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  1. No, it is one of their official variants. From JD home page: "Inspired by the original gentleman distiller and our founder, Gentleman Jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing to achieve exceptional smoothness. Its balanced flavor is perfect for celebrating life’s extraordinary occasions, plus all the moments along the way." That is what their marketing department came up with. My interpretation would be: "Far removed from the black and white bottle you are all used to. This will set your chest on fire and put you into oblivion for hours. Forget about any nutty cinnamon after taste as you will be too busy shuddering." Slept straight through for five hours without moving and within ten minutes of that Toddy going down the hatch. The fire in my entire chest region really felt like flames, as if anything trying to settle on my chest was incinerated. I woke up feeling cleansed and the aches in my muscles have gone. I still have a blocked nose and that's about it.
  2. Yes, I have zinc and vitamin D as part of my usual regime. I tend to drop the D down when the sun begins to shine warm but take it all the way through the dark months. I used to drink Jim Beam as it seemed to go down a bit easier than the traditional Jack Daniels. This JD is supposed to be more mellow with a hint of banana, cinnamon and citrus, though I won't be able to confirm that until I taste it later on tonight. I didn't know that zinc lozenges were a thing.
  3. I finally have some sort of cold after a long time without one. Whether it has been caught or whether it is the body flushing out unwanted junk without any external cause isn't really of any concern to me right now. I no longer drink for the hell of it but I did buy a 700ml bottle of Jack Daniels two and a half years ago for medicinal purposes - because I know from experience that a Toddy works better than any symptom relief you can buy from a pharmacy. Sunday morning was a rough time. I woke with a storming headache with hot and cold flashes, whooshing in my ears, profuse sweating - the usual really. I did think to myself that it would be labeled as Omicron should I do something stupid like telling the NHS my symptoms. Thankfully, none of that testing stuff is required in my workplace since Ukraine happened and so I just reported that I would not be in work for the next few shifts. Rest, spring water galore, fruit, extra vitamins, Manuka (829+MGO and 20+UMF), continuing with 0.5g NAC (a daily regiment), lemon. Tonight, I shall crack open the Jack Daniels for the first time. Mine will be a double with hot water, honey and lemon. I will report back in the morning but I am already feeling so much better than I was two days ago. My family also had their first cold symptoms in a long time and their symptoms lasted a week to ten days. The (estranged) wife has suffered the longest and was quite gleeful when telling me to expect to feel like crap for over a week. Cheers
  4. To any celebrated person that accidentally stumbles across this post and is thinking about being a poster boy or girl for the next big thing: THIS is how the media who kept your profile alive (likely with the help of your agent) shall discard you once dead. You mean nothing really to anybody outside of your family and close friends. You shall go out with headlines screaming a lie about you and the wider world will not even know or care that you left. It would be better to exit this world having led a quiet and honest life. Rather than getting all misty eyed (like I did when Johnners' famous laughing fit at the Oval was played on the day of his passing) I will watch the inevitable replays of that ball to Gatting but be thinking about how his innings really ended. This headline, posted in various places, really is the media bowling a wrong 'un - not to deceive a batsman off the pitch but to deceive the masses into accelerating their deaths; even children. A terrible legacy.
  5. Yep. We don't know for sure all of the details but do know that Ukraine is corrupt and nothing should ever be risked for the likes of the corrupt Biden family. Conscientious objecton hasn't looked so straightforwardly righteous since Bush and Blair were lying to the world.
  6. "He was being interviewed by WHI co-hosts Hawa Rizwana and Fatin Hamimah, on the topic of outspoken people or "loose cannons" when he suddenly began to cough and feel dizzy. Roslan subsequently fell off his seat, head first, to the shock of Fatin, Hawa and the production team. The live programme was temporarily stopped as studio staff helped revive Roslan." 'Outspoken people and loose cannons' presumably being people speaking truth. There are only two major topics of contention in the mainstream right now - Covid and Ukraine. Seeing as he is sitting there in a mask, I would bet that he is fully jabbed and referring to people in the public eye daring to speak up against the fake pandemic and against the jabs. Here he is in hospital, still wearing a mask for the photo op:
  7. Melinda Gates "People don't know me and what i am really like.” Oh we do love - you are a bloke. I see somebody else picked up on the doing to children as opposed to doing for children. That would most definitely not surprise me either.
