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  1. 'The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.' How often we see this from liars. And how often we see those who know the truth simply stand in that truth, knowing that their foundation is sure. I have knowingly stood in and on a lie a few times in my life - particularly when trying to hide a heroin addiction in my 30's - and it is a horribly insecure position. I spent most of those years in a state of anxiety and fear. Well, that is Trudeau and a whole host of others. Gates must be in a permanent state of horror. They have no peace.
  2. The main Wolves forum I was a part of for thousands of comments over three or so years quickly stopped ALL talk of the Rona because it was evident that not everybody was buying into it. This was moved over to the overtime part of the forum and you had to register for it. I never bothered after trying once and being denied even the chance to join it - probably because they knew I would upset the Atheists and hard Leftists (I had already been suspended from the main forum for defending myself against a pack of ignorant hyenas). The vast majority of the rest of the members were rabid virtue signalling Liberal types, tripping over each other to be the most virtuous. I would imagine that the overtime forum would be one big echo chamber of ignorance and lies, so I probably was blessed in not having to witness it. I was eventually banned from the site altogether for posting a meme that was considered RACIST - likening Mr Burns to one of the Rothschilds in response to somebody saying that Christians were the cause of all the world's woes. I say that because Islam and just about everything else in the name of any 'god' got a free ride in the name of inclusivity and harmony. Your proposed thread would not get past the mods on just about any football forum that runs on advertising revenue. Once they take that route they must do as they are told or risk losing money. This is how they are controlled and therefore how the members are controlled. If you go on Molineux Mix forum you will see lots of people boasting of having the booster and not ONE dissenting voice against the lie that there ever was a pandemic. Regarding the stopping of games, I saw members being warned for just asking why there is such a prevalence in medical emergencies these days. The mods step in quickly as if just asking the question is really stating the obvious. "We will have none of that talk on here. Take it elsewhere. That is somebody's son, somebody's mother" This is very childish, but though I still listen to football on the radio and very much enjoy a Wolves win (like at Old Trafford the other week) I know that football is ultimately a load of bollocks and when Wolves lose I go onto the forum and watch the tossers argue with each other and lose their peace. The level of idolatry is extraordinary. These people would kill for their club as if it is the air they breathe and even lose their shit if one of their favourite players is criticised. The powers have known for a long time that football is the ideal thing to infiltrate and subvert because it touches so many lives at a raw level.
  3. I thought that exact same thing as the words came out of his mouth. Talk Sport is no different to any other radio station I have listened to this last couple of years - BBC 5 Live, BBC 5 Live Extra, Radio WM and numerous other stations played in the works vehicle - they all are on board with the pandemic lie. However, Talk Sport is very much the most rabid when it comes to attacking truth and truthers. The channel is like the Sun of the radio world, appealing very much to what they would describe as white van man and often the only place where drink sozzled presenters and sacked presenters from other radio stations (or even BBC and SKY television) can get a gig. That leads me to believe that because it is the last chance saloon for many a career, they are forced to tell the most blatant lies and to be aggressive about it. That lying bastard yesterday has somehow managed to separate himself from the lie - like an actor - as if he knows he is repeating a lie but it's just his job and not really him. I went to something like 600-800 Wolves games and visited over 80 league grounds in my time as a supporter. When there was any kind of disturbance in a seated section of any ground it would be obvious. The faces of people (generally white) would disappear and the backs of people would show up as a dark area at any distance. This would be followed by hooligan songs and then the police would wade in, usually because away supporters had given themselves away in a home section. Once we hit the 90's with all seater stadiums, CCTV and banning orders, those incidents of violence in the ground became almost non existent. ANY kind of 'medical emergency' would have been seen by everybody in the ground in the same way as violence would be seen - people turning around and white faces disappearing. Yet that hardly ever happened. I saw ONE genuine medical emergency in three decades of watching live football, which was an elderly gentleman collapsing and dying. It hardly ever happened until the jabs went mainstream and then BANG! - it is happening every weekend or midweek evening where there are a lot of games being played. Three or four times yesterday. Yet it was used as an opportunity to ATTACK anybody who dares to think it is highly unusual. As for white van man, I think he is more likely to be one of us than your average Radio 4 listener from the Home Counties. It would not surprise me if there is a medical emergency at Derby or Cardiff today, yet the chances of somebody having an episode during the 120 minutes they are in a football ground as opposed to the 10,000 minutes in the rest of the week are one in eighty for any one individual. Yet that idiot yesterday would say that there are 45,000 in the grounds and therefore the odds are highly in favour of a medical emergency. Indeed, he would declare it as an absolute certainty. I would say it is almost a certainty not because of dodgy maths but because of dodgy injections.
