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  1. This could rumble on for months or even years. This magical mystery came alive very quickly after the curtains were drawn on the Maddie charade. It seems to me to be a similar passing of the baton that we saw from Covid to Ukraine. Look forward to new breakthroughs, new information shedding light, new leads seeming to suggest this or that, possible sightings. Look forward to the online harms bill being wielded against anybody who dares to speculate.
  2. Second body language video. These four are convinced that he's most likely innocent.
  3. First body language video. Look at that smile - it's delight written all over his face.
  4. The YouTube version has a great deal of comments pointing the finger at him. https://youtu.be/XeBtCDmQ1n4
  5. I'm reading this thread a bit haphazardly today, saw the image earlier but didn't know it was supposed to be Charles. I've checked back a few times now because I thought I must have got the wrong end of the stick - indeed I still suspect that I've missed a joke somewhere. Presumably it's a statue of how he (very remotely) looked like when he was 19 or so? I say that because I was proper chiselled at that age when a full time labourer working on the foundations of a house. Nearly four decades later I look more like a bloody house myself.
  6. How cowardly of her. I guess she and her people couldn't think of another way out without making things worse.
  7. That could have been taken after one of my speeches in the office after somebody has asked my opinion on just about any topic you can throw at a person. I've warned them NOT to ask for my opinion on anything.
  8. Yes, we think darts and we think huge beer guzzling and junk eating men with ten stone stomachs and clogged arteries - not a petite and slim young lady. Haven't really watched darts since the days of Jocky Wilson and Co.
  9. They'll just lie and move on but in the process of doing so will accuse of what they are guilty of themselves.
  10. In my experience it depends on the person in question. I know a few who have dug their heels in and are resentful of people like me - that I had openly warned many times prior to them being jabbed. I know others who are regretful and in fear for their futures. There are others, still, who are not only deeply regretful but stopped after one jab and are now staunchly against jabs having had their eyes opened to the whole sorry scam. When a person who dies suddenly aged 50 - having called 'antivaxers' wicked or cowards - I cannot find any compassion for them due to their overt complicity in a deadly lie. That is different to the person who took the jabs under duress, was never a cheerleader and genuinely did what they did for the sake of their families as the only wage earners. It is also different for 89 year old Irene who has never been on the internet in her life and is terrified because of what she heard on the television daily for over a year. I was as loud as I could be, took a lot of stick and still do. But then I'm a Christian and so am used to that. I am also used to forgiving people who don't deserve it, just as I have been forgiven. However, I can also be an arse who sometimes gets proud and wants instant judgement for worst offenders. Of course, wicked people will wax worse if unrepentant - hardening their own hearts in the process - but it would be better for everybody if the worst offenders had an epiphany, told the absolute truth that they knew they were participating in genocide, whilst accepting their impending death for such crimes. Deliberate deceivers don't get any compassion from me until there is real repentance with real fruit in keeping with it. I'll also add that anybody who knowingly harms a child is reprehensible. Though I have forgiven them, the most personal offence that touched me was the fear of man in my former fellowship - the polar opposite to what they preached. Nobody took my warnings seriously and the worst example of behaviour towards me was one woman saying the following to my wife on hearing that we were splitting: "Now he's gone you and the kids can get vaccinated" God won't permit me to stay angry but I do give myself room to occasionally rage and swear. I do also occasionally fantasize that God Himself causes them all to see so that I can be vindicated and apologised to in contrite and genuine tears of sorrow at how they treated me. But that's the flesh talking, in which no good thing resides. There is a paradox regarding the 500 that I used to fellowship with. On the one hand I have prayed that God would keep them safe from vax damage. On the other hand, I am certain that they will carry on taking jabs for whatever is released next - unless a sizeable amount of them start suffering from clots, rapid cancers and serious heart issues. This is a good thread idea because I can revisit what I've just written when not in a good place.
  11. I know that at my place of work people (all jabbed) have been off for months with what they are calling the worst cold/flu ever. I put that down to knackered immune systems. However I've also read on here in the last six months that some (who are not jabbed) have fallen foul of a debilitating illness that came and went and returned in waves. I can't remember who it was but they reported how they had never been as sick.
  12. Wasn't it accepted/told to us that as a virus mutates it always gains in transmissibility whilst simultaneously becoming weaker in nature? By now it would surely be a sniffle they are describing.
