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  1. I doubt if the 52% would 'vote' for anybody they suspect will put all their efforts into reversing Brexit. Unfortunately, we have an electorate with a hierarchy of needs and I could see many of the 52% (of 17.4m) placing Covid-19 (or Marburg or whatever is coming next) further up the pyramid of importance than Brexit. The 48% (16.1m) are already nailed on to be inclined to vote Labour with large numbers citing 'government mishandling' of the fake pandemic. Brexit reversal would be a massive bonus. If all else fails they can just cook the books, of course, but I see sad people everywhere. They are sad that the war is over, some desperately hanging onto their masks like a Japanese soldier from WW2 not letting go of his Type 99 Arisaka rifle with fixed bayonet. The numbers of mask wearers in my university town is easily 80% and further out it is 50/50 even in Northfield, which is a working class town that has recently switched Tory. A Labour man coming in with promises of never letting his guard down with future 'pandemics', that promises to rule such an event with an iron fist will certainly get their votes. Notwithstanding that they are all puppets, blue or red, I think that a red party will indicate the direction the powers want us to go in whereas a blue party would mean it wouldn't happen so quickly, as if they are in no great hurry. We will see Gulags under Starmer and the likes of me shall be first through the cold steel doors
  2. He won't do shit. But if he did (or rather those above him did - he's just a front man) then an equally dark entity will replace Facebook and is probably already waiting to go live. This would have been known about for some time.
  3. She should consider it grace that her mockery only ended in a fractured skull.
  4. There is not much on there that I have seen that isn't a mixture of truth and fantasy. The truth is generally taken from other sources apart from any one group (occasionally even off of this forum) and the fantasies are always sensational. So if I share something solid that I find on there, a person might look say 'okay that sounds reasonable, what else are this group saying?' - and within a simple scroll of a sweaty finger they are met with exclusive video footage of a shapeshifting Joe Biden turning into a fricking vampire bat. I looked on it yesterday for the first time in months because I thought this forum was gone; being met with an error message Page Not Found on PC and Mobile. When that happens I go straight on Telegram to see if it really has gone - somebody would surely mention it somewhere because any such announcement would inevitably drive a lot of traffic to their group. In short, it is a bollocks platform with perhaps one or two diamonds (Gareth Icke and mRNA Death Toll for instance) who do not allow others to post to their group. If Mustang Medic can still be on there a year after first surfacing on the grifter scene (600,000 posts from mainly visitors) - harvesting the attention, money and participation of deluded Patriotic Trumpthumping Biblically illiterate pretend Christians in their tens of thousands as he did on YouTube - then that is a good thing as all the lunatics are corralled into one place away from me. In that respect, long live Telegram.
  5. The greatest of all shall be the servant of all and the company they keep will reflect that.
  6. Both will drag many into the same ditch. Every religion has a gatekeeper that keeps the masses in spiritual (and material) slavery. I despise them all and that particularly goes for all official heads over the visible church - their judgement shall be twice as hot because of who they misrepresent.
  7. I saw the words in bold and immediately thought about Fauci. What better way to hide the incoming pandemic of collapsing immune systems caused by the jabs?
  8. Hospitals really should be avoided as far is practicable - as in only go if there is no other way for a life to be saved. I would go as far to describe them as death camps. It is quite astonishing that there wasn't a mass walk out and nationwide exposure of what amounts to genocide within weeks of people first dying of what they called Covid but was really deliberate medical malpractice. Don't the tens of thousands of 'angels', who threatened to walk away only when the jab was at their door, know anything about what happened on the wards they were responsible for? Do they not know what Remdesivir and Midazolam are capable of doing or ventilators for that matter?
  9. Regarding what they have defined as choking, I wonder if that could actually be anaphylactic reactions to the jab. I think that 15% is too huge a jump for it to be a boiled sweet lodging in somebody's throat.
  10. I see exactly where this is going, the absolute bastards. The likes of me (and my ex wife) will be viewed as having underlying mental health problems on account of our upbringings. Both of our 'health' records make for abysmal reading and elements of our past are already held up as a reason for us both making a stand concerning the fake pandemic, though I think that I am held up as the main bad influence considering all the things I have heard said about me behind my back by her friends at church. My life has always been an open book and those pages I have shared are now ammunition with which to shoot my stance down. I have said on here that very successful upper middle class Christians that all succeeded in their career paths having excelled in academia see my wife (and previously me) as a pet project. They fall over themselves to help us when we don't bloody well need it. They wrongly assume that neither of us can live without their help. We can and do, even as we have parted. I can see a knock on the door in the future (from officialdom) with our kids on some sort of at risk register because we have already refused the flu jab for our kids, let alone the main jabs of the last year. They will simply read out something to the effect that because of our mental health problems that were born out of our upbringings, we are unable to pass any competency test and therefore our kids and us must be forcibly vaxxed for our own good and the good of the nation. Since I have moved out of the family home, some of the women at my former church have increasingly pressured my wife to take the jab AND to have the children jabbed. They think that they can undo all my bad influence now that I am off the scene. What they do not know is that we get on absolutely fine and do still care for and about each other. They do not know that we share everything with each other - their dark deeds are brought into the light, I call them absolute nasty fuckers, I repent quite quickly (often in the same outburst), then pray that God opens their blind eyes. This new research would be music to their ears and would strengthen their resolve to get the mother of my children jabbed. "She knows not what she does, poor thing. He knows not what he does, either, but hey ho. He has been a terrible influence on the whole family throughout this pandemic. God removed him for the good of those he left behind" Meanwhile, the chief evangelist for Big Pharma is suffering crushing migraines since her third jab. The have not subsided in weeks. What kind of a walking advertisement is she? Still, at least she is mentally competent. Perhaps there is a morphine patch she can wear, or an oxygen chamber she can hire. I take no pleasure in her suffering but my prayers for all of them have been the same for a good six months or more, that God might even permit terrible affliction to the point that they BEG to know (humbled on their knees) why they are suffering. Perhaps a vision or repeating visions of a graveyard with JABBED written on every single stone, whilst across a bridge - which they cannot cross without repentance - the likes of me and my wife and my children are seen enjoying life in fresh pasture besides a crystal stream. It has to be something obvious that they cannot intellectualise away. It also has to be terrifying. The good thing about the likes of this survey is that it helps keep my guard up for what might come in the future.
