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  1. It is even less convincing without the music, which I wouldn't have thought possible. That little look to the side as if to say "Am I done now?"
  2. Quite a few of us have noticed the same thing with people we know very well. It really is as if they are a new creation - and not in a good way. I have to say that it is not everybody, but then not everybody (I believe) had either the real thing or a high dose.
  3. I trust no man - that is why.
  4. Wasn't 'Watch the Water' a Q prediction? Only, if that Q stands for quantum computer then there may well be billions of expressions that can be wheeled out at any time to give the impression of insider foreknowledge and hence, legitimacy. Watch the Water was used previously during the Trump/Biden shambles, though I did think it a tenuous link at the time as if the event (evidence of voter fraud) had been crowbarred into the 'prophecy' in order to make it fit. I will try and watch the video at some point but already know that I will have great scepticism before hitting the play button. I did have a quick scrub and saw high production values (including dramatic music), which isn't a problem but it can be used to manipulate and I have done so myself in order to illicit an emotional response in the viewer. I understand from a minute of random hits on the playhead that this is coming form a 'religious' angle and I certainly agree with the conclusion (to a degree) that this is a spiritual war being played out in the natural world as the way is prepared for the coming of the false Christ. I have seen my former brothers and sisters in Christ (as in people I used to formerly fellowship with) CHANGE from having a soft heart to a hard heartedness after being jabbed and even before as I warned them that they were being lied to. I will try and get back to you on this because I have suspected an obsession with DNA (tracing certain bloodlines) since before the release of any jab but had not considered the MIXING of DNA until now.
  5. Are you sure that you are not mixing him up with Carl Vernon - at least in the one area of believing there was really a thing called Covid? I watched him from his first video on YouTube on the subject and don't recall him believing that Covid was real - as in a brand new virus - apart from being something rebranded. We all use the term Covid (as I just did then) but that does not mean we think it to be a legitimate thing that has been isolated and named thus. I use the term purely so that people know what I am referring to; though I often call it Convid or 'Covid' I don't always make the distinction as it is bloody tiresome when people already know what I mean by the context surrounding it. I did watch all of his videos before he was cancelled and do not recall him doing one on the realisation that he was previously wrong about it existing as a brand new virus. I did hear him say many, many times that Covid was a rebranded flu and he even mockingly sometimes referred to it as a sniffle or a cold. His comments were always open and I do not recall, either, anybody pulling him up on any belief that Covid was a real thing in its own right - regardless of it being deadly or not.
  6. Indeed - he is being as brave here as he was when partying during the height of the killer virus that swept our nation. The comments section is 99.9% full of admiration for his bravery and sacrificial heart. He could have done a Zoom call but chose instead to turn up in person with no body protection whatsoever. I have scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of the couple of thousand comments and it would appear that Boris has worked his own redemption. Even those who admitted their previous disdain for him are now granting him salvation. This rare comment is buried around 500 gushing comments down the page.
  7. This surgeon is in the middle of a warzone and looks as clean as a whistle
  8. Something appears to emit from that area before the strike and fire downwards at 45 degrees to where the explosion happens. I made a slowed down video at varying speeds but it won't upload - still, playing and pausing will reveal it. Perhaps a detonator of some sort?
  9. I had the misfortune to be sharing a room with a television at my sister's house - bloody big thing on the wall - and it was on the whole time I was there. I saw those buildings (minus the shoppers) numerous times as the news looped every hour or so. I heard the mournful tones of some misery guts black reporter many times over, speaking of atrocities - don't know who he is - and even my sister observed that there was something dead about him. I got the same stench of pretence that I got during the Covid scam, particularly from the Ukrainian locals that they interviewed; though I do not pretend to know much of what is really going on there. I noticed that two of these locals had £500-£800 smartphones, peering at pictures as they scrolled through memories of what it used to be like before the Russians flattened everything. None of it seemed genuine. The tones of voices, the tears, even their scruffy appearances all came across as unnatural. I am busy enough as it is without digging deep into this latest world event, but I might be getting to know some Ukrainian refugees in the coming months as they come into the homes of some people I have recently met in Birmingham (just joined a new fellowship) and might be able to eventually get a first hand understanding of what is really happening there and what is not really happening there. Though I imagine that some people have fled because they have either believed a lie or are chancing their arm, so it still might not be possible to get a true picture.
