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  1. He is the hardest piece in the game to discern because he is just as likely to be telling the truth as he is lying through his teeth. There were times when I thought he was totally against the NWO and times when he has looked every bit a puppet. He could be both, as ridiculous at that seems; a sort of controlled opposition to be used as a bogey man or a saviour depending on the direction of the wind.
  2. I think (but don't know) that it's a planned distraction of large proportions. Putin was every bit in on the pandemic scam as Johnson was, so will do as he's told - whether that's to fake an invasion of Ukraine or partly fake one. Perhaps they will actually do some real fighting and commit some real atrocities for the cameras later on, but I haven't seen anything resembling the reported invasion yet. I predict it will go on as long as they need it to before coming back with something health/control related. ................................................ I've only just woke up from a night shift and looked at the 'News Ukraine' front page on Google. I was met with news that missiles have hit Kiev, so perhaps I am wrong if I think it will be completely fake. No doubt everybody else is hours ahead of me on that and have some video to share of the shells reigning down on Kiev?
  3. The ITN report I saw just had a similar stink about it that I smelled when actors were dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan back in Jan/Feb 2020. People said back then that I was being 'untrusting' over the reporting of a genuine disaster. By the time we went into lockdown, that was actually used as vindication for it being a real pandemic. Why would we close the economy down for nothing? Until such time I see genuine warfare confirmed to be happening NOW and INSIDE Ukraine (not archive footage of real conflict from a different time and area and not explosions in empty countryside) it only makes sense to distrust everything that comes out of the mouth of the mainstream media. I'll wait for irrefutable evidence over a long period of time before changing my mind. According to the BBC just now it is carnage but where is the footage? Kiev is about to fall yet I've nothing to go on except what the BBC reporter is saying. The Mayor has picked up an AK-47 and is on the streets with thousands of others waiting to fight to the last man as Russian soldiers close in on the capital city.
  4. Russia has hit 33 civilian sites in twenty four hours. Apparently, there are no visuals of what he is describing and what we can hear.
  5. It is, isn't it. So much so that I have posted it on Faceache for the viewing pleasure of those who believe everything they see and hear on their 42 inch rectangular speaking idols. I do actually know a couple of people who do not have one, but they do have Google and newspapers which are much the same thing in a different format and DID believe everything they heard and saw concerning the pandemic that wasn't. They will go into their prayer closets and pray for world peace, gene therapy coursing through their veins as they do, completely oblivious to any kind of deception being played out before their eyes and ears. One thing is for sure regarding the hundreds that I personally know (not just random online 'friends') is that they will miss Covid and the drama it brought to their lives. Perhaps they should invest in some real gas masks in readiness for the war that shall rage across Europe. There is a certain excitement to be had in middle class suburbia where fear is concerned. They would have had severe withdrawals when Covid was removed overnight and this most recent crisis is the methadone to the heroin that was the pandemic. It should keep them feeling alive for a while until the fear dealers turn up again with the next new invisible enemy.
  6. But of all the street signs in LA to put in the middle of a convenience store shortly after the scene where the American flags fall to the floor... Somebody chose that set and wrote that scene.
  7. Somebody I knew who had the jabs last summer/autumn died of cancer last month. Prior to the diagnosis in December he was off work for four months after being injected. Another has been sick for three months after having his booster. The doctors and specialists 'have no idea' what is wrong with him. In other words, they ain't telling him. I argued tirelessly with the latter about the entire lie but he was having none of it. He'd call me a conspiracy theorist as if that should be the end of the matter but I'd expound upon that statement and show him how many of the initial theories surrounding the conspiracy have become fact. I have a bad feeling that he might meet a similar end. I now know hundreds of people aged from 15 to 80 who have had at least two jabs and I will know within a day when any of them develop cancer or just die. Some are work colleagues and the majority are people I used to fellowship with before walking out for good. My ex wife still attends and so would tell me to pray for anybody seriously sick or for the loved ones of anybody who dies. I suspect that I will be busy on this thread over the next few years, though I reckon that their deaths will be hidden beneath a new threat to life that is yet to come.
  8. I just checked that out and can confirm that sign is present. There is a Via Corona Street in East LA where the film was set.
  9. It's as if his handlers are deliberately humiliating him. He (like them all) has no power and can only wield or retract whatever authority is given to him when they say so. A pathetic worm of a man.
  10. I remember the one around 2002 and another around 2009. Our house shook in Birmingham and I assumed it was a gas explosion because of works outside our front garden. Our neighbour was Iranian and said it was a baby tremor. They have a history of monsters over there. I never noticed the most recent one at all.
