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  1. Exactly the same here. I would absolutely love to be completely wrong about everything that I think concerning this. It is ultra strange that they have all lock-stepped in the one direction but we now all of a sudden appear to be completely out of step and travelling in the opposite direction to every other nation.
  2. Mine wouldn't either if I had anything to do with it. The wife (now separated) cannot live without one and is surprised that I have not succumbed to buying one since moving out - she just isn't at any stage in her thinking where she could understand.
  3. We have an ongoing responsibility to educate our children. I am glad in a way that my kids stand strong in what I have told them, though I go out of my way to tell them that they should not automatically trust alI that I say to be true - they MUST test my words when old enough (the youngest has just turned five) to do so. This plandemic has been a perfect backdrop to train them to NEVER automatically trust a suit and tie on the television, a teacher, a pastor or a doctor etc. The older two (13 and 11) have demonstrated the ability to spot conflicting arguments that many an adult I know has not been able to. It is encouraging also to know that many of their peers at school are also extremely wary of government at such a young age.
  4. I suspect that we are being white pilled. I have just got up between night shifts but I am sure I mentioned in the past about an ongoing psychological waterboarding being exacted on the people. Others have described it as how a constrictor snake occasionally relaxes its coils in order to control the breathing of its prey to its destruction. This is a pure white pill and those who love hopium are going to be as high as a kite right now, smashed off their tits. I would love the whole world to now follow suit. I would love for a Nuremberg 2.0 before the watching world. I would love to be joining those who believe that the evil ones have been defeated and put back in their box for a generation or two. Unfortunately, I am too long in the tooth to celebrate and shall be watching even closer for the inevitable crash and the direction from which it is likely to come.
  5. I dread to think but whilst listening to this I thought how this would sound to the average person with only a little knowledge. He sounded like a victorious and strong leader who has resided over the defeat of a dreaded virus. He also sounded generous and bold, when you look at what is happening elsewhere in the world - particularly Austria and Australia. He kept things open and kept the economy ticking over. We now enjoy the fruits of his extraordinary leadership. A bit of a lad, yes, but what a stressful time. Let us major on the majors and not quibble over any minors such as booze bottles in a suitcase. If I was to listen to his words knowing what I know, he should hang along with nearly all the rest of them. In other thoughts, I bet those who had one, two, three, four jabs are feeling lost right now. Their war effort is over but they still have to live with whatever nasties are floating around their systems. They know that businesses can choose to still only allow the jabbed to enter their premises but money is money - the unjabbed will be welcome as long as they have money to part with. I bet many of them are absolutely gutted that this is over.
  6. If I could have just five minutes on that sofa with Phil and Holly or five minutes on Newsnight with Paxman, I would not for one moment consider the gross history of my whereabouts. You take what you can get when sharing any important message and the bigger the reach, the better.
  7. That video is superb. If I could share it upon the plains of Argentina (so to speak) I would do so.
  8. Yep https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/jan/18/nocebo-effect-two-thirds-of-covid-jab-reactions-not-caused-by-vaccine-study-suggests When your ten year old daughter clutches her chest as she breathes her last, rest assured that she is effectively killing herself. Perhaps those that warned of heart attacks can be done for manslaughter for putting these ideas in her head in the first place.
  9. Some people are so immersed in wicked plans that they shall eventually convince themselves that whatever they are involved with is righteous. I told a lie when I was little. What started out as me taking one chocolate out of a box of chocolates that were supposed to be a birthday present for my mum ended up with me accusing the manufacturer of fraud and actually for the most part believing it. I was nine years old and a bit of a shit. One chocolate became two became half the box. How I expected to get away with it, I shall never know. Come my mum's birthday I wasn't even nervous because I had a cover story should the box look a little light. She opened them, told my dad who then questioned me. I said that somebody at the shop must have eaten them and then resealed them. To my horror, my dad frogmarched me to the shop I had bought them from and told them what had happened. He was assured that nobody at the shop would dare do such a thing and they even offered my dad a fresh, unopened box on the house. I wasn't happy with this and mumbled something about somebody at the factory where they are made must have dipped their hands in. At this point I was believing my lie and must have confused my dad because he didn't smack me. I did get punished - no once a week sweet on a Saturday night until I admitted to being a thief and a liar by saying sorry to my mum. I lasted an entire two months, but was occasionally convinced that I was mainly innocent. "Even if they didn't take any out of that box I bet they steal them out of other boxes. I only had a few and never half the box" Had Project Veritas come along and investigated me back in 1975 I would have called them a dark organisation that were targeting me and got the local police involved. I was totally invested in the lie and saw myself as mostly righteous having taken only two or three whilst the majority were stolen by a Quality Street employee. All these decades later and I understand how an important principle was being learnt: If you remain unrepentant in a lie - either telling one or believing one - you will eventually be handed over to believing that lie. THAT is a terrible judgement to fall under at any level because there is no escape from the slavery of that lie into the freedom that is always to be found in truth. I think also that this is why so many people I know who are invested in the lie have a changed countenance. Where once there was a (super)natural flow of compassion towards others, there is now not only a harshness but a general unease and stressful countenance. Insecurity is palpable and give it some time and I can guarantee that fear shall follow. I did eventually confess to my lie but timed that confession to coincide with a visit to hospital with blood pouring out of a wound, manipulative little shit that I was.
