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  1. You're right. I spent a good eight hours watching videos of the case yesterday. I woke late this morning and went straight to a new video that I posted above. I do have an obsessive nature. Yet in my overall understanding, everything we are fed by the media is from an agreed upon script. This in turn tempts one to find out the real truth of any matter they feed us. But so what if I find out the truth - what have I gained or avoided losing? I knew the covid thing was a lie at the beginning but must have subsequently spent thousands of hours on this site alone. I did not get jabbed and pleaded with people I knew not to get jabbed - and that should have been the end of it. Since splitting from my wife 15 months ago, I could finally live in a place without a bloody television. Yet here I am watching countless videos that are (at root) based on what the people on television are telling the general public. I think I need to start treating the internet for what it is - a commentary and extension of all that people see on the television. People rarely talk of anything else, whether it's the news or sport or a particular program. I guess the allure of this particular forum is that one is generally reinforced because of like minded thinkers. There's a certain comfort to be had in no longer being the only weirdo you talk to. I think that we ALL need to prepare ourselves, our children and loved ones for when electronic heroin is taken from us. Eventually, no internet access will be allowed for those who show disobedience to those who rule over us. No travel likely, either. I guess that when that happens, getting on with life will mean either compromise or internment. In the meantime, I need to remember and do those things that used to cost nothing and made me joyful. I know what they are (both creative) but they somehow got mislaid and forgotten about. Time to get the spade out and dig up those talents. Also, thanks for your post.
  2. What an absolute shambles. The police have apparently sent out 700 requests for dash cam footage from the WRONG road. Could, I suppose, be one of those deliberate acts of incompetence in order to stretch the story a few more weeks. I really don't know - there's a confusing vibe about this whole thing.
  3. This is still on Scream Management's Facebook page (June 2021) and takes you straight to the page I've been viewing when clicking his (Ansell's) tagged name. What are the chances of a bearded man with previous acting experience being interested in getting a part in a major television campaign finding himself at the centre of a real major television campaign to find a missing person?
  4. Having looked deeper into the viewable history of Pauly's page, you can see that Nicola's sister (Louise Cunningham) has liked a post from May 2019 and even as far back as 2015. The name 'Louise Cunningham' checks out from recent newspaper interviews and quotes about "turning Facebook yellow" for Nicola. If this is a psyop then they have gone to great lengths preparing a back story that looks legit in terms of the players.
  5. Assumed that this would be a wind-up. Looking at his profile, this page has been active for 7.5 years. Haven't checked his friends list yet but I'm surprised that this page is viewable (if it is him).
  6. Perfect cover for jab deaths, assuming a gain of function can be attained in a lab.
  7. Saw a film recently called White Noise - similar large scale evacuation after a train derailment and chemical spill.
  8. Miss Vijaya Gadde - top Twitter executive.
  9. Ch5 interview analyzed https://youtu.be/TDyFOauNZ4w
  10. He comes across as furtive, uppity, detached from genuine warmth towards the missing woman. As in that video comparing him with Chris Watts, his eyes are beady and dark. Watts, too, didn't appear to give a damn about his wife - or kids for that matter. We know why.
  11. If this is a psyop then they want us to believe that he is in some way connected to her death - much like if Maddie was a psyop they wanted us to believe that the parents were connected to her death. If this is a psyop then it's designed to exasperate anybody who cannot rest without seeing justice done - a wearing down of reasonably minded people. "What's the point of caring anymore - evil always triumphs"
  12. A force representative said: "Throughout this investigation we have been keeping an open mind about what might have happened to Nicola, and we continue to look at all the potential scenarios to eliminate them." That's exactly what 'conspiracy theorists' commonly do - yet is painted by the media as an act of paranoia by an unsound mind.
  13. And when/if they do locate the red van and find no evidence of an abduction, they'll presumably tell everybody to focus on the sea. When that happens they'll be fully appealing to mystery, that is, the unlikelihood of a body ever being found whilst simultaneously holding out hope that she could be anywhere. Everything to date has been postured towards mystery. I've seen first hand the utter stupidity of (some) police but this entire investigation has been projected as a farce. How often do we see a deliberate, wicked agenda disguised as incompetence?
