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  1. Same. I somehow forgot when coming across this thread ages back.
  2. Yes, something bothered me about the incoming £150 'help' for Council Tax bands A-D. I thought how though I am only on £23k gross per year, I can get by without any problems with eating food of my choice and paying bills. Then I hear there might be other 'helps' coming down the pike. Perhaps there will come a time soon when I WILL need financial help but giving it to me now seems to me to be a form of grooming. I see a fat, sweaty man with a mop of blonde hair and a plummy voice taking my money in the form of taxes and offering a small amount of it back in the form of sweeties as if it were a gift from his heart. When he offers the financial equivalent of a puppy to a sweet, I imagine that will be the moment when he drops his trousers and barks perverse orders.
  3. I doubt if they had any jab out of fear of dying. Rather, they more likely had any jab/s for fear of not being able to continue in their career path. Imagine training from childhood in your discipline/talent and then hitting a brick wall that prevents you from travelling or even participating at local level?
  4. Partygate has been the most useful of all stories when it comes to giving people a shake. Q) "Do you appreciate politicians?" A) "No" Q) "Presumably because they lie all the time?" A) "Yes" Q) "I think they are liars as well. They are taught to lie from an early age in their journey to power and are taught that a lie for the greater good is righteous, so that their conscience does not get in the way of policy. Have you noticed that politicians are also cowards?" A) "Yes, they hide behind security wherever they go. I remember snipers on the roofs in Birmingham when the then government had a conference at the NIA" Q) "So why would lying, cowardly politicians risk their very lives over a virus they told us was deadly as they indulged in numerous maskless, secret parties during the height of the widely reported danger to life?" A) "Perhaps they put their trust in the vaccines" Q) "This was in May 2020. The vaccines did not become available until December 2020, seven months later. Boris did not even have his first jab until March 2021" There are many variants to be had in this line of questioning because there are many different answers (particularly if somebody is dodging) though that is a common example of how a conversation might go. The way in might not be through a discussion on anything to do with 'covid' - more likely it will be somebody moaning about the government or politics in general. For a hardcore covidian to remain true to their doctrine, they would have to accept that politicians are both courageous and truthful in words and deeds. I do not want to hear one word spoken against any member of parliament coming form their lips. Partygate is not something that can be written off as a matter of incompetence.
  5. I can smell heavy colds/flus in a room where somebody is sick with it. Whenever my children or my wife - and back in the day my own mother and two sisters - have a proper cold (aches, coughing, snot everywhere, sweating) there is a distinct aroma that is musty and slightly peppery. I can also discern the moment when I become sick with something similar, before any symptoms manifest, and will announce to whoever is present that I am about to become ill in the next day or so. The last time this happened was a few months ago as I left a hot car after work. The driver was from Jamaica and blasts heat out even in the summer, whereas I absolutely hate the heat (particularly that dirty stuff coming from air blowers). I got out the car absolutely fine, loved the cool evening air as I walked the last 100 yards to my place, but then got 'struck' with something I immediately knew was going to manifest as a heavy cold. I started shivering in waves and knew I would be too sick to go back into work the following day. Sure enough, I was off work for the rest of that week and for the duration of my sickness (about a week) could smell it and taste it ten fold. That was the first 'cold' I had experienced in ages. I was thinking just now that every time I have been to a vape expo I have got a similar sickness. It might have had something to do with those huge warm air blowers that are all over the NEC. I am going to one in Birmingham at the end of this month (first one in a couple of years) and am going to double up on my supplements (including NAC) in the days leading up to it. The vape community are largely pro whatever they think will make them popular and perhaps the biggest virtue signallers on the internet. I left that community (online) two years ago as I could not stand their love of being popular, particularly concerning the fake pandemic. I am only typing this as a reference point to look back on after the 28th May. It will be the first time that I will have been around THOUSANDS who are (likely to have been) jabbed in a single building. I believe there will be 10,000 people going on the Saturday and I bet that very few will not have been jabbed at least once. Vapers, in my experience, tend to have a herd mentality and follow certain big reviewers as if they were God. I looked recently and saw that all the big reviewers in the UK and the USA are still going strong with millions of subs between them - that would not be possible if any of them were as vocally anti jab as we largely are here. What I will do whilst there, for a fair few thousand know me from my old YouTube review channel and my presence on other vaper's channels, is to get into a discussion about the 'pandemic' with every person that approaches me or that I know from previous expos. I shall report back after the 28th May, assuming that I am not a victim of sickness by a thousand sheds.
