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  1. I was thinking of that just now and would suggest getting whatever colours are available and testing them for yourself. Most people won't be studying another's mask for tiny irregularities and I found that most people avoided eye contact during the mask wearing pandemic because masks make you look as if you are staring at people when you can only see the eyes.
  2. You could - if absolutely necessary for you to be in a situation where you have to wear one - make numerous small cuts in one with a razor blade. These cuts should be just a centimetre or less in length but you can get away with dozens of them without anybody noticing. Make them much longer than that and they become obvious.
  3. Jib jab or just lost the will to live listening to that psychotic moron?
  4. Same here. I took the test once because I wasn't going to die on that hill. Once done I had a strong conviction that I had done wrong and motioned never to do it again. I've since faked tests on a few occasions by wiping the swab on objects such as toilet seats and the sole of a works boot.
  5. Quite possibly they tried to give him a respiratory depressive such as Midazolam or a high dose of opioids.
  6. I had absolutely no idea that he was a short arse. I've not seen an image indicating scale before and always just assumed he was 6'4" or so; probably because of his incredibly long donkey face. This is one of many borderline midget pictures I came across after reading your post:
  7. It's been a good year for bees in Birmingham - I've seen them everywhere in large numbers. However, I've only seen two or three wasps. Usually, they are everywhere but there didn't seem to be many last year and next to none this summer.
  8. I remember Shaun boasting of his vaccination status on some inane TV watching programme last year.
  9. I have seen the same whilst travelling on the Bristol road into the city centre (taken just now).
  10. The drugmaker said Haleon (pronounced “Hay-Lee-On”) was inspired by the merging of the words “Hale”, which is an old English word that means “in good health” and Leon, which is associated with the word “strength”. Unwittingly, they have announced that their other products are not associated with good health and strength.
  11. The wife and I live separately, though reconciled in all other ways, and so I initially moved into an over 50's complex with the same housing association. All heating (gas) is in with the rent - and that rent cannot go up beyond a certain amount because it is protected under some social housing law. Therefore, I could have the heating on 24/7/365 and not have to spend an extra penny. My electric bill is only tiny because I have use of a free launderette in the complex and tend to do all my charging at work and water is in with my rent as well. But for the permanent use of three fans right now, my electric bill is around £5 per week. Should my family not be able to afford to heat their house sufficiently this coming winter, or afford the electric bill (five of them use up a huge amount - mainly washing and drying clothes) they can come around mine for 75% of the time; just going home to sleep. It is a sad thought that they might have to come around mine for a warm in a 'developed' nation but I can see what was originally a disaster to me last November (splitting) as becoming a providential blessing. The average age of folk in this complex is over 75 and it's pleasing to know that there are 50 elderly people who won't have to choose between dying of starvation or pneumonia. That was already a thing for years before the deliberate destruction of our economy, but is going to be exponentially worse this winter.
  12. Former Japanese PM: Zelensky’s Decisions Led to Outbreak of War in Ukraine NaDa Mustafa by NaDa Mustafa 11:30 PM May 29, 2022 Former Japanese Prime Minister (PM) Shinzo Abe said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s stance on his country’s membership in NATO, and his refusal to resolve the conflict in Donbass, led to the outbreak of war in Ukraine. “Maybe the war could have been avoided if Zelensky had been forced to pledge that his country would not join NATO, or had been forced to grant a high degree of autonomy to Luhansk and Donetsk in the east,” Abe noted, according to ‘The Economist’.
  13. Time to join various pharma boards as a reward for services rendered.
  14. Somebody quipped in the comments that the Ket Shop Boys are drunk Very catchy, mind - bit of a Streets/Mondays/Blur thing going on. The Mondays is only in reference to the Bez dancing, which is apparently a recent thing as the dancer never used to dance but the therapy is working.
  15. It's simply amazing that the health and economic wellbeing of the world depends almost entirely on Ukraine. You would think that such a nation would be dripping with vast riches, its people draped in finery for all the world to marvel at. It is little wonder then that we cannot persuade 50,000 of its people to come over and pick some fruit for us. That would be like importing them from the palaces of Saudi Arabia. Let the indigenous people eat crawling and creeping things. That'll teach the lazy bastards.
  16. That's the majority of social media for you. If any man is being paid through ad revenue and/or Patreon or other donations (PayPal etc) or is perhaps just running adverts on football forums then he had better say the right thing. Even if he remains neutral, allowing somebody else to say something they should not might result in the destruction of whatever they have built up over time. All those tens of thousands of hours spent growing a big channel, only for somebody else to get it shut down because they dared to speak the truth. 'Money' is thrown at everybody - particularly people with no to little useful talent - and can be highly addictive whilst never bringing satisfaction and is therefore a perfect tool with which to maintain control.
  17. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. How many times have we seen cold, arrogrant, nasty, aggressive people like him drop dead? It seems to be a swift judgement that is not sleeping, with death coming within a short time of them not only spewing lies but doing so with a cruelty that often desires the deaths of the unjabbed - even their children. You can see the short fuse in his eyes and you can see the complete absence of any compassion.
  18. It's like a game of Pokémon where instead of cards being collected, it's jabs. Those obsessed with the game will actively be searching for the next virus in order to boost their collection and boast to their peers. I do think that the people are being herded towards a single Superjab that will be heralded as the answer to humankind's woes.
  19. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - 97% of these cases happen in the first TEN DAYS after vaccines have been administered. That alone should wake everybody up but alas, if it isn't reported by the mainstream media then it must be disinformation and must therefore be disregarded. The online harms bill will come to their rescue when everybody eventually knows somebody who has died suddenly from an undisclosed medical episode or lost a child so soon after being jabbed. To report on it will be a crime, to share it will be a crime.
  20. That MP is living up to his surname. Without doubt he was openly mocking. He is full of arrogance and is not just cold but sadistic, deriving pleasure from the reaction he would undoubtably elicit.
  21. That is the same condition that I have seen on a colleague's arm. He has been extremely zealous for the jabs, often wears two masks and covers his gloves in lashings of 70% alcohol - and has been doing so for a very long time (over two years). I think he had his jabs at the same time as the majority, including the booster when it became available. He has this condition down the same arm as he got the injections and it now hangs loose with no strength to do anything. He has told me about it - I can see it anyway - but neither of us mention the jab as a possible cause because we have had many conversations going back to March 2020 where it was established that I was a conspiracy theorist that is not worth listening to. I think he is dying for me to say something in support of my many valid arguments and warnings but I refuse to do so. I discern that he wants to get me in some sort of trouble with our employer and use that as a safety valve to make him feel better. The damage has been done. He has to live with it.
  22. I thought exactly the same after reading the words 'obese pudding of a creature'
  23. When separating from my wife - albeit we are reconciling whilst living apart - the first thing I did was to celebrate that I would not have a television in my life. For the sake of her I let the television remain whilst we were together because she would often be alone with the kids whilst I was at work and hadn't yet learned how to enjoy her own company. Within days of moving into my new place I was receiving red letters from the BBC saying that there was no record of anybody living in this flat that had a TV License. I have thrown a good ten of them in the bin over the last seven months and received another one only today. On the front it says "Will you be in on the 30th June?", so it looks like there will be some sort of invasion by a bailiff or some other goon. There is no television in my flat and I do not watch any television on any of my PCs or phone. I watched an online lawyer on YouTube speak about this and he made the observation that nobody comes around to check if you have a shotgun because there is nobody presently listed at the property with a shotgun license, so why should the BBC assume one is guilty of owning a television?
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