  4. Short and to the point. Most of John's videos are under a minute and this one is no different.
  5. As I said elsewhere, this is all perfectly normal according to the commentator at Craven Cottage. It is only because football has become so caring and considerate that the players stop, whereas in the past when there were supporters collapsing every match day the players would continue to play on and most would be none the wiser to a medical emergency ever happening in the first place. The cheek of that lie (which I heard live on Talk Sport today) is just shocking and he even managed to lecture the listeners, that they should not listen to the scaremongers. I think it was Jim Proudfoot but I might be mistaken. The stoppage at Fulham was 40 minutes long and the stoppage at Oldham was 23 minutes long.
  6. Game at Fulham has now been stopped for 20 minutes. Sickeningly, the commentator said that there is NOTHING new with all these medical emergencies - it is just that the game was never stopped in the past but now is. He then said that people should stop listening to the scaremongers.
  7. Panic at Fulham as the game is stopped for a medical emergency in the crowd.
  8. Only a tiny proportion of people will know about and speak about the whereabouts of known tectonic plates. By tiny, I mean a few million out of 70 million or perhaps even a pathetic half a million are aware. I didn't have a clue until seeing this thread and I don't even wear a mask. How easy would it be to blag the masses over the presence of fake tectonic plates, given that they blagged the masses with a non existent pandemic? Tomorrow's seismologists could easily be yesterday's virologists. To silence those who stay true to the truth would not be hard and convincing the masses would not be hard if some bald headed geek with glasses and pens sticking out of the pocket of his white coat should happen to appear on television every night; flanking the new PM along with a new chief scientific advisor. Perhaps I am overestimating the amount of factual room they have to tell another whopper but I will never be able to overestimate their capacity to do so. Whatever I may think they are capable of, they are capable of much more. I still fancy the possibility of a DEW strike in the name of an earthquake over some rock from out of space. Such a rock would be easy to film (I could do it myself) days, weeks, even months in advance but something happening under the sea is nicely hidden. I am not sure why they would bother doing such a thing, except out of boredom, when all they need to do is to employ EMPs in the name of some rogue organisation. You take out all chips and you take out our nation in less than three months. No refrigeration, no communication, no transportation, no clean water, no food and no medicine.
  9. I had no idea that he had a channel. I ran into him in Trafalgar Square five years ago as he took the piss out of riot police. I don't have time to watch all of that video just now but enjoyed the ten minutes I did watch, even though it is incredibly sad as well as funny.
  10. Really glad that you shared this as there is no way I would have discovered it if relying on YouTube's algorithms. That really is a high level of production and I look forward to the next one - subbed.
  11. You are right. I see an attitude in her that I see in people eaten up with envy and bitterness that cannot bear to ever be wrong about anything. Others must suffer the same consequences for not making the foolish choices that they themselves took. Like a child they scream 'But that isn't fair!", particularly when it most certainly is fair. I am seeing this same attitude beginning to manifest in some of the jabbed that I know. I suspect that they justify their foolishness by convincing themselves that their motives were pure (as opposed to mine) and therefore they stand righteous. Though they secretly think that I was right to avoid the jab, they will have my motives to be born out of cowardice, paranoia, selfishness. So all of a sudden the wisdom that I employed is seen as something wicked and so I stand unrighteous. People love to invert and perform ridiculous mental manoeuvres in their minds in order to save their pride.