  11. Pfizer allegedly attributed her fainting to missing breakfast. The comments are good on this one.
  12. Nothing new. These high wind landings have been big on YouTube for years now. At Birmingham airport you can stand at the Marston Green end and film them coming in and landing over your head (done it myself). Pilots will often approach almost sideways on in order to negate crosswinds. I watched this one when it only had a few thousand views. It now has 36m views after seven years. So absolutely nothing new.
  13. Can only be that if it is to make sense.
  14. Not sure what Gates actually means with that statement. Just doesn't make any sense.
  15. Storm Muhammed will be an entirely different event - or it would be if those that name storms would dare to call it so. There's a fence down at the ex wife's house but that's about it. Walked all around our area of Birmingham around 2pm (when it was supposed to be at its most ferocious) and hoped to get some interesting photos but came back with an empty roll. Not even twigs on the pavements, let alone branches. I heard that it reached 122mph on the Isle of Wight and so broke the record for the UK. But then all this information is coming from dubious sources such as the Met Office. They are known for overdoing forecasts.
  16. Hardly a breeze here in the middle of the country. It's supposed to be getting bad around 9am after my night shift - occasional gusts up to 65mph. The North had gusts over 100mph on Tuesday night and seemed to get by without too much fuss.
  17. Yep. He's getting the body shudders and trying to fight off the spasms - he's on the way up
  18. The state of her. Looks more like the moment demon possession took hold
  19. He could have had that witch jailed when in power but the circus side-show continues years later and will probably continue until after they are all dead.
  20. I have one who has been off sick with a mystery illness for two months, one dead, one with permanent nerve damage down his arm and into his hand. There are only 50 of us and around 47 jabbed. Others have suffered debilitating colds that have caused them to be off sick for weeks. I expect these figures to get worse over time - especially deaths. Then there is somebody who just cannot formulate coherent thoughts and struggles over simple decisions. His brain has simply stopped functioning since he got his booster, like he is doing everything in a deep fog.
  21. And there is the green light they needed to set a precedent - do as you wilt to those protesting against the government. Perhaps this will embolden a whole army of jabbed to take it up a notch or ten.
  22. 1) Believing a lie 2) Fear (particularly of dying) because of believing a lie 3) A selfish heart that will do anything to hold onto one's comfort and/or luxuries (such as holidays abroad). The first one will happen generally because of the second and/or third one. That is, it is circular. There are undoubtably exceptions (a lifetime of trusting authorities and naivety) but mankind has a tendency towards holding onto their lives rather than laying them down, particularly if that life has much pleasure in it. I am convinced that if the promise had not been as it was (to get back to normal) and was something like giving up all of your savings and your possessions for the greater good (to get back to normal) people everywhere would have been up in arms. But wearing a mask and getting a few injections - no problemo - I shall stand a better chance of surviving and can get over to Marbella sharpish. Selfishness and fear are great motivators for gaining compliance.
  23. Four or five summers/autumns ago - way before any of this - I developed many of the symptoms that are commonly attributed to Covid. I assumed it was a virus of sorts, went to work anyway, and struggled through with physical weakness and lots of sweating. Having overcome that I went into a long period of tiredness to the point that I did not leave the house for two weeks because I knew I didn't have the strength to walk more than a few yards without experiencing exhaustion. I could not get up my stairs so had to shit in a bucket - I would never do that just for the fun of it. I eventually went to the doctors (again something that I would never do again) and was told I had post viral fatigue/syndrome. I was given extensive time off work and did some research on this phenomenon. By the fourth week I had symptoms of Myalgia, Arthritis and ME. Both arms, both legs, both hands were in a state similar to pins and needles (that bit where you dare not move) and I was worried that it would be permanent. In my research the common consensus was that it generally passes anywhere between a couple of weeks and a month. Some, however, could suffer the same debilitating symptoms for a year or more. I suddenly had great sympathy for anybody that suffered from ME. So when I saw 'Long Covid' years later I saw what I went through. Again, something that already existed (post viral fatigue) being rebranded. My full recovery was gradual and I was able to go to work after five weeks or so but the remnant of it stayed with me for many months after and my employer put me on reduced duties. Some don't have it so good and suffer post viral fatigue for a year or more. As for the Garraways, at best they have allowed something that existed way before Covid to be rebranded in their minds as Long Covid or he has ME or he has extreme post viral fatigue. Or they are flat out lying.
  24. Looks like my local Aldi in a rough part of Birmingham - and that's without the glasses.
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