  8. Banging the war drums. The military industrial complex are itching for war - it was relatively quiet during the reign of Trump. I do keep thinking how a lot of deaths need to be covered up over the coming year but that would have to involve a war that sweeps the entire globe.
  9. When Communism rises, these useless clowns will be first to be destroyed.
  10. It would seem the latter if I have read this correctly: 'This document provides an integrated analysis of the cumulative post-authorization safety data, including U.S. and foreign post-authorization adverse event reports received through 28 February 2021. 2. METHODOLOGY Pfizer is responsible for the management post-authorization safety data on behalf of the MAH BioNTech according to the Pharmacovigilance Agreement in place. Data from BioNTech are included in the report when applicable. Pfizer’s safety database contains cases of AEs reported spontaneously to Pfizer, cases reported by the health authorities, cases published in the medical literature, cases from Pfizer-sponsored marketing programs, non-interventional studies, and cases of serious AEs reported from clinical studies regardless of causality assessment. The limitations of post-marketing adverse drug event reporting should be considered when interpreting these data: • Reports are submitted voluntarily, and the magnitude of underreporting is unknown. Some of the factors that may influence whether an event is reported include: length of time since marketing, market share of the drug, publicity about a drug or an AE, seriousness of the reaction, regulatory actions, awareness by health professionals and consumers of adverse drug event reporting, and litigation.'
  11. Greatest spinner of my era of watching. I thought the same regarding the likelihood of him being jabbed.
  12. Regular MSM presstitute Cathy Newman schooled by Russian foreign minister Sergeĭ Lavrov. I have seen her embarrassed before by smartarse Jordan Peterson. 3 minutes long from 4:10 mark
  13. An average to good midfielder who forgot how to play football when Gerrard was on the same pitch. He's been groomed to get decent jobs beyond his ability and like Arteta at Arsenal will be a focal point for lying on behalf of whatever political agenda is on the table. He'll probably go onto being a £20m a year pundit (social commentator) for the BBC, saying what he's told to say. Lumplard (as I've called him since changing Derby's name to Frank Lampard's Derby) probably wouldn't be able to find Ukraine on a map. In fact, I doubt if he could find Russia.
  14. The one on the right looks like the mother of the one on the left. We are talking 20 years of ageing.
  15. My (estranged) wife has had her first illness in over a year. She is experiencing shortness of breath (though nothing serious) and typical flu symptoms, that is, blocked sinuses, fuzzy headedness, low energy, sweating, headache. I said to her that I bet nobody else is sick in the house (our four kids) - which was correct - and also pointed out where she had been for a day and a half. She had had some dental treatment and given some sort of heavy drug injected into her hand before the procedure. Because of that, some friends from her church offered to look after her for a day and a night whilst I looked after the kids - she basically was smashed off her face for 24 hours due to the sedation anesthetic that was administered (probably Propofol). These people that looked after her for 36 hours are triple jabbed. She stayed in that house, in close proximity to two massive jab cheerleaders who even today keep pestering her (and our kids) to have the jab. And so she comes away sick as a dog. Their daughter, incidentally, is of university age and was not long ago in and out of hospital with heart racing issues - she too is jabbed but her dad (who I last saw three months ago or more) refuses to make the link. He was incredibly defensive when I asked how she was, as defensive an example of body language I have ever seen as if in an invisible straight jacket. Perhaps folk will make the link between cold symptoms and removal of wisdom teeth (I know that dentists and doctors do) but this is more than a cold and I believe the people looking after her might possibly have shedded all over the place. It is as if they are walking, talking bio labs. Didn't Gates say something recently about the jabs spreading the virus? I am not sure if a virus can be caught as such but maybe an attack on the immune system can be transmitted so that a sniffle becomes something close to the flu?
