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  1. I already despised that woman but had never seen that clip. She's a career narcissist devoid of any ability to feel real compassion. That clip there is her getting a 'hit'. They live for emotional reactions from their targets but that was as horrific an example I've seen.
  2. Just been reading about cadaver dogs. They can smell a dead body 15 feet underground and 90 feet (90 feet!) under water. Why were cadaver dogs not used?
  3. This is a more recent video and I've only watched a few minutes, so can't comment much. 11 minutes in, the Burley bit with Ron the dog walker is discussed. I did say at the time that Ron must have been wearing a mic. I've interviewed using lavalier mics - either you both wear one or you unclip yours and put it to within ten inches or so of the mouth of the person you are interviewing; passing them between you as you would a conventional mic.
  4. There's a YouTube live streamer called Superchuffer - saw it in one of his numerous recent live streams. Might be difficult to find because he goes on for hours on end (funny bloke though). There are videos being removed by some because of what is happening to 'Curtis Media'. He foolishly uploaded a video of the body being removed from the reeds and is now claiming that he's going to be sued as a result of causing harm to the family.
  5. If this is a psyop (which I think it is) then it's over as far as any further genuine investigation is concerned. The aftermath of (and perhaps during) the funeral shall be used by the media as the occasion to push for the NEED for new/tighter social media control of speech. A digital passport is the answer. I expect that the pushing of missing people cases for the purpose of having conversations about microchipping (or something closely related as a stepping stone) will shortly be out in the open. This case will not stand in that 'debate' but others will - particularly high media profile cases of missing children. The children don't even have to exist for them to do this, as long as they can employ the right people to play the desperate, distraught family members. We are in an age of great deception with much, much more on the horizon as night falls.
  6. Looks more like Nicholas Longhurst.
  7. They were quickly taken down. I didn't see any ISBN numbers at the time, either.
  8. June 04th, I read somewhere.
  9. I live within two miles of a big hospital and see many hundreds of ambulances every week at all hours. They tend to only put their sirens on in bursts as they approach traffic stuck at lights. The rest of the time it's just the blue lights being used. I don't recall this volume of ambulances being on the roads even five years ago - it must easily be tenfold and probably greater than that some days. If I saw an average of five ambulances a day when on the roads for 15 hours back in 2018, I'm now seeing an average of 50-70. It crossed my mind two years ago (because there was a noticeable increase even then) that they might be the same ambulances doing circuits in order to give the impression that people were dropping with the Rona. Having said that, I have seen three or four ambulances (including the smaller paramedic type) attend incidents that only required one to attend.
  10. I've smelt a dead body twice in my life. Having checked just now, putrefaction commonly occurs between four and ten days (though I don't know about gases being discernible from underwater). On both occasions the body could be smelt a good ten metres away through numerous walls and a couple of fire doors - all the way to outside of the buildings in which the bodies lay. It's the most invasive smell imaginable and gets into your memory. I could 'smell' what I did even hours later when miles away. I'd think that experienced emergency services, including any policeman that's been on the beat for a few years, would have encountered the same terrible odour. Surely somebody walking that bank would have smelt something and a dog would certainly have done so, perhaps even if the body was underwater and said dog was a trained cadaver. The anomalies common to media cases where an underlying agenda is at play are often far more ridiculous than in any 'who done it' script on television. Deceivers always sow confusion and as stated right back at the start of this thread, the welcome mat has been laid down for obsessive speculation and conversation. What follows is obvious.
  11. These three 'books' are only 15 to 20 pages long.
  12. Those who followed Project Veritas did so largely because they followed James O'Keefe. Assuming this isn't all a game of controlled opposition, O'Keefe won't have any problems attracting a following. He will, however, struggle to find a supporting tech and production team that can't be or hasn't already been bought. The opposition has unlimited funds to buy and/or infiltrate whoever they want to. By the time he gets a 'trusted' team around him, the first iteration of the digital passport might well have gone live OR the internet will have tanked beyond a quick repair.
  13. I just saw this mentioned on a video. The tree in Shakespeare's tale happens to be a weeping willow.
  14. His videos throughout the convid thing so often mirrored what was being said on here. I noticed that there were two posts early on in this thread that were mirrored in a video of his that quickly followed. I guess it's inevitable that thoughts will often overlap and coincide because the agendas at play don't change; though it does often look like he's directly lifted observations off this forum.
  15. Going from my place into the city centre, there are two main advertising areas where huge electronic boards look down on the congested traffic. I noticed around six to eight weeks ago that there was an advert for missing people. I've tried to since find it online but couldn't - it's white with a trail of black silhouetted figures trailing into the distance. I remember being amazed at the huge figure given for people missing in the UK every year. I found it strange because that 20ftx12ft electronic billboard was always dominated by ads for the iPhone, Audi, SKY or some other big company. Now I'm thinking that the concept of missing people was being placed into people's consciences - perhaps in readiness for a spate of high profile cases.
  16. The perfect stage to perform lying signs and wonders.
  17. I realised that brain cells were in danger after ten seconds, so clicked off.
  18. That's where all this is heading. The internet, eventually, shall be the only place from which to legally purchase food. If one does not fully bend the knee to whoever becomes king of the information highway, one does not eat. We are certainly on that journey. How long it will take to get there, I don't know, but how often do we see evil riding in on the words "Peace and Safety!". The online harms bill implies protection from bad people.
  19. "Sinister conspiracy theories denying the reality of what's happened" Tell us about this reality, Marianna, based on what you have heard from the final coroner's report. I can only imagine that said report was already written and in your possession when you spoke those words.
  20. Every new day there's an unbelievable revelation of incompetence that trumps the previous day's effort. I cannot believe that this is not deliberate. I'm convinced that the whole story has been designed to force people to comment out of sheer exasperation. The more people that do that, the more 'speculation' is going to fill social media as people voice their frustrations, which in turn can be used as justification for an iron fist approach to online speech. Where that hasn't happened enough I'm sure the 77th could say some vicious things. They could dub the first wave of censorship as Nicola's Law in honour of her memory - like light out of darkness; the darkness being the false accusations thrown at poor Paul and Emma.
  21. I won't post it here but I've just watched a video on YouTube that beggars belief. Some geezer is allowed to flounce past the police with a camera and then film an attempted extraction of the body from the water's edge. Two coppers are struggling to get the body up the steep bank, through tall reeds, with bare hands and no protective clothing or hazard masks. They seem to have wrapped the body in orangey yellow tarpaulin, as if that was the only thing to hand in the back of one of their cars. The video ends with them having got nowhere after six minutes of fumbling about. Lots in the comments have said they have reported the video but it seems to me that 'they' want us to see it for some reason. Unbelievable.
  22. It's going to rumble on for weeks and months. As far as the official family statement is concerned, Paul has finally been exonerated. I think a purging of individuals who have implied his involvement is imminent. Social media platforms will join in on the purge and find themselves implementing moves in line with the online harms bill. Folk shall be scared to question anything by the time they've finished.
  23. BBC radio "Social media crackpots will be clamped down on." "Paul is now innocent" "This cannot be allowed to happen again" "A precedent has taken place" "How do you put the 'genie' of speculation back in the bottle?"
  24. Press conference: Confirm the body is Nicola. Family devastated. Thanks for all the help. Case now being handled by coroner. Family will never forget Nikki. Saddened to have to explain to the kids one day that the masses and the press have implicated guilt of family members. Sky in particular are a disgrace.
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