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  1. To certain people, killing 7.9 Billion would be for the good of humanity.
  2. Lies beget lies. The further a lie gets with lies having to cover the original lie, the more the original lie is undermined. Truth will only ever strengthen truth.
  3. Very good satire, treading a fine line between is it or isn't it for much of the piece because the writer knows we know how unhinged many of the jab cheerleaders are (or were) - so much so that it might not be satire I did keep a copy of my warning letter to the church (summer of 2020) that I'd been a part of for over a decade, just in case anybody from the leadership or pews would ever seek to revise history and pursue me with pitchforks. I know that some of them might well take the same tone as that satire and look to blame me for not disrupting their services after lockdown. Perhaps I should have physically forced myself into their homes because they'll know that I was aware of being ignored or blocked for most of 2020 on our main online platform for communicating. I did get to meet with a brother face to face on a couple of occasions, pleading for him to find out for himself if what I said was true - the information was findable and I did warn that much of it was either hidden by big tech or subverted by fact checkers (liars). I do recall thinking that as I said that I must have sounded like a conspiracy theorist. Six months later he went on to get jabbed along with his wife. ALL of the 'church' to my knowledge - 500 strong - followed suit (bar my family) and many even had their children done. Yet I know that some of them will secretly despise me for not being convincing enough once a significant amount of people amongst them begin to suffer. It might not actually have been ALL. It might be that some just kept their heads down and went along with the herd in public but had strong reservations in private, appearing to keep the bond of peace for the sake of unity. That's not me, though. Truth is absolutely divisive and must never be comprised. Truth and love, however tough, cannot be separated.
  4. He tried to use the woman as a human shield. An absolute worm of a man.
  5. I bought an 18 month supply when NAC was brought to my attention on this forum around the time of the first jabs being rolled out. I'm sure the FDA tried to ban it in the USA, or at least halt sales of it - reason enough to get hold of some in my book. I'm in the UK and had no problems getting a 200g pack from a UK supplement vendor. Though I'm not jabbed, there was enough noise about shedding for me to get some. There might also come a time when the unvaxed are forcibly detained and injected against their will.
  6. They are everywhere. Back in the 70s, if a football fans' face was shown on Match of the Day, it would be seen as being temporarily famous. If you look at old street footage of London from the 50s and 60s you'll see people waving at cameras when they clock what's going on. Humans have been conditioned to believe that if they are seen on the television then it's something very special. Some people would do anything to get in the frame, even behaving like dickheads behind news or sports reporters. These days anybody can be on a screen to be seen by others but the allure hasn't waned in proportion to the ease of doing so. People still think it's something special to be watched by others on a screen. TikTok, along with cheap mobile contracts, has opened up this lust to be noticed to most people. Running parallel, stupidity has been celebrated for decades now - aka Jade Goody and other Big Brother stars - so the two go together perfectly. You don't need any talent to be noticed or to be famous and this generation are obsessed with self, likes, subs. Search algorithms will always favour the popular. Just opening YouTube or TikTok for the first time on a blank canvas will reveal a bunch of very popular idiots. There really is no escaping them.
  7. Those two in the masks look like they are mocking her.
  8. Used to put up and feed a dozen homeless people at my church building between December and the end of February. Most of the men were Polish and said that our winters were worse than winters back home because of the wind. I was told that -30 in Krakow was more bearable than -5 in England. They said that it didn't matter where they would bed down, there was no escape from the wind.
  9. That's really lifted my spirit. Bloody brilliant
  10. Was thinking the same thing concerning myself
  11. What's this show/film? That was something I'd like to see more of. Love the acting from the main man.
  12. Yeah, I had an inkling something wasn't right when searching her Twitter. She was at her most prolific that very month but no mention of any jab. Having said that, the front two pages of Google are full of denials that her death could have anything to do with the jab and 'antivaxers' are being attacked for never having any proof of anything. I still should have checked before posting, so my apologies.
  13. I have not seen the original posting of this. Perhaps somebody more search savvy can find it.
  14. Written off as unscientific. I've noticed for decades now that if an argument uses the words 'science' and 'expert' and 'data', it's often using those terms to cover a lie. It was the science that convinced most people to get jabbed. It was the data that convinced most people to get jabbed. It was the experts who convinced most people to get jabbed. Not many stopped to consider that the science, experts and data were all lying. They knew that those three trigger words would prevent people's brains from being arsed to question what their ears were hearing.
  15. Saw a brilliant doctor (locum) yesterday. It's only the second time I've had to see one in five years and was originally dreading it. Lots of signs up about masks, perspex box around the receptionists, hand gel machines, chairs arranged to minimise closeness - but only two of us patients in there and nobody hassling us for not wearing a mask. I thought it would be jammed in there (live in an elderly heavy area) but I've never seen ANY surgery so empty. The doctor gave me a proper examination (tendonitis) and spoke out the words that he typed concerning what he was finding and the plan going ahead. He explained absolutely everything about my condition and must have placed my hand and arm in two dozen combinations of movements. He explained all the internals and how they work together. It was as if he hadn't seen a patient for weeks and wanted to be a proper doctor, you know, going through all his knowledge of what might be wrong. It felt like how I'd imagine private healthcare would look like.
  16. I had no idea about Agenda 2063 - first I've heard of it. That'll give me something to dig into later on today.
  17. No need to react with people like that. Wait long enough and they'll drop with overloaded hearts. The state of them both.
  18. There's a tension on the buses to and from work this last week. I see lots more masks than I have in an age and see people standing instead of sitting next to somebody. They'll scan the isle, go upstairs, come back down again and not take a seat. If I was to describe this tension in a single word, it would be paranoia. It might be that people are fearful of 'catching' the flu. I've heard lots of people saying they feel dreadful for weeks on end (all jabbed) with the worst flu they've ever had. "Tested negative but this is worse than Covid. I cannot shift it. Just when I feel I'm getting better, another wave comes that was worse than the last" I do wonder if some of them (secretly) know now that their immune systems are heavily compromised. On another note, some who are not jabbed are reporting similar experiences. Perhaps there's something in the air or perhaps two years of not having a heavy cold (due to everybody diving in hedgerows when they saw our maskless faces coming towards them) has weakened everybody.
  19. Cults operate on similar principles. Key words prevent a person from wasting time with such things as thinking. The brain will take the least path of resistance.
  20. The lies were incessant this time around. Every single half hour on the radio, posters, lots of crisis actors, television saturation. Once the unholy trinity of Johnson, Vallance and Whitty got into people's living rooms on a daily basis, there was no turning back. I remember the Ebola one with the planes on the runway and people in hazmat suits, an infected person in Scotland, a few weeks of news headlines. They didn't get into people's living rooms on a near permanent basis. If it's on the tele, it must be true. If it's constantly on the tele then it must be a very important truth being told. They wouldn't lie to us on such a scale, would they? That's why we appeared to them to be deluded crazies.
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