  10. My current theory is that we are being white pilled. Then whatever they've got planned for us next shall (at least appear to) be the blackest pill of all. It's like watching a lion play with an injured prey. It stumbles off thinking it's got away with its life, only to realise it's being used as training for the younger lions that have yet to exact a kill. They cannot let the UK go.
  11. Ball girls and tennis players at this level will have a good to pristine level of lung health. Those ball girls will be squatting and shuttle running hundreds of times a game. They will be fit. The health and fitness of the actual players at this level doesn't require investigation. Wildfires and heat? I guess we do see heat induced collapses now and again, so that's a decent cover for them for now. It will be the same excuse in Qatar during the next World Cup. By then they will be over a year into their gene therapy and ripe for disaster. I'm not sure they'll be able to hide behind the heat exhaustion excuse.
  12. Never forget. Lest we forget. Well, the vast majority did forget because they did not suffer. All they forgot was what they were told and not what they lived. The same will happen with our children's children.
  13. If we were, it would be due to our posting history across the entire internet. My YouTube posting history alone would see me rounded up, let alone my words posted on Facebook/Twitter and various online blogs this last 15 years. If they do have a list and are going to use it in the future to round up troublemakers and rebels, it would have to be a a good few million people long in this country alone. I don't know how many people post regularly on here but it isn't so many to warrant the site disappearing just yet, let alone a knock at the door. They will have a colour or number coded system in place for those that are considered the most dangerous. Those at the top will be outspoken (but presently silenced) virologists and those at the very bottom will be the likes of us. We really are of no importance to them and to deal with us would be to simply remove the internet.
  14. I said something similar to somebody who was on the fence - giving figures last summer for average age of death (dying with Covid) and average age of death (all causes) for the UK. This man was properly shocked when realising that Covid effectively RAISED your life expectancy if one went by the official statistics. He listened to me, fired questions at me, I fired questions at him, I listened to him. It was an adult discussion that is quite rare in these days of high drama, impatience, anger and emotive language. Within a month of our time together he was jabbed. Most of his time will have been spent in the company of the jabbed, as he was a member of my former 'church'. It might well be that I was the only one ever to make him take pause, but I reckoned (at the time) that he might have made a necessary sacrifice because he had a ministry in a Middle East country that required full vax status in order to enter - and enter he did. I really am an awful evangelist. I learnt some time later that his older son (around 15/16) had also gone on to be be jabbed, despite residing in this country (England) and having no plans to go abroad. We have noted before that the university educated are particularly vulnerable to this jab and this is yet another example in my massive collection. Intellectual pride is causing people to not listen to anybody but intellectual authorities when it comes down to making the ultimate decision. Stuff the fact that Covid increases your life expectancy. Hairy working class bloke in a very low level job v Professors Whitty and Vallance - I didn't stand a chance.
  15. If they could see - properly comprehend - that the Australian decision has nothing to do with public health, then they would/could begin to see how NOTHING has anything to do with public health. Masks Isolation Lockdowns All restrictions on movement Jabs Passports All the above have nothing to do with public health. This below is still my favourite meme after all this time. So strikingly simple.
  16. Indeed. From the perspective and from the words of those following the science and making the rules on the back of it. In this case, the Australian PM: Fact One - Every person not jabbed (that can be) has had every opportunity to do so. Fact Two - Having the jab does not stop you from getting Covid or spreading Covid. Fact Three - Having the jab ONLY lessens the risk of serious illness or death when contracting Covid. If people could only just hold those three facts together in one block of information they would see that the following fact is missing information. Fact Four - Not being jabbed is a public health risk. If we are to take the first three facts as truth then regarding the fourth fact, the only people at danger of contracting Covid (with more serious symptoms) are the unvaccinated. Therefore, the only people to whom the unvaccinated are a public health risk are other unvaccinated people. But we then go back to Fact One and see that anybody who can be jabbed but has refused, has chosen their path. In short, the unvaccinated have absolutely no affect or influence on the health of anybody except their own kind - by definition of the PM's own facts. The fact that he omits information from Fact Four is not lost on us. It is, however, lost on the masses who cannot hold together even the first three facts long enough to see the deception in Fact Four. Their minds are melted, confused, by an endless diet of double-speak.
