprise Our loser manager - if he has any integrity - will walk. Perhaps he'll put England first and do just that.
  12. Argentina reinforcing my earlier point of winners winning at all costs. They were the nasty of formerly successful sides. Two should have been sent off (including Messi) but either the Spanish ref lost count or a South American team had to get through at all costs, seeing as Brazil had already gone and advertising revenue would have taken an immense hit with a huge audience switching off in the most passionate hotbed of fans in world football. I'd be aggrieved if I was Dutch. As for England, I can't see the players winning three big games on the bounce under Southgate's instruction. Perhaps if the players are allowed to express themselves in that final third and aren't restrained by overly defensive midfield duties, they'd have an evens chance against that dodgy French defence. If England do go out I hope it's utter humiliation and not because of a bad referring decision. I don't want any national sympathy going Southgate's way.
  13. No way has everybody had the real deal, or the real deal at full dose. Forty million people in the UK all dropping dead in vaccination centres isn't going to be covered up. Then again.
  14. Maybe some were paralysed with fear of dying and others wary of losing their comforts and luxuries - these sorts (the vast majority) will comply with anything in order to keep their lives as they are. Such people are not given to thinking of anything outside their comfort bubble. They are inherently selfish when the rubber hits the road. The government is there to save them and only a maniac would accuse them of being complicit in a huge lie, in genocide. That kind of thing only happens in African shitholes and North Korea. Some people take pause to think but most people are on autopilot, having their wider thinking done for them by whatever the majority consensus is - which in turn is provided by the government via the media.
  15. How fleeting is outward beauty - particularly if said person has accelerated the ageing process for the sake of dopamine overloads. A mate of mine knew her quite well. She was allegedly bang on it even when publicly stating she was clean. Like many C-list celebrities, she's easy meat for nefarious hangers on and flattering deceivers. An anonymous quiet life can be sought by all but that's seen as madness these days. I watch the pull of popularity dragging two of my kids down as they try and fit in at school, but they won't listen to me - I'm an old bastard that knows nothing.
  16. The reaction would have been accounted for even years before rolling out the fake pandemic - it will very much be a part of the overall plan.
  17. I was looking at Mars periodically on my 12 hour shift last night. I hadn't been on any of my astronomy groups for a few days but could see something unusual was about to happen at some point in the small hours. I managed to catch it as Mars appeared to touch the moon and caught it emerging the other side within an hour or so. Same sort of thing happened a couple of years ago as Mars appeared to sit atop the moon in a conjunction. I love the incredible scale of things like this.
  18. Yep - dehydration always looks like that. You're fine one minute and then you look like you've had a heart attack.
  19. We've nearly knocked some of them down in the city centre as they skip off pavements and go the wrong way on a dual carriageway - even with another person on the back of the scooter. Selly Oak and parts of Northfield are absolutely littered with the bloody things.
  20. Like kids in a sweet shop. It is likely that many have never seen a pair of real life legs before. If they are Muslim, there's a chance they'll view infidel women as 'war booty' and just assume they can help themselves. I remember that Afghan lad raping a young girl and being let off because he assumed it was an okay thing to do according to his 'culture'.
  21. That was magnificent. Like that silly blonde woman, one of my teenage daughters does exactly the same thing when she's in the wrong and knows it. She'll slump right down and throw her hands out in mock exasperation at the injustice of it all.
  22. Whenever I point out that America is irretrievably falling to its destruction - and has been for many decades - I get called a leftist. Christians in name only, Republicans in name only, Patriots in name only, all hanging onto nothing but the fog of blind faith. The Queen of capitalism simply has to be toppled if the darkest of all agendas is to be fulfilled - which it will be. The ultimate question as to whom do you serve shall be asked of everybody when the time comes. Give the 'wrong' answer and the world shall celebrate your death.
  23. His eyes are too close together because of years of reading teleprompters. I'd love to see somebody debate him just on this video alone. Being a coward, he'd never do such a thing. He hasn't an original thought or conviction in his entire being.
  24. Henry was a sublime player and a winner. The thing about winners is that they often have it in them to win at all costs. Maradona was another, remembered as much for his instinctive cheating against England as he was a winner at Barcelona, Napoli and Argentina. Sport isn't important in the great scheme of things but despite the expression 'being a good sport' I'd want to be remembered as a winner if I'd found myself in that world. Winners are driven. This is why I would order my players to take Mbappe out with a series of non red card challenges - otherwise known as 'professional fouls'. That expression says it all really, more or less admitting that it's a part of the profession and expected by anybody calling themselves a professional footballer. I doubt that Southgate has it in him to inspire or coax out whatever winning mentalities are in the England squad. He's shown that already on more than one occasion (Croatia and Italy). He only got the England job because of the Fat Sam scandal, having failed with Boro and failed with the England kids. He was fast tracked for the Boro job without the necessary coaching badge! He was forced to go and get one before he was allowed to manage them after complaints were raised by other managers who had legitimately worked their way into managerial positions. If England are to win the world cup it will be in spite of Southgate. Moments of outrageous skill from the likes of Bellingham and Foden; perhaps a series of world class saves from Pickford. The thing about Southgate, if you look at his route to the top, is that he has undoubtedly been groomed to be the man to wilfully push political and socially engineered agendas. He showed his complete lack of integrity in that pizza advert that ritually humiliated him in front of tens of millions - after bottling a penalty against ze Germans. He revelled in that role without a hint of self respect. He declared that he would do anything asked of him - the perfect manager to get those English lads down on one knee
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