  12. "....until we know what is going on." They know full well what is going on. I got the impression watching that 5 minutes that these two have been chosen to both almost tell the truth and be a platform for it. Berrenson is effectively saying (I think) that the 'virus' is in the vaccine - if not an acutal 'virus' then the very thing that is going to and is killing people. Well that is what people on here have been saying for a very long time yet Berrenson talks as if it is a fresh revelation that came to him over his morning cornflakes. How can such an airing be permitted - and allowed to stay up on YouTube for 13 hours and counting - except by the authority of those who own and run all mainstream media? I keep coming back in my thinking to the person (forget who) on here that proposed the entire scam was going to be deliberately aired to all people via the mainstream (there is no other way) in order to make them mad with rage and bloodthirsty for justice. Politicians, celebrities, front men like Gates, Whitty, Vallance, media hacks like Piers Morgan all being hung out (maybe literally) to dry and destroyed. I'll see if I can find that post but I have tried and failed before to find it using many different combinations of key words. Regardless, this is as close as we have come to that picture becoming a reality. As I said, nothing like this could be aired without it being a part of the plan.
  13. That's the whole purpose of her being in this position. She demoralises and distracts people from the argument.
  14. I have hung my hat on Covid-19 being a rebranded flu - and not a particularly harsh one, it would transpire - since shortly after the beginning. I could never absolutely know this to be true because I could not wrap my head around the science and so did not discount as a complete charade the likes of Fauci being questioned over emails (same script as Killary) by right wing heroes of the faith such as Rand Paul. But I certainly got dragged down that avenue. "Look down there. Go on - change course" I am half expecting Dr Sam Bailey to one day be exposed. I'll look out for old images of her banging her head against the Wailing Wall. On a level of 1-10 with 1 being as thick as shit, how hard/easy should it be to understand Terrain theory to a degree whereby one could easily challenge a renowned virologist on the subject? Already, I see that Google has ANTI Terrain literature at the top of their search engine. That makes me suspicious.
  15. This defines Project Veritas to be yet another 'right wing' gatekeeper up there with Trump, as they surely keep people believing in a pathogenic virus. The powers sure are clever bastards. I now wonder if that whistleblower who spoke of aborted fetal cells was also lying on that front, so as to appear to be morally upright and therefore likely to be telling the truth about what else she spoke of as well as what followed in Project Veritas' future roll call of investigative journalism. I don't recall them once deviating from 'there is a modified virus' script. I wonder if therefore a common cold or flu can be somehow modified without us having to 'catch it' from somebody else. I need to look into this terrain 'theory' and try to understand it a little better. I have looked before but got lost very quickly and felt I was wasting my time as I would never be able to grasp it. For the record, I don't understand germ theory either lol.
  16. "But I am not getting sick" "It's only a matter of time"
  17. Some faces are chosen with a purpose in mind, whether attractive or ugly but almost exclusively the latter in these days, that we might be accused of judging them by their looks as opposed to their words and actions. I think this, in part, is why there are so many ugly weirdos in positions of influence in the public domain of politics. Repulsive policies can hide behind a repulsive shield that tempts us to attack the outward appearance and so appear shallow and cruel. I cannot remember one word spoken by the person below because I cannot get beyond the shield. It is the same with Adern, my thoughts becoming assaulted and distracted by that horrific mouth.
  18. I saw a man die in front of me when I was a kid at a Wolves away game. We were in the stand at Brunton Park (Carlisle) and he just keeled over, quite probably with a heart attack. The game was never stopped. I recall occasional reports on the radio from 1976 to 2019 where a summariser might say: "Wolves won the game quite easily in the finish. Sadly, we are hearing that a gentleman that suffered a suspected heart attack during the game died on the way to hospital. Our condolences go to his loved ones. Back to the studio..." I have NEVER known a game to be stopped, which (in part) is why I made this thread in the first place. As reported on the megathread yet ANOTHER medical emergency at Ewood Park tonight where the game was stopped for 8 minutes in the game between Blackburn and Boro. It really is nonsense and I think that perhaps the reason why games are being stopped is to CONCENTRATE the minds of the masses watching on the television to the normality of people collapsing so that the psyche will eventually accept it as always having happened. I also note that football is being shown in a compassionate light, as if the sanctity of life (all of a sudden) is of infinitely more importance than the game itself. We have heard endless plaudits being thrown in the directions of Marcus Rashford and Gary Neville this last two years or so. In decades gone past the impression was given that many footballers were either drunken brawlers, druggies, gamblers or promiscuous. They really want people to think less Paul Merson or Dwight Yorke and more Mother Theresa. This again begs the question...why?
