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  1. Attempted poisoning of Abramovich? Probably not. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-60904676
  2. Just a follow up regarding Baz. I spoke this morning with a good friend of his and he firmly confirmed that Barrington was as wide awake to the scam as could be and was fervently against jabs, lockdowns, testing, masks - everything. I suspected that would be the case. As I said in my previous post, the bodybuilding/MMA/security scene in Birmingham is very tight knit. Everybody knows everybody and the bullshit pandemic put a big spanner in their community when the gyms were shut down. When they reopened everybody (to my knowledge through my mate who originally assumed I was the one deceived) was of one voice, knowing that they were being lied to. The pub and club scene (where many of them earn their corn on the doors), music concerts throughout that summer, practically all events, were stopped - and with that, their earnings. I'd like to see anybody try and force these men to be jabbed. They don't tolerate bullies and this government have bullied their will into the arms of millions who feared they would lose their ability to earn a living.
  3. Blimey - I met him on the soup run in Birmingham's Dale End just before the Covid bollocks hit and he was ridiculously fit. He trained at the same gym as a mate of mine and absolutely nobody messed with him. I think he was still cage fighting in his 50's despite being blind in one eye. Him and another ex footy hooligan I know were doing charity clothes runs out the back of a van in the city centre. I can't imagine him having had any jab because nobody on the gym and fighting scene (that I know of) would go anywhere near it. They are a switched on community; a mix of security 'firms' that do all the big jobs across the UK (boxing events, close protection etc). My mate was as influenced by them as he was by me with regards to the whole lie. I did his head in for the first year (he thought I'd gone nuts) but my words were reinforced by their words and now he's seriously awake.
  4. 50's seems to be a mean age of death amongst famous people these days.
  5. I love her dismissively whispered 'okay' as she moves on from listening to his hypocrisy.
  6. ...possibly suggesting to other corporations they can do the same. Perhaps a precedent has been set - deliberately so and without severe repercussion - for exactly that. There are millions of jobs that could be filled by Ukrainians, other East Europeans and countless Africans. The security industry is already filled with a huge proportion of Africans, so why not the hospitality, all manual labour industries and anything else that just requires a working body? This could be replicated across the whole nation (and Europe) as a prelude to a universal social credit system. Sure, there will be cars set on fire in France and the like but if sold as for the greater good, then the majority will accept it. Indeed, they could engineer yet another fake pandemic or have the 'Russians' dropping dirty bombs before telling us that it is either a universal social credit system of starvation as governments seek to rebuild out of the ashes of society. I feel that this P&O palaver could be a testing strip similar to the Covid palaver.
  7. I actually used the 'politicians are liars' only last night. Some Tory people (one a councillor) turned up at my ex wife's house and asked who I would be voting for as I stood out the front grabbing the last of the sunshine. There were four people in all, going around doing some sort of survey. I thought what Jack said and so launched into a monologue that went something like this: "I was brought up as a Socialist and assumed that to be the right position well into my late 20's. I then began to see things differently around the time of Tony Blair and saw how both sides at the highest levels of the political strata were comfortable with telling lies (I could have cited John Major and his affair if pushed). I voted Tory prior to Brexit because that appeared to me to be a very important single issue that Labour fought against. However, this last two years has shown me that the higher a man goes in his political career the more he will lie to the masses. I already knew that but the degree of lying from both Johnson and Hancock was horrific because of the consequences of those lies." I was hoping to move onto the subject of the fake pandemic but I sensed they could see where I was going to go and so they changed the subject to cleaning up graffiti and litter picking. However, once we engage a person on the subject of people in power telling lies with a smile on their face - and the person agrees that none of them can be trusted - then we can say that from a moral perspective ANY medium that repeats those lies is equally untrustworthy. We don't see them lying in person but see them lying on the television. Therefore, the television can never be an automatic or final authority on truth. As the news is the number one platform for politicians (particularly this last two years) then how can you now say that because they are on the television they must automatically be telling the truth as if that is some sort of law? Nobody would let Tony Blair stand in their living room and lie about weapons of mass destruction, yet they tolerate it on the television via the BBC or SKY? It is obvious, once one temporarily escapes the cognitive dissonance prison, that the news is a willing participate in the telling of lies to the masses. Therefore, it should never be trusted.
  8. I did all my scaring BEFORE the jab went mainstream. The further a person immerses themselves in a lie, the more grievous the truth shall be when they encounter it. Mr triple jabbed at work, who I mentioned just now, is more focused on his issues being the fault of the unvaxed. It is pointless to engage him despite his injuries. I guess what one could do is to say something like: "I've seen images online similar to what you describe. I've also heard of people suing because of medical malpractice where certain protocols were not properly followed. I don't know if this is wholly relevant to your situation but I have a resource here that might help you." Then give them a link similar to this one: https://www.freedom-directory.co.uk/ You could always spend fifty quid or so and get a thousand plain business cards printed.