  14. The script (whether naturally unfolding or not) is tempting people to say what we are all thinking. Now we have red van man as the chief suspect, as police release a 'new' line of enquiry.
  15. This could rumble on for months or even years. This magical mystery came alive very quickly after the curtains were drawn on the Maddie charade. It seems to me to be a similar passing of the baton that we saw from Covid to Ukraine. Look forward to new breakthroughs, new information shedding light, new leads seeming to suggest this or that, possible sightings. Look forward to the online harms bill being wielded against anybody who dares to speculate.
  16. Second body language video. These four are convinced that he's most likely innocent.
  17. First body language video. Look at that smile - it's delight written all over his face.
  18. The YouTube version has a great deal of comments pointing the finger at him. https://youtu.be/XeBtCDmQ1n4
  19. I'm reading this thread a bit haphazardly today, saw the image earlier but didn't know it was supposed to be Charles. I've checked back a few times now because I thought I must have got the wrong end of the stick - indeed I still suspect that I've missed a joke somewhere. Presumably it's a statue of how he (very remotely) looked like when he was 19 or so? I say that because I was proper chiselled at that age when a full time labourer working on the foundations of a house. Nearly four decades later I look more like a bloody house myself.
  20. How cowardly of her. I guess she and her people couldn't think of another way out without making things worse.
  21. That could have been taken after one of my speeches in the office after somebody has asked my opinion on just about any topic you can throw at a person. I've warned them NOT to ask for my opinion on anything.
  22. Yes, we think darts and we think huge beer guzzling and junk eating men with ten stone stomachs and clogged arteries - not a petite and slim young lady. Haven't really watched darts since the days of Jocky Wilson and Co.
  23. They'll just lie and move on but in the process of doing so will accuse of what they are guilty of themselves.
  24. In my experience it depends on the person in question. I know a few who have dug their heels in and are resentful of people like me - that I had openly warned many times prior to them being jabbed. I know others who are regretful and in fear for their futures. There are others, still, who are not only deeply regretful but stopped after one jab and are now staunchly against jabs having had their eyes opened to the whole sorry scam. When a person who dies suddenly aged 50 - having called 'antivaxers' wicked or cowards - I cannot find any compassion for them due to their overt complicity in a deadly lie. That is different to the person who took the jabs under duress, was never a cheerleader and genuinely did what they did for the sake of their families as the only wage earners. It is also different for 89 year old Irene who has never been on the internet in her life and is terrified because of what she heard on the television daily for over a year. I was as loud as I could be, took a lot of stick and still do. But then I'm a Christian and so am used to that. I am also used to forgiving people who don't deserve it, just as I have been forgiven. However, I can also be an arse who sometimes gets proud and wants instant judgement for worst offenders. Of course, wicked people will wax worse if unrepentant - hardening their own hearts in the process - but it would be better for everybody if the worst offenders had an epiphany, told the absolute truth that they knew they were participating in genocide, whilst accepting their impending death for such crimes. Deliberate deceivers don't get any compassion from me until there is real repentance with real fruit in keeping with it. I'll also add that anybody who knowingly harms a child is reprehensible. Though I have forgiven them, the most personal offence that touched me was the fear of man in my former fellowship - the polar opposite to what they preached. Nobody took my warnings seriously and the worst example of behaviour towards me was one woman saying the following to my wife on hearing that we were splitting: "Now he's gone you and the kids can get vaccinated" God won't permit me to stay angry but I do give myself room to occasionally rage and swear. I do also occasionally fantasize that God Himself causes them all to see so that I can be vindicated and apologised to in contrite and genuine tears of sorrow at how they treated me. But that's the flesh talking, in which no good thing resides. There is a paradox regarding the 500 that I used to fellowship with. On the one hand I have prayed that God would keep them safe from vax damage. On the other hand, I am certain that they will carry on taking jabs for whatever is released next - unless a sizeable amount of them start suffering from clots, rapid cancers and serious heart issues. This is a good thread idea because I can revisit what I've just written when not in a good place.
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