  11. That is no smile. Look at the shape of the lips. I have compared this image to other images of him smiling and this one is more a grimace. It is actually tainted with sadness and devoid of any joy. I recognise this face because it used to be mine in school photos (which I hated having to do). I look at them now and see such an obviously sad little boy. Nobody else could see it for some reason, or perhaps they did but didn't know how to tell me that something was evidently wrong. I guess I have a photographer's eye for such things and personally would never accept that image for publication because it is so false - unless that is what I would want to highlight in a piece about his victory being so hollow.
  12. Dr Sam Bailey's latest https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/what-is-making-people-sick:b
  13. He is one evil man. That microsecond look on his face was utter disgust and unbelief that Johnson would stoop so low - as if that part was not in the agreed upon official script. Either Johnson has gone a bit rogue or the powers are reminding Starmer of what they have on him.
  14. Indeed. We are to be particularly watchful of anybody rising up against the old order, as fun as it will be to watch the previous actors topple.
  15. We have witnessed these 'slips' so many times through so many people. This clown doesn't even try to correct herself.
  16. Possibly a lawyer inspired prelude statement to his daughter dropping any further action. I was reading lots of similar comments yesterday to the effect that secret recordings don't fly in court and releasing evidence publicly can only harm a case in the first place. That statement seems confusing but perhaps it is laying the ground for an out of court agreement of sorts that protects both his daughter and Greenwood. I certainly wouldn't put it past Man United to want to both distance themselves from him AND also protect their investment. I guess they will wait on a decision from the CPS before ripping up his contract. For now, he is banned from training and playing. Despite his first name, I don't think there is any immediate agenda at play here and many a footballer is an absolute arsehole.
  17. I have said the same before on this very thread - probably at a time when all the (self proclaimed) intelligent people I know were getting their boosters and advertising the fact on social media. To begin to measure intelligence from such a narrow definition of intelligence (academia) is to display a complete lack of intelligence. The people throughout my 55 years that have stimulated and challenged, excited and crushed my own view of what intelligence is (including my own) have been the many that I have met and lived with right on the bottom rung of the social ladder or even off the ladder altogether. My seven to eight years of living in hostels amongst drug addicts, alcoholics, those rejected or abandoned by mental health services, all revealed layer after layer of arrogance and ignorance. They taught me just how shallow and wrong much of my thinking was, but without the use of a blackboard and with no certificate at the end. Best school I have ever been to.
  18. Believe me - there are people in my family who claim great intelligence. The ones that do are the ones with degrees. They are all left wing and openly despise thick people - particularly thick people like me that believes in a God that makes their wisdom look like utter foolishness. We have clashed for two decades and you can imagine what the last two years have been like. All fully jabbed, boosted, masked up.
  19. Anybody who considers themselves highly intelligent is vulnerable to being deceived, particularly if that perception of themselves is vastly overrated. This prideful state of thinking themselves better than they ought to has contributed to their being tricked simply because they wouldn't dream of anybody being clever enough to deceive them. This entire sham has exposed so many people for what they really are and I do not want them in my life anymore. That goes for much of my biological family. Not everybody, of course - just the pretenders. If you pretend to be clever, pretend to care about the vulnerable, pretend to be bold, then you are OUT of my life until such time you humble yourself and do so publicly. I will not waste any of my life with actors.
  20. I just listen to the game - as I did Derby v Blues this afternoon - but turn it off before and after. Though yesterday the propaganda was being spoken during the bloody game. I did not bother with the second half after that. As for the rest of the time, I am at the whim of whoever is driving the works vehicle (I don't drive). I think they listen to Capital FM or something and it is torture as there are Covid adverts a number of times per hour. It gives me an opportunity to counter their lies but nobody listens to me so I don't even bother at work any longer. Most are triple jabbed even after 'agreeing' with me for a whole year. Now that I am separated from the wife, the absence of a television is absolute bliss. Perhaps the radio will follow when I finally give up even listening to games out of boredom/habit.
  21. Half of Man United's squad have unfollowed Greenwood already - De Gea being one of them. They do not want to be associated with him. That says to me that they were aware of the allegations of beatings that surfaced last October and this has thrown them over the edge.
  22. I can see the masses buying into that. They can think of the lives they are saving every time they separate their plastic from their cardboard on bin day. They can update their status with tales of how they walked to the shops, how they use low wattage light bulbs, how they switched to soy from meat. The 20 hours of flying time a year to various holiday destinations will go unmentioned. Though it looks like travel restrictions shall stay or eventually get tighter in the name of climate change and saving the babies.
  23. I keep reading that he was 22 but none of the links are solid. https://thesportsgrail.com/paul-parish-passes-away-during-fulham-vs-blackpool-know-who-he-has-age-death-cause-obituary/
  24. It will probably crop up on this thread at some point: https://www.friendsoffulham.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=0c25a875574a1b89b5d202bc3843231a&topic=84898.0
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