  9. We have one of these at work. His arm (only the one) has these large purple, red and dark bruises interspersed with pronounced spiderwebs of blood vessels. He hasn't a clue what it is and cannot use that arm as the strength has gone out of it. I didn't bother to offer an explanation because even if a specialist doctor told him it was jab related, he would not accept it. These people are higher authorities than anybody when it comes to the jab. It's as if they love and worship it as a god. This particular bloke comes from Mason stock. Thankfully, I cannot hear or understand much of what he says on anything because the sound waves get absorbed by his massively thick custom mask. It looks like it is made out of curtain material. He thinks I'm a lunatic.
  10. I don't know what authority Biggins is on the Queen but surely this story is a kick in the teeth for anybody in a wheelchair, as if such a person is lower than somebody more able bodied. There is nothing to be ashamed of if a person struggles to do anything in life - except perhaps the ability and desire to tell the truth.
  11. We had one kid in a school of 400 that had a known hole in the heart. He did cross country (again, at least two miles) in all weathers back in the 70's and never bloody collapsed. Nobody did. The biggest issue was mud and ice squelching into my Dunlop Green Flash, closely followed by avoiding the gaze of Mr Flopsy (real name Topsy) in the showers afterwards.
  12. “The thing that worries me now, it’s about what’s going on there, what I have to do now to recover and how long going to take.” You will never know, mate. If he comes remotely close to waking up to the cause of his heart woes then he will be shut up very quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if his doctor/medical team are being monitored and managed by shadowy figures. Unless of course that other scenario is still on the table, whereby the news that it was all a scam was always going to be released. What better way than to have governments and the system of government destroyed than for their masters to hand them over to the masses. And then comes the replacement system that the people will beg for.
  13. I certainly wasn't expecting a full page spread of Kaylie's rear end - I will delay my breakfast in the hope that the image washes away. There can't be too many Daniel Fordes' and I bet that the few who do exist are all denying having anything to do with it; particularly if married for over ten years and residing in Cardiff. What I find interesting is how people have absolutely no shame to the point of publicly celebrating what should have been a private embarrassment. I am beginning to sound like my grandad from the 1970s. Apparently, there was just as much silliness in the world four decades ago but only three TV stations, no internet and only local papers with which to go on. I guess that when he used to get merry on cider and go on little rants about idiots with Duke Ellington playing in the background, his stories were selected from real life experiences over a 70 year span of time.
  14. Even those who know how to film correctly are abandoning landscape mode for portrait as a first instinct when something happens that might interest social media. This is to appease the masses who flock to Instagram and particularly TikTok over YouTube. I have just had to convert a 1920 by 1080 file into a 1080 by 1920 file for the same reason and was thinking last night that if I wanted the most exposure of a video I will have to choose portrait these days as the Pot Noodle in a microwave generation are tuned into watching videos not much longer than 30 seconds before moving onto the next one. I disagreed with the wife (before we split) over our two eldest kids having a mobile phone. As was usually the case did the opposite of my counsel and so went out and purchased two mobiles on contracts and now she doesn't see much of them - straight home from school and straight onto TikTok to have their brains dulled. I think we have lost them but the ex wife just likes to get victories over me and my old fashioned ways. That just makes me more determined to develop their ways of thinking (along critical lines) when I do see them. Regarding this plane crash, it is likely just a plane crash but I have noticed that this last two years I automatically assume a conspiracy until proved otherwise. I have seen far too much bullshit to think any other way. This report gives a short nod to a possible mid air explosion:
  15. Tachycardia would fit with the symptoms reported to me months back by a highly intelligent man I know concerning his daughter. She's in her early 20's and both her parents are staunch Covidians. I say 'intelligent' but only from an academic point of view. I have noticed throughout my life that academically adept people are susceptible to pride. This, in turn, makes them vulnerable to deception - not from people below them in the brain stakes but above them. Because they tend to be of the sort that is always right then those educated at a better university, perhaps with names prefaced with words such as Doctor or Professor shall more often be always right than even themselves. Hence why Oxford was behind one of the jabs and hence why we had two professors often flanking Johnson. This appealed greatly to the 'intelligent' white collar middle classes. How easy it is to dismiss me with my CSE in woodwork.