  6. I haven't visited that list in over two years, but did so regularly for a period much longer than that - prior to 'Covid'. I think that demonstrates how easily we can look at a pressing matter and forget all about 'that over there'. I had genuinely forgotten all about it.
  7. Father and son both have that predatory, sadistic look in their eyes.
  8. Heteronornative: (Real definition in the real world) Bigoted, hateful, insists that if possessing meat and two veg then it must be male, lost, angry, confused, unloving, prone to believing in sky fairies, mentally unstable, in desperate need of reprogramming, dangerous.
  9. Boris Becker jailed https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10767757/Boris-Becker-sentencing-Tennis-star-jailed-two-years-bankruptcy-offences.html?ito=social-facebook&fbclid=IwAR2yGVXucFDozTSMae6mKeE6rknBZ8t4kVgbCW3ypUnk-s38XMiISOJsE30
  10. My humorous 9 year old son walked into his mum's living room this morning. Instead of saying hello he asked me: "What is this?" as he plunged a huge toy plastic syringe into his chest before collapsing to the floor. I said "I don't know, what is it?" "My ex dinner lady" I pressed him on this and it turns out that last September/October he was in detention for being sarcastic. As he sat in the head's office, the dinner lady - who he referred to as Karen, despite not knowing her real name - walked into the head's office and pointed to her chest. She complained that her heart was all wrong after having the rona jabs just a day or two before. She was in pain and panicking. I asked him if she was better and he said that she has not been seen at the school since. "Probably dead, dad" And off he went to cook some pancakes.
  11. By boiling the frogs over a period of two years. Your (correct) jump from what it was to what it became is just removing the heat increments (propaganda) - going from room temperature to 100°C in the time it takes to read that small paragraph. I'd like to see those 44 words as a poster across the nation, in the same number and in the same places as those booster adverts we had to endure (and still do).
  12. I noticed yesterday, when topping up my electric on a PayZone card at a newsagent, a large notice saying: "From May 01st we will no longer be accepting cash for the following: Gas, electricity Council tax Water Debit/credit cards only" All of those things are necessary bills, so people appear to now have no choice but to either use plastic or pay digitally online. I doubt if it will be too long before you can buy ANYTHING with cash.
  13. He has not changed in the slightest since fifteen years ago - as if he cannot feel - whilst she has aged 30 years as if taking an emotional battering (from conscience) for the both of them.
  14. That was so uplifting to watch. Moreover, the bloke who dropped a ciggie will likely not do so again because he won't want to put 80 quid in the pockets of 3GS. A quick search of 3GS brings this video up - what a pair of unintelligible gimps
  15. She was https://www.enfieldindependent.co.uk/news/national/19126990.piers-corbyn-faces-10-charges-anti-lockdown-protests/
  16. Not only are they screwing with the lives of the innocent but are also BLAMING the innocent for the mess we are in. "If everybody had just done as they were told, it would all have gone away in a few weeks. Even now there are people refusing this wonderful vaccine as people suffer in hospital beds all over the country. Do they not have a heart?" Most of us would have heard similar nonsense this last couple of years and maybe even today. Four of the triple jabbed at work are all off with 'Covid' as I type. All of them have had 'Covid' previously. Having had numerous conversations with them over the last two years I know that a battle of conflicting thoughts will be dancing around in their heads. "If he is wrong, then this is all his fault. I bet he is one of those lucky unvaccinated carriers that doesn't suffer himself but just spreads it like the kids do." "If he is right, then this is all my fault. I am sick because I have compromised my immune system and cannot even stand under the weight of a sniffle. What was that thing he said about DNA?" "Do I tape Eastenders and watch it later or stick Chelsea v Arsenal on?" Rinse and repeat.
  17. They know. Fool Britannia indeed.
  18. First time I have been remotely proud of my city. We do have a high proportion of Muslims here in Birmingham and despite knowing a few who got jabbed (and are now suffering as a result) many do not understandably have any trust at all in any UK government, given what they did on the back of huge lies (911 and WMD).
  19. You have honoured your mother and it shall go well with you.
  20. It seems that if you are in your 50's and remotely famous, you die. I don't know what he died of but Talk Sport is the biggest flag waver for jabs over any other (even BBC) on the radio. They push it endlessly.
  21. There is more (actually less) to this than meets the eye. I read the Screwtape Letters 19 years ago and do not remember that conversation. Further research reveals that CS Lewis did not write those words. https://essentialcslewis.com/2020/06/20/ccslq-55-another-fake-screwtape-quote-souls-to-hell/
  22. And nobody will take responsibility. The school's management will wash their hands of any involvement.
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