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  1. Medical emergency at Coventry. Game stopped for 12 minutes as a fan was tended to.
  2. Same, but he's not the only one. When up to a quarter of a video is taken up with selling or hawking a product, I'm out for good. It does tend to be an American thing so I suspect it's ingrained in their culture and therefore habitual.
  3. They change the definition of vaccinated to suit whatever particular yarn they are spinning.
  4. The Grammy winner born Marvin Lee Aday died Thursday night surrounded by his wife Deborah, daughters Pearl and Amanda and close friends, Meat Loaf’s longtime agent Michael Greene told Deadline on behalf of the family. A cause of death is not being released.
  5. "All the myths on social media have also frightened some people. We are here to reassure them, but we are always going to have someone who doesn't want it." Name these myths and let us reason together. Never a chance of any kind of dialogue, let alone debate. They have no shame whatsoever.
  6. I think we know what she was on about when saying there are other implications or uses (avenues) for this technology. He then goes quickly into mentioning biology - that is no accident. We build ourselves, therefore they can rebuild us using this nanotechnology - might even be able to make us in the image of those who are behind all this. They become the potter and we become the pots. A nightmare in a jar of clay.
  7. He feeds what could be generalised as the alt right and acts as a pressure release valve in clown world. I have been watching his videos for four years or so and always enjoy them. I have heard it said on here that he has to tread carefully regarding the J word that rhymes with new, lest he have no mainstream platform to say anything on at all - which is fair enough. Others will undoubtably see him as a gatekeeper, only allowing a certain amount of truth to be spoken. I thought I would share this particular video because it fitted with what another member was saying just hours prior regarding the shifting sands of 'truth' and then using their own words to expose them as liars. In doing so we do not even have to offer an opinion and so risk censorship.
  8. And that Covid-19 that people tested positive for and died exclusively from is a rebranded flu. This happens every year. When you see flu death figures in years gone past of 70,000 it is people largely dying with comorbidities. So it isn't such an unusually low figure to see 6183 people dying exclusively of flu in any one year.
  9. Haughtiness can do that to a person. It did for Killary when she lost to Trump and it might well have done so for Trump as he lost to Dominion. He was MILES ahead, then silence, then defeat. Whether he is a player or not, aware of any script or not, that must have been an enormous blow to his ego. To make matters worse, he must watch Biden dribbling into his chest as he fluffs his autocue and think to himself what the world generally thinks - that he was beaten by the biggest clown ever to become POTUS. He could have been brought low by poisons or he could have been brought low as Nebuchadnezzar was (by God) but I did get the distinct impression that Trump was convinced he was chosen by God for some sort of mission, when in fact he was not - at least not in the sense of being some sort of hero that would save America. The swamp got filthier under his watch and not one person was brought to justice, let alone Killary.
  10. As you were saying - just landed in my subs update
  11. They are like piranhas. One comes in for a nip and the rest get emboldened. They will overwhelm prey a thousand times their size by sheer weight of numbers. They are generally so thick that they think that means that they have won the argument - particularly if they can get you banned. It happens in many places from extra time off topic areas of football forums to Reddit.
  12. Perhaps - and there are a LOT of perhaps running through my mind this last 24 hours - the UK is being set up for something that would not work without collateral damage to much of Europe if it happened in any one of dozens of European countries. Perhaps something might be released that is genuine and so dangerous that (unlike with Covid) NOBODY will be allowed to enter or leave. Just as Italy was used as the stage for the early days of pandemic panic (albeit a faked set), the UK could be the epicentre this time around. Being an island would be most convenient for a contained disaster. Then I have this recurring thought that I am so tuned into deception and evil that I am no different to those who cannot let go of Covid and continue to wear masks and I'm therefore seeing a demon under every rock. It might be time for me to take a long step back so that I might see properly instead of through these dark lenses.
  13. I think it is an expression of disdain for the brainwashed and an expression of sadism towards those who see the lies.
  14. And when your work mate understands how the PCR test is deliberately misused, he or she might just go on a little journey of discovery. A lie as big as this one is like a cheap pullover unravelling to nothing as you pull on a single thread. Your workmate can pull on any number of exposed threads from any direction.
  15. A good thought at that. Dr Shillary was forced into an apology (or at least his platform was) and that video I saw on here the other day that showed the falling efficacy of the 'vaccines' from the 100% originally promised by Fauci is just the kind of simple but hard hitting video that needs to be made. There's nothing like showing a liar contradicting himself, using his own words to condemn him. The media are an easy target because they tell so many lies and often put them in handy big and bold type headlines.