  16. I have seen a hardening of hearts amongst the few Christians I (rarely) encountered after they took the jabs. It is less noticeable with the many non Christians I know, though I have observed quickened tempers and many of them are spending long periods off sick. My (ex) wife still attends the fellowship I walked away from and said only yesterday that 'something has changed' within the spirit of the church, that it's different. She couldn't put her finger on exactly what but did say how the people were less warm. I asked if they seemed robotic, as if just going through the motions of going to church because they always have done. She said 'yes' and then told me how the back five rows or so are reserved for those who wish to wear masks. I can only imagine what a tragic scene that looks like. Demonic even. We're talking a regular fellowship of around 300 people. Tares aside, it used to be a vibrant church that had a genuine God-given warmth. She said that nobody wants to talk about God (sermon aside) and there is no genuine conversation; just the same tired old questions of how's work and how's the kids followed by awkwardness. Had I not walked away I would surely have been thrown out long ago. I'm about to find a new fellowship after two years of 'forsaking the assembly' and will know whether the corporate spirit is broken or not the moment I walk in because I never jumped atop an oven hob into any pot of lukewarm water in the first place. Like others, I do think that once the agenda behind Russia/Ukraine has been fulfilled we will see either another fake pandemic or an engineered one that can be used to cover the death stats. Or perhaps Russia/Ukraine shall escalate in order to fulfill that role. Generally, it's getting darker and so are people.
  17. I have found that in my 55 years the most switched on and interesting of people are the truly marginalized. I'm not talking colour, sexuality, culture - I'm talking loners and what the world would call weirdos. They are labelled such because nobody gets them as surely as few people ever got me even as a child. I met many of them in my seven years living in hostels and hanging with street people and dropouts. That was before the internet age happened and so there wasn't an outlet for 'strange' thinking behind the anonymity of a username and screen. Everything was face to face and the strange thinkers would find themselves unwelcome with what the world would call 'normal" people. Every homeless person I've spoken to this last two years knows that they are safer injecting heroin than anything Pfizer have to offer. I would go past the soup run and watch from my bus to work and there wasn't any masks or social distancing. Nobody gave a toss about some invisible enemy - they were just focused on getting some food and a hot drink. I'll be looking to getting involved with serving the marginalized again this Spring (now that my life has settled down again after a separation) and I look forward to the kinds of conversations and encouragement I only ever tend to get online.
  18. That's the best anecdote I've read on here - I felt like I was pacing with Mr Bike and could see net curtains twitching in unison with the nerves of the people behind them. "Good grief, George. I think an army of them is forming - shall I offer them some scones?" Incidentally, if ever anybody wants a lengthy conversation with somebody, definitely be carrying frozen haddock from Iceland on a sunny day. It happened to me only a couple of days ago. A half mile walk in gorgeous warm sunshine, then a procession of elderly folk wanting to chat on the stairs (I live in a retirement complex). I was drawn between engaging further with each conversation and thinking about the two boxes of Young's fish 'n' chips style battered haddock sweating away in their boxes. I might even make buying them a regular thing, just for the company they attract.
  19. "People who reject their identities as spiritual beings risk losing the very essence that makes them truly human." In my experience, all becomes a meaningless chasing after the wind. I existed in that place for many years, yet only had myself to blame.
  20. From my point of view, after one week being ill. Am not one of the new cases because I refused the test, managed to avoid the body cleansing itself through cold symptoms for two years until now. Huge thanks to all those who warned against the vaccines as fortunately fairly mild. It’s a manageable illness - comparable to the time I had flu. Completely manageable. Low energy, aching in places, slight cough, sore throat, taste still present (murdered some fish and chips on days 3 and 4) and I can walk up the stairs without being out of breath, and really tired so have slept like a log. Can’t imagine how bad it would’ve been with triple vax. I probably wouldn't be here to tell the story. Perfectly fine again after 6/7 days. Manuka, lemon, Jack Daniels, boiling water did the trick at night. Prior to that, plenty of Zinc and Vitamin D as well as a large dark fruits (blackcurrant, blueberry, dark cherry) smoothie every day and around 3 Litres of bottled water. Had I tested myself, it would likely have come up positive for whatever lie is doing the rounds (Omicron/Deltacron) and so I couldn't tell the world what a brave soldier I was. These people (if they are real) are insufferable. I think they have missed boasting of their war effort.
  21. He apparently took this from Hal Turner, the far right conspiracy nut who was jailed for 33 months because of threats to attack 3 judges - but attributed it to a source in Tel Aviv. That whole sentence above reads like a Deep State's wet dream.
  22. You only have the freedom to agree with these people. That is where your free speech ends.
  23. 'I'm gonna get myself a hot Ukrainian Bond girl and Mulfasa Muhammad turns up with his three wives and ten kids, saying 'You eat pork! Your dog is rat!'' He isn't wrong.
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