  13. Seeing similarly unusual spikes in heart issues, blood clotting as well as one (rapid) cancer related death in my tiny circle. It's tiny because most people dislike me; even family - so I only include work colleagues where there's no degree of separation. I've heard of heart attacks, hospitalisations and deaths secondhand (from colleagues at work) but refuse to include them because I wouldn't know if those incidents were absolutely true. In twenty years I have not known one colleague to have a blood clot. Now there's two - one of them almost dying from multiple heart attacks. There's also a very big spike in long-term sickness. What used to be called a cold is now putting people out of commission. Two (that I know are jabbed and boosted) have returned after long absences and both are barking like dogs. It's not a cough but a genuine bark. They report that they can feel something spiky in their throats but there's nothing being produced, no redness, no white spots, no inflammation. Their chests are normal. The noise they make is a woofing sound in twos. Two woofs, silence, two woofs, silence. It's just one strange place to be at work right now. I tend to think that it's going to get a whole lot stranger as the next year to two years unfolds.
  14. I've been following a thread on Twitter about this particular death. The replies are in their thousands and I see a sizeable minority (with plenty of comments that have been hearted by thousands) painting the death as nothing to do with any vaccine and those saying it likely was being painted as wicked for using the child's death without any medical proof. I'd wrongly assumed that the tide had turned. Whether these replies and hearts are bots or not, the information war is very much alive. This got my attention:
  15. Called it as a potential script myself. That business in the stadium with the hood and glasses looked like it was deliberately dressed up to look like a conspiracy - to be publicly burned later on as the strawman I suspected.
  16. It is certainly more painful for somebody to go last amongst their loved ones.
  17. What utterly unhinged cowards these Big Pharma employees are. His dreams disappeared before his eyes. He knew that Pfizer bosses would have his head on a stake for breaking confidentiality clauses in his contract. He absolutely panicked, thought he could destroy the evidence, played the race card, got violent and then played the victim. The fact that the only move he could think of was to say he was lying to impress somebody he thought he might be able to shag - and doesn't everybody do that on a first date - absolutely hilarious. He's a pathetic wide boy narcissist and indicative of the kind of person employed in that business. They must look specifically for those traits when they interview for positions. Horrible little rat.
  18. To certain people, killing 7.9 Billion would be for the good of humanity.
  19. Lies beget lies. The further a lie gets with lies having to cover the original lie, the more the original lie is undermined. Truth will only ever strengthen truth.
  20. Very good satire, treading a fine line between is it or isn't it for much of the piece because the writer knows we know how unhinged many of the jab cheerleaders are (or were) - so much so that it might not be satire I did keep a copy of my warning letter to the church (summer of 2020) that I'd been a part of for over a decade, just in case anybody from the leadership or pews would ever seek to revise history and pursue me with pitchforks. I know that some of them might well take the same tone as that satire and look to blame me for not disrupting their services after lockdown. Perhaps I should have physically forced myself into their homes because they'll know that I was aware of being ignored or blocked for most of 2020 on our main online platform for communicating. I did get to meet with a brother face to face on a couple of occasions, pleading for him to find out for himself if what I said was true - the information was findable and I did warn that much of it was either hidden by big tech or subverted by fact checkers (liars). I do recall thinking that as I said that I must have sounded like a conspiracy theorist. Six months later he went on to get jabbed along with his wife. ALL of the 'church' to my knowledge - 500 strong - followed suit (bar my family) and many even had their children done. Yet I know that some of them will secretly despise me for not being convincing enough once a significant amount of people amongst them begin to suffer. It might not actually have been ALL. It might be that some just kept their heads down and went along with the herd in public but had strong reservations in private, appearing to keep the bond of peace for the sake of unity. That's not me, though. Truth is absolutely divisive and must never be comprised. Truth and love, however tough, cannot be separated.
  21. He tried to use the woman as a human shield. An absolute worm of a man.
  22. I bought an 18 month supply when NAC was brought to my attention on this forum around the time of the first jabs being rolled out. I'm sure the FDA tried to ban it in the USA, or at least halt sales of it - reason enough to get hold of some in my book. I'm in the UK and had no problems getting a 200g pack from a UK supplement vendor. Though I'm not jabbed, there was enough noise about shedding for me to get some. There might also come a time when the unvaxed are forcibly detained and injected against their will.
  23. They are everywhere. Back in the 70s, if a football fans' face was shown on Match of the Day, it would be seen as being temporarily famous. If you look at old street footage of London from the 50s and 60s you'll see people waving at cameras when they clock what's going on. Humans have been conditioned to believe that if they are seen on the television then it's something very special. Some people would do anything to get in the frame, even behaving like dickheads behind news or sports reporters. These days anybody can be on a screen to be seen by others but the allure hasn't waned in proportion to the ease of doing so. People still think it's something special to be watched by others on a screen. TikTok, along with cheap mobile contracts, has opened up this lust to be noticed to most people. Running parallel, stupidity has been celebrated for decades now - aka Jade Goody and other Big Brother stars - so the two go together perfectly. You don't need any talent to be noticed or to be famous and this generation are obsessed with self, likes, subs. Search algorithms will always favour the popular. Just opening YouTube or TikTok for the first time on a blank canvas will reveal a bunch of very popular idiots. There really is no escaping them.
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