  16. So the media - at least this particular arm of it - are still lying without a care in the world. I mean, that is a BLATANT lie as opposed to the more crafty ones that they regularly tell. That could well prick a few ears up because even the many jabbed that I know are aware that some have died as a direct result of taking a 'vaccine'. They are numbered as extremely rare. Even Pfizer have admitted in the media to extremely rare side effects such as anaphylaxis, so to tell a lie like that is just an unnecessary thing to do. Surely people will think that if they can lie about such little things, what of the big things? I just realised that I used the word 'think' - sorry, that is a schoolboy error on my part.
  17. Out of reactions but can confirm that this had me crying. Look at the state of Bob
  18. There is not enough 'money' in the world to placate the BILLIONS that they said had been jabbed. My estranged wife rang me this morning and asked what could possibly cause terrible migraines. I knew straight away that it would have been one of her jabbed mates and so told her that one of the most common side effects of the experimental gene therapy (she knows what I mean by that) are blisteringly painful and debilitating migraines. She confirmed which friend it was and I remarked how she had not long since had her booster. If she had bothered to read the VAERS site before ANY of her three jabs she would have known to have expected this. Apparently, she cannot even stand up. This is the woman who had been badgering my wife to get the jab and also to consider getting our kids spiked. What if she or her jabbed husband or jabbed children die - who are the survivors going to sue? So injuries and death aside (we are not even a year into the short time side effects that are yet to strike, such as cancers and infertility and broken immune systems) we also have an extremely PISSED OFF and very large number of people who could have gone without risking their health and their lives but were coerced into doing so. Then we have the huge amount of people who left their jobs and suffered great hardship as a result of refusing the jab as well as a huge amount of businesses that have gone to the wall. Altogether in this tiny country, that is a good 30 million people all seeking compensation. Seeing as they won't get a penny off the trillion dollar vaccine companies - as per the contract they entered into when VOLUNTEERING themselves for an experimental procedure or being COERCED - we could see an absolute shitshow of violence across England alone. Somebody postulated some weeks back that THIS could be the plan; that politicians and the media and doctors and celebrities - any voice that pushed the mandates - would be handed over to the masses to be slaughtered. Out of the ashes would arise the system that the powers wanted all along - a sort of Great Reset from the ground up.
  19. They are under judgement in my book - made fools of by choosing to believe a lie. When I see that mask alone in a car I see them wearing an orange wig and sporting a shiny red nose, chequered green suit and size 100 red shoes. That is what they look like to me and I cannot think of anything more ridiculous. Perhaps the hard left sees or saw the 'pandemic' as a golden opportunity to usher in Communism. That grey, controlling, humourless, artless, soulless, loveless system could easily ride into the vacuum created by a destroyed economy and a fractured, browbeaten society. The Great Reset is right up their alley. This last two years has been a wet dream for them.
  20. I have just been out on foot for a small shop and would say that 50% of people are masked both in the streets and in the shops even after yesterday's news. I don't get any trouble off anybody myself, so just carry on as I always have done as if there is no pandemic (which there isn't). If anybody wants to get in my face I shall just see it as an opportunity to tell them the truth. They will have invited themselves into conversation and so will be fair game for as many barrels as I fancy unleashing.
  21. You know, class might well be just as much (if not more) an indicator of compliance as age. I saw no homeless or underclass people complying with any mandate at any time this last 22 months. And it does appear that the more successful a person has been or is - and the higher their education status - the more readily they have complied. I guess that if one has had a war free and successful life, there is no reason to ever mistrust any government.
  22. In my experience, those born during or just after the war through to the middle 1960's are the most complicit by an absolute mile in terms of numbers. So approximately in the age group 55 to 75. I am the only person I know in that age group that has not dived into the government's arms and I am talking a good 300 people. These people have influence over their own families (children and grandchildren) and have done a great deal of harm in preaching the government's doctrines, though they are currently oblivious to this. One of them that I know very well (aged 60) actually took part in the original trials of the Oxford vaccine. Perhaps their parents did not educate them. Lest we forget - my arse. Very few of them lived under the immediate threat of bombs over their heads and totalitarian boots goose stepping down their streets, yet just as in 1930's Germany they did all they could to help that kind of society become a reality whilst thinking themselves righteous. I absolutely did make the right decision to leave this big posh church that I used to be a part of. The vast majority of that lot would take the Mark and hand me over to the authorities without blinking, thinking that they were doing the work of God.
  23. I am 25 minutes in and completely enthralled by this video.
  24. I wonder where those sacked or about to be sacked for refusing the jab/s will now stand. Surely they won't need to be jabbed now and can either get their job back or keep the job that was under threat only hours ago?
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