  10. Perhaps the science changed - as it was wont to do this last couple of years. I had never actually seen that clip and am astounded to hear those words coming from his mouth. A liar must have a good memory and a compulsive liar a perfect memory. Came back from a family trip yesterday (first in over two years) and was encouraged that they were not as confident in their jabs and boosters as they were when boasting of them (and the masks, social distancing, isolating etc) throughout the whole saga. I had assumed them to be fully paid up members of the Branch Covidian cult - which they were as recently as the back end of last year. I was expecting (given what I have posted on FB this last two years) for a big pushback and some heated arguments, but I stuck to what I had planned when the subject arose by asking them questions. "Still not vaccinated, then?" "I had no confidence in the integrity of Boris Johnson and still don't." Before I could elaborate and ask them if they were aware of Big Pharma's record of lying and gross corruption, even widespread killings and cover ups, my sister said: "Oh, I cannot stand that fat cunt" (she is hyper left wing, so was hating him for different reasons). "What about Matt Hancock?" "Him, too. I want to punch him in the face." "You see, I don't trust any of them to be able to tell the truth any more than Starmer, Blair, any of them - their track records of lying are there for all to see regardless of the colour of their rosettes. We are outraged by what we are told is happening in Ukraine but Blair caused the deaths of millions on the back of a lie and he was one of the politicians telling me to get an experimental jab. Do you think that politicians are cowards?" "Yes, they don't go anywhere without an entourage of security" "Then they would be terrified of dying from Covid but partied at the height of the so called pandemic. It was almost as if there was nothing to be scared of, yet the nation was terrified daily for a very long time" These were baby steps and I was anticipating some sort of grilling based on 'yes, but' - yet it never happened. Had they full confidence in being fully jabbed, I would have been pressed hard but it never came. They did say how absolutely surprised and appalled they were at the government's hypocrisy over those parties - I interjected and reminded them of the predictions of computer modeller Professor Ferguson that was followed by an act of gross hypocrisy on his part as he banged some married woman. They had forgotten all about that person and what he said and did. I reminded them that this was the same person who predicted tens of thousands of deaths from Swine Flu and tens of thousands would die from BSE. He was wrong about the 250,000 deaths from Covid, which allowed me to inform them that only 15,000 or so died that did not have other issues; notwithstanding that flu went away for two years - which kills 50,000 or so a year. I finished by saying that the entire pandemic was built upon that faulty modelling from within SAGE and the testing was not fit for purpose, which we knew from the person who invented the PCR test - though he was cancelled by the media. The conversation then switched to Ukraine again. So even without this conversation, they already must have had doubts about the jabs even before my visit or they would have challenged every point out of a desperation to be proved right and a concern for the consequences of me not being jabbed. That party business might have been a contrived 'out' as agendas were sufficiently fulfilled and new agendas entertained, but I think that it has done more damage to the cult than we might think.
  11. Wow. No more pretending; not even from Harris who is standing at the right hand of power. This was not the saddest thing I've ever seen, even after the lazy turn of phrase employed by Carlson. Biden is a fraud and a liar who has served politics for the sake of himself and his family, hiding behind a vulnerable, kindly grandad image as if he couldn't possibly be as wicked as others who went before him into the Whitehouse. That was a deliberate, public humiliation. A signal to the masses. Hussein knew full well he was there - Biden's hand was on his shoulder. They were not talking about anything serious in that circle (they were joking and laughing), so it wouldn't have been rude to quickly turn and acknowledge the physical act of somebody trying to get his attention, let alone the POTUS. I bet they were talking about Biden and somebody said something akin to: "Watch out folks - the lanky, useless weirdo is coming over. He's probably filled his nappy." There is a shift in the order imminent. I am surprised that it's taken this long but Harris, too, is a complete liability. It would not surprise me if something happens to her before long, maybe even before Biden is discarded.
  12. Some sort of covenant made with evil by the looks of him. Here is that sneakiness you speak of:
  13. Those who saturated our lives for two years with wall to wall propaganda have lost their momentum. I think their influence was waning, anyway. This three month period of breathing space might have afforded some the time and inclination to look at sources beyond the norm, look at their own failing health and realise that the first two jabs offered them no protection whatsoever. I cannot see anybody who hasn't had a single jab volunteering to be jabbed. I can see large numbers of double jabbed saying "Enough!" and smaller numbers who are boosted also saying the same regarding a fourth jab. The more time that elapses, the more manifestations of adverse reactions are going to show themselves. I feel that the powers will have to introduce something different to Covid - with a cure all superjab following in its wake - if they are to 'justify' compulsory jabs.
