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  1. I realised that brain cells were in danger after ten seconds, so clicked off.
  2. That's where all this is heading. The internet, eventually, shall be the only place from which to legally purchase food. If one does not fully bend the knee to whoever becomes king of the information highway, one does not eat. We are certainly on that journey. How long it will take to get there, I don't know, but how often do we see evil riding in on the words "Peace and Safety!". The online harms bill implies protection from bad people.
  3. "Sinister conspiracy theories denying the reality of what's happened" Tell us about this reality, Marianna, based on what you have heard from the final coroner's report. I can only imagine that said report was already written and in your possession when you spoke those words.
  4. Every new day there's an unbelievable revelation of incompetence that trumps the previous day's effort. I cannot believe that this is not deliberate. I'm convinced that the whole story has been designed to force people to comment out of sheer exasperation. The more people that do that, the more 'speculation' is going to fill social media as people voice their frustrations, which in turn can be used as justification for an iron fist approach to online speech. Where that hasn't happened enough I'm sure the 77th could say some vicious things. They could dub the first wave of censorship as Nicola's Law in honour of her memory - like light out of darkness; the darkness being the false accusations thrown at poor Paul and Emma.
  5. I won't post it here but I've just watched a video on YouTube that beggars belief. Some geezer is allowed to flounce past the police with a camera and then film an attempted extraction of the body from the water's edge. Two coppers are struggling to get the body up the steep bank, through tall reeds, with bare hands and no protective clothing or hazard masks. They seem to have wrapped the body in orangey yellow tarpaulin, as if that was the only thing to hand in the back of one of their cars. The video ends with them having got nowhere after six minutes of fumbling about. Lots in the comments have said they have reported the video but it seems to me that 'they' want us to see it for some reason. Unbelievable.
  6. It's going to rumble on for weeks and months. As far as the official family statement is concerned, Paul has finally been exonerated. I think a purging of individuals who have implied his involvement is imminent. Social media platforms will join in on the purge and find themselves implementing moves in line with the online harms bill. Folk shall be scared to question anything by the time they've finished.
  7. BBC radio "Social media crackpots will be clamped down on." "Paul is now innocent" "This cannot be allowed to happen again" "A precedent has taken place" "How do you put the 'genie' of speculation back in the bottle?"
  8. Press conference: Confirm the body is Nicola. Family devastated. Thanks for all the help. Case now being handled by coroner. Family will never forget Nikki. Saddened to have to explain to the kids one day that the masses and the press have implicated guilt of family members. Sky in particular are a disgrace.
  9. That was my first thought. My second thought followed immediately - yet another addition to the story designed to invite commentary. It's layer after later after layer.
  10. Dan Walker almost killed: https://news.sky.com/story/dan-walker-glad-to-be-alive-after-being-knocked-off-bike-by-car-12815799
  11. Had a big heart. Before or after?
  12. Former Met Police commander John O'Connor told The Sun: 'These search teams couldn't find a currant in a rice pudding. I find it pathetic that a body has been found a mile from where she went missing.' That's what a lot of people are saying. Yet again, the case has accumulated another level of mystery that begs to be speculated on by 'cruel and heartless internet sleuths'. The 'shame on you' brigade have been out in force this morning.
  13. Just when you think this investigation cannot get more ridiculous.
  14. "Welcome. It's Thursday 12th October 2028 and this is the news. The Prime Minister Keir Starmer has formerly announced that the digital passport shall go live tonight on the stroke of midnight. Opponents had hoped for a last minute reprieve but their case was dismissed as 'lunacy' by the Prime Minister: 'These fools speaking from behind bars are not to be taken seriously. Anybody who followed the Nicola Bulley tragedy back in that dark winter of 2023 will remember how far right conspiracy theorists swamped social media with unfounded judgements and outright hate as false accusations were made in the name of free speech. We know that the case was sadly confused because anybody could have used that now infamous mobile phone with simple login details. Precious weeks and months were lost as a result and we are still no closer to finding out what really happened that fateful day. Under this new system, nobody who is implanted will ever be allowed - no matter how hard they try - to operate another person's mobile phone, laptop, PC, indeed anything that can be connected to the internet. Just touching somebody else's electronic property will disable it. We shall know the moment the wrong implant ID even attempts to access anybody else's communication device, whether it is switched on or not. Of course, those who defied the law are still in the process of being identified, arrested and imprisoned. No stone shall be left unturned as we who are reasonably minded work tirelessly to identify those criminals - and that's what they are - opposed to a society that upholds peace and safety.' In other news, Serco have been given new powers to shoot on sight anybody who's digital ID does not match with their designated fifteen minute zone. This was after a man from 54b1 was detected buying locust from a Sainsbury's in 54b2 last Monday."