  17. Biden could address the nation in nothing but a nappy and say absolutely any nonsense that comes into his head. Nobody really gives a shit that is of any importance. As long as he is no danger to the Deep State (ie he tells the truth about a bunch of stuff including election fraud and gross perversion, opponents being killed in the name of suicide etc) then he will remain in his position. I was thinking some time back that they could have 'chosen' anybody to lead the Democrats. Yet they chose this moron, who you would think could be a potentially terrible liability given his muddled brain. I know that his cognitive decline has accelerated since just after the inauguration but the signs must have been there prior to him being 'elected' supreme leader. So why Biden? Why take an unnecessary chance? Well I reckon that he was chosen to humiliate the people of the USA and the history of the USA (or at least anything that was remotely good from the past). An absolute dribbling fool pissing all over a nation before the watching wold. Because nobody can do a thing about it - particularly in any future election - anybody who is remotely righteous and anybody who puts any kind of trust and hope in politics is going to be exasperated, beaten up, defeated in spirit. That would be fertile ground for the end of the American system and the beginning of the worldwide system that the Globalists desire. I used to think that the USA would be the biggest stumbling block to a one world government but that is no longer the case and Biden epitomises exactly why.
  18. Whatever his motive/s - they are irrelevant. A precedent has been set in such a way that anybody in the world with access to a radio or television or newspaper will know that this precedent has been set. No vax = No entry Now that this precedent has been set before the watching world, other countries will follow suit. Just as every goalpost has moved throughout the entire charade, the definition of fully vaxed will continue to move in unison so that nobody will be able to move about at any time. This might even be refined down to local regions within every country - borders within borders. The frog is very much still in the pot.
  19. Just noticed your post after I had posted.
  20. I just typed in 'Covid arse' and got this:
  21. Boris Johnson's old man wrote a novel called The Marburg Virus (title changed later on from the original 1982 release for the American market). This was mentioned on here last year but then all talk of it seemed to disappear after the media first started touting Marburg into the public conscience around last April time.
  22. Indeed. So many cancer deaths that are yet to come are inevitable because of the lack of opportunity for early intervention this last two years - let alone the fulfilment of vaxxed damaged people entering into their second year. Perhaps, if they really are downgrading to Covid being endemic (as it was until Hancock intervened), they might release a REAL nasty that will target those who have been jabbed. Whether that is 5g or 6g or any kind of virus remains to be seen but I do not subscribe to any kind of repentance from the powers, however black that pill looks. Psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths do not do repentance. It is either victory or it is defeat followed by a series of contingency plans to bring about victory in a different way. For the selfish sake of my kids having some sort of life outside of fascism I can only hope that there is some sort of big delay in their plans.
  23. I was stuck in a car for some hours last night and was forced to listen to BBC Radio 5. There were only two subjects throughout the entirety of the small hours. The major topic - with numerous political figures guiding the conversation - was Boris. They had a large number of people phoning in with sad tales of not being able to visit granny in her last year of life, contrasting that with the party culture of the Tories. The obvious question that there was never a mass killer in the air was never considered. Rather, it was all about hypocrisy and disdain for the electorate. Woven into that we had Djokovic. He was summarily executed by every voice and again they dragged out these people that couldn't visit their dying partner in hospital and numerous other stories of people following the rules AND taking the jabs as their act of sacrifice - whilst Djokovic the liar was potentially spreading disease across continents. The main thrust was that Djokovic was a proven liar (something about visiting Spain when saying he hadn't) and that he was therefore the perfect poster child for the Antivaax crowd because such types don't have any high bar when it comes to truth. Of course, Djokovic is seen as even worse than Boris and Co because at least Boris was brave enough to have the jab and did nearly die from Coronavirus right at the beginning. Very easy to destroy these lies but I thought I would share just how brazen the BBC are for those that know this but (rightly) never listen to them. It made me want to challenge every single bloody word but my colleague is already gone and I might as well have shouted at a rock.
  24. Looks like a more masculine version of Cat out of Red Dwarf.
  25. It's like trying to rescue a wild honey badger caught in barbed wire. You are going to get cut or bitten the moment you try and help it. The more you try, the more severe your injury. But we must at least try because these are fellow human beings and often family members. The time to walk away from any group or individual (family or otherwise) is often made for us.
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