  16. The next eleven winners - in order - shall be Wales Estonia Albania Romania Estonia France Ukraine Croatia Kosovo Estonia Denmark
  17. I am seeing it everywhere - people falling over themselves to declare their virtue. Media darling Frank Lampard has got in on the act here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60584223 with a right pile of sickly fake righteousness. "The way we behaved last Saturday against Manchester City, I thought we were one of the forerunners of behaving well, and showing solidarity and unity and in the right way and I think today again is a show of us as a club doing the right thing," he said. Forerunners of behaving well. I am not sure that it gets any worse than that and Frank must surely believe that the masses are as thick as planks to not see how terrible that sounds/reads. Forerunners of behaving well - I will never forget that statement.
  18. He certainly does spend time on here. Throughout the fake pandemic there were many, many times when somebody made an observation of fakery or dug up something from the past that would demonstrate a present day lie that would make it into one of his videos. It was a good thing that he did as I bet there were only ever a handful of people from outside the forum seeing every single page on that megathread - it moved so quickly with so many golden moments that even I (that practically lived on that thread) would often have to spend hours catching up each morning. If I missed a couple of days there could be as many as a few hundred comments to wade through. In that regard, he performed a good service even if transpires one day that hardly any of the work was the product of his own research. It was the same with many groups on Telegram and Facebook. There is now a widespread cottage industry around 'conspiracy' with Patreons, PayPal links, mugs, T-shirts, donate buttons and the like. I think it really took off around the time of Q becoming mainstream during Biden's fake election victory. Rona was a perfect opportunity to make money for a couple of years once it became obvious that Trump was never going to do what the likes of Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and other grifters were saying he would (get straight back into power as the swamp hanged themselves - trust the plan and all that). And so on to Ukraine. At the moment there is not a great deal of information and so it is easier to see when research has been lifted from this forum. The thing to look out for is when information is taken from this forum and given a twist that suits a lie OR when deliberately fake information is shared on this forum and then held up as a banner to discredit all that is genuine.
  19. That is horrific. So much for an itchy arm and a day or two of light headaches.
  20. Indeed. They might even get angry at us for not shouting loud enough.
  21. The truth welcomes investigation and dialogue/debate whereas a lie hides behind censorship - same as with Convid. Perhaps they are making reality LOOK LIKE a conspiracy for some reason that is currently beyond tracing out, but I doubt it. Maybe Russia does not want to engage in what they are being accused of but will be poked and prodded into a real, full scale war with the West. I still have my eye more on the fallout from the fake pandemic. A few million deaths from the jabs could easily hide in a cloud of bombs dropping across the world - or even a dirty bomb exploding in numerous major cities across Europe and the USA. Perhaps Russian patsies could sneak a few suitcases into Australia and New Zealand for good measure. Far fetched, I know, but the principle is true that there are an awful lot of deaths on the horizon that will need to be blamed on something else. Not one world leader has failed to earn my distrust.
  22. A colleague of mine has recurring bruises down the same arm where he got jabbed three times. It looks like he has been hit with a cricket ball numerous times and also has those same red, veiny looking blotches all down his arm. He was complaining the other day that he can barely use that arm as he has no strength in it at all. Its only use now is to make him look symmetrical. He doesn't know what is causing it (sigh), though I think he wanted me to make a comment when he said that. I deliberately avoided any mention of it and I think my silence on the matter made him uncomfortable because in the past we have clashed over all things 'pandemic'. I had already purposed not to speak any more words regarding this subject. Everybody has heard many times what I have to say and I have sailed close to the wind with my employer, upsetting quite a few people in the process; though only ever in responding to others starting the conversation. Yes, my silence was probably more convicting than anything I could have said.
  23. Lies love the cover of confusion but cannot survive a crystal clear backdrop.
  24. That would definitely be a major distraction. What a great way to cover up for a billion mRNA deaths...
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