  14. Entertainment is a bomb shelter from reality - whether music, film, soaps, sport, theatre, the news. There is enough there across all genres to keep a person from thinking for their entire life. For every tiny genuine nugget of brilliant film or music there is a Fort Knox full of fool's gold. The first thing I did when splitting with my wife was to wave goodbye to the television. I wanted it out of the house for years but she didn't. When I go around there to see my children she asks if I want the television on, as if I have somehow missed its comforting offerings. We are worlds apart in how we think, though she is very well versed in the scamdemic after listening to me for two years. I just hope her peers don't drag her into their cult as my influence wains - they still try to convince her to get jabbed and to get the children jabbed, even as some amongst their number are suffering crushing headaches and heart issues. I have barely a clue what is going on with the subject of this thread these days, except to visit a few pages now and again. I understand that the alien looking freak professor of bullshit has been wheeled out again recently? Probably just blowing on the embers as a reminder that we must still fear its reemergence when whatever agenda is behind Ukraine has been realised. I haven't seen my sisters for two years or more and am going over there tomorrow. Both they and their husbands are fully Covidian in their convictions and one of them is hard left after my dad's influence. I have worked out my tactic concerning the avoidance of arguments, raised voices and the like. When asked why I have not been jabbed I shall play dumb and ask THEM lots of questions. The burden is on them to convince me that Boris Johnson and Big Pharma are trustworthy, given their respective histories of being caught out in big lies and hypocrisy. The one question they cannot answer concerns the long term side effects of whatever jab they had.
  15. Checked this guy out just now and saw similar predictions of imminent collapse every year since 2018. This is the most specific (within a day) prediction yet, though I could not find a link to the words attributed to him.
  16. I wonder how those mothers - the ones that survived - felt when the pots and pans came out on a Thursday night.
  17. The likelihood of it being staged, considering the event at which it happened, is as high as could be. However, I thought Rock's performance was convincing. Smith's wife was also convincing for a split second. It was Will Smith that wasn't in the slightest bit convincing.
  18. Attempted poisoning of Abramovich? Probably not. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-60904676
  19. Just a follow up regarding Baz. I spoke this morning with a good friend of his and he firmly confirmed that Barrington was as wide awake to the scam as could be and was fervently against jabs, lockdowns, testing, masks - everything. I suspected that would be the case. As I said in my previous post, the bodybuilding/MMA/security scene in Birmingham is very tight knit. Everybody knows everybody and the bullshit pandemic put a big spanner in their community when the gyms were shut down. When they reopened everybody (to my knowledge through my mate who originally assumed I was the one deceived) was of one voice, knowing that they were being lied to. The pub and club scene (where many of them earn their corn on the doors), music concerts throughout that summer, practically all events, were stopped - and with that, their earnings. I'd like to see anybody try and force these men to be jabbed. They don't tolerate bullies and this government have bullied their will into the arms of millions who feared they would lose their ability to earn a living.
  20. Blimey - I met him on the soup run in Birmingham's Dale End just before the Covid bollocks hit and he was ridiculously fit. He trained at the same gym as a mate of mine and absolutely nobody messed with him. I think he was still cage fighting in his 50's despite being blind in one eye. Him and another ex footy hooligan I know were doing charity clothes runs out the back of a van in the city centre. I can't imagine him having had any jab because nobody on the gym and fighting scene (that I know of) would go anywhere near it. They are a switched on community; a mix of security 'firms' that do all the big jobs across the UK (boxing events, close protection etc). My mate was as influenced by them as he was by me with regards to the whole lie. I did his head in for the first year (he thought I'd gone nuts) but my words were reinforced by their words and now he's seriously awake.
  21. 50's seems to be a mean age of death amongst famous people these days.
  22. I love her dismissively whispered 'okay' as she moves on from listening to his hypocrisy.
  23. ...possibly suggesting to other corporations they can do the same. Perhaps a precedent has been set - deliberately so and without severe repercussion - for exactly that. There are millions of jobs that could be filled by Ukrainians, other East Europeans and countless Africans. The security industry is already filled with a huge proportion of Africans, so why not the hospitality, all manual labour industries and anything else that just requires a working body? This could be replicated across the whole nation (and Europe) as a prelude to a universal social credit system. Sure, there will be cars set on fire in France and the like but if sold as for the greater good, then the majority will accept it. Indeed, they could engineer yet another fake pandemic or have the 'Russians' dropping dirty bombs before telling us that it is either a universal social credit system of starvation as governments seek to rebuild out of the ashes of society. I feel that this P&O palaver could be a testing strip similar to the Covid palaver.
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