  19. Some of the lads at work did this with the track and trace, getting their mates to send them the original notifications and then doctoring them in various ways. Don't know how they did it but one bloke got six lots of eleven days off work. Work never checked except a cursory look at their phones. They changed names and dates as far as I know. Had they got properly checked then they would have been insta sacked and might have faced court for falsifying official data.
  20. Just saw this on Reddit but any board over there is dominated by liars and all sorts of arseholes. Because PCR has been around since the 1980s, the SS and DNA tracking needs to be ignored - that is the kind of argument you get on there. Somebody pointed out that this episode was all about Amy getting sick but didn't get very far and the thread died.
  21. I've already started at a personal level. I only want them to learn that they should NEVER trust any word coming out of the mouth of a politician and NEVER again believe anything on the television or in the newspapers unless they have thoroughly tested the information. I don't want them to slip into the notion that these people and organisations have been merely incompetent. I don't care to rub their noses in it but do care that they never again comply out of ignorance and/or fear. I want them to be angry with themselves as well as everybody that lied to them. Otherwise, this fake pandemic will repeat itself as early as this Spring. #ONS
  22. Haven't listened to Jeff since Brexit but he popped up on my homepage. He's noticeably seething as he reads his autocue, as if this has come as a shock to him. We should drop this 17K figure into every conversation we ever have with a normie.
  23. People seem to be believing all of a sudden that Boris Johnson is not a puppet who does and says exactly what he is told to. He would be taken out today if in any way, shape or form he decided to go rogue and deviate from the script and the timeline in front of him. I have seen elsewhere people who formerly said they believed that Johnson knows what he does all of a sudden saying that he is desperately trying to hold onto his job - as if he has a choice and the direction he goes in is in his hands. "Boris is desperate" "Boris is just interested in keeping his job" "The Tories will do anything to stay in power" They are all in on the conspiracy bar perhaps a tiny handful of rebels. Indeed, the only one I can think of off the top of my head (that has questioned the madness) was jabbed himself. We all remember that image of Desmond Swayne in his jogging bottoms being jabbed by some nurse back in March/April last year - whether it was the real thing or saline. I remember the corporate gasps of disappointment from amongst our ranks that the biggest voice of opposition to lockdowns should do such a thing. Though I have believed that I have seen a flicker of conscience in Johnson at times during this last two years, I cannot believe that he doesn't know the timing of his exit and the name of his successor.
  24. Seems a tad tame. I was thinking more along the lines of Marburg being released to disguise the millions of incoming deaths from the jabs that are inevitable this next three years or so. Being allegedly spread by intimacy in the form of bodily fluids, it would make sense that we in the UK should be first to experience the lifting of all restrictions (at least in parts of the UK but the rest shall follow). As people party hard it shall spread like wildfire and up to half of all cases shall result in death. This time around there will again be food shortages due to nobody transporting anything and nobody canning or packaging goods. Perhaps for good measure the internet might go down permanently across the world. That can be built back better from the ground up with all history destroyed. A clean slate that only the powers can write on. We pissed the powers off big time with Brexit. I suspect that the margin of victory was a LOT bigger than was officially counted but even after fudging the figures they could not do a Biden. The UK must be punished and made an example of before the watching world. If one group of people are going to be deceived by NOT believing in the spread of Marburg - and so carry on living as if it does not exist - it shall be the likes of us. PS: This is just one avenue of many that I have considered. We are in a strange sort of position right now considering what is still happening in Austria, Australia and other nations. South Africa are in a similar position and were partying on the beaches at Christmas as Omicron was downgraded to a sniffle.
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