  15. And ten seconds later he confirms that he's been intimidated away: https://youtu.be/l7i-i8JngcE
  16. If that's the Luke Kelly video, he's just this ten minutes folded under the pressure of a minority of negative comments - all his three videos have gone private. I was just about to see his reply to my comment yesterday, that I thought it was a psyop (and why). I got the impression that it's something he had never considered.
  17. It reads like a perfect reason to the unthinking mind to remove all anonymity from the internet - and to then remove all those who ever dare to speculate about anything. "Here is the news. Before we give it to you, we must remind everyone that anybody who questions this news shall be removed from the internet." The digital passport is imminent.
  18. This may be of some use: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/30569-spike-protein-detox-guide/
  19. You're right. I spent a good eight hours watching videos of the case yesterday. I woke late this morning and went straight to a new video that I posted above. I do have an obsessive nature. Yet in my overall understanding, everything we are fed by the media is from an agreed upon script. This in turn tempts one to find out the real truth of any matter they feed us. But so what if I find out the truth - what have I gained or avoided losing? I knew the covid thing was a lie at the beginning but must have subsequently spent thousands of hours on this site alone. I did not get jabbed and pleaded with people I knew not to get jabbed - and that should have been the end of it. Since splitting from my wife 15 months ago, I could finally live in a place without a bloody television. Yet here I am watching countless videos that are (at root) based on what the people on television are telling the general public. I think I need to start treating the internet for what it is - a commentary and extension of all that people see on the television. People rarely talk of anything else, whether it's the news or sport or a particular program. I guess the allure of this particular forum is that one is generally reinforced because of like minded thinkers. There's a certain comfort to be had in no longer being the only weirdo you talk to. I think that we ALL need to prepare ourselves, our children and loved ones for when electronic heroin is taken from us. Eventually, no internet access will be allowed for those who show disobedience to those who rule over us. No travel likely, either. I guess that when that happens, getting on with life will mean either compromise or internment. In the meantime, I need to remember and do those things that used to cost nothing and made me joyful. I know what they are (both creative) but they somehow got mislaid and forgotten about. Time to get the spade out and dig up those talents. Also, thanks for your post.
  20. What an absolute shambles. The police have apparently sent out 700 requests for dash cam footage from the WRONG road. Could, I suppose, be one of those deliberate acts of incompetence in order to stretch the story a few more weeks. I really don't know - there's a confusing vibe about this whole thing.
  21. This is still on Scream Management's Facebook page (June 2021) and takes you straight to the page I've been viewing when clicking his (Ansell's) tagged name. What are the chances of a bearded man with previous acting experience being interested in getting a part in a major television campaign finding himself at the centre of a real major television campaign to find a missing person?
  22. Having looked deeper into the viewable history of Pauly's page, you can see that Nicola's sister (Louise Cunningham) has liked a post from May 2019 and even as far back as 2015. The name 'Louise Cunningham' checks out from recent newspaper interviews and quotes about "turning Facebook yellow" for Nicola. If this is a psyop then they have gone to great lengths preparing a back story that looks legit in terms of the players.
  23. Assumed that this would be a wind-up. Looking at his profile, this page has been active for 7.5 years. Haven't checked his friends list yet but I'm surprised that this page is viewable (if it is him).
  24. Perfect cover for jab deaths, assuming a gain of function can be attained in a lab.
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