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  1. Time to join various pharma boards as a reward for services rendered.
  2. Somebody quipped in the comments that the Ket Shop Boys are drunk Very catchy, mind - bit of a Streets/Mondays/Blur thing going on. The Mondays is only in reference to the Bez dancing, which is apparently a recent thing as the dancer never used to dance but the therapy is working.
  3. It's simply amazing that the health and economic wellbeing of the world depends almost entirely on Ukraine. You would think that such a nation would be dripping with vast riches, its people draped in finery for all the world to marvel at. It is little wonder then that we cannot persuade 50,000 of its people to come over and pick some fruit for us. That would be like importing them from the palaces of Saudi Arabia. Let the indigenous people eat crawling and creeping things. That'll teach the lazy bastards.
  4. That's the majority of social media for you. If any man is being paid through ad revenue and/or Patreon or other donations (PayPal etc) or is perhaps just running adverts on football forums then he had better say the right thing. Even if he remains neutral, allowing somebody else to say something they should not might result in the destruction of whatever they have built up over time. All those tens of thousands of hours spent growing a big channel, only for somebody else to get it shut down because they dared to speak the truth. 'Money' is thrown at everybody - particularly people with no to little useful talent - and can be highly addictive whilst never bringing satisfaction and is therefore a perfect tool with which to maintain control.
  5. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. How many times have we seen cold, arrogrant, nasty, aggressive people like him drop dead? It seems to be a swift judgement that is not sleeping, with death coming within a short time of them not only spewing lies but doing so with a cruelty that often desires the deaths of the unjabbed - even their children. You can see the short fuse in his eyes and you can see the complete absence of any compassion.
  6. It's like a game of Pokémon where instead of cards being collected, it's jabs. Those obsessed with the game will actively be searching for the next virus in order to boost their collection and boast to their peers. I do think that the people are being herded towards a single Superjab that will be heralded as the answer to humankind's woes.
  7. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - 97% of these cases happen in the first TEN DAYS after vaccines have been administered. That alone should wake everybody up but alas, if it isn't reported by the mainstream media then it must be disinformation and must therefore be disregarded. The online harms bill will come to their rescue when everybody eventually knows somebody who has died suddenly from an undisclosed medical episode or lost a child so soon after being jabbed. To report on it will be a crime, to share it will be a crime.
  8. That MP is living up to his surname. Without doubt he was openly mocking. He is full of arrogance and is not just cold but sadistic, deriving pleasure from the reaction he would undoubtably elicit.
  9. That is the same condition that I have seen on a colleague's arm. He has been extremely zealous for the jabs, often wears two masks and covers his gloves in lashings of 70% alcohol - and has been doing so for a very long time (over two years). I think he had his jabs at the same time as the majority, including the booster when it became available. He has this condition down the same arm as he got the injections and it now hangs loose with no strength to do anything. He has told me about it - I can see it anyway - but neither of us mention the jab as a possible cause because we have had many conversations going back to March 2020 where it was established that I was a conspiracy theorist that is not worth listening to. I think he is dying for me to say something in support of my many valid arguments and warnings but I refuse to do so. I discern that he wants to get me in some sort of trouble with our employer and use that as a safety valve to make him feel better. The damage has been done. He has to live with it.
  10. I thought exactly the same after reading the words 'obese pudding of a creature'
  11. When separating from my wife - albeit we are reconciling whilst living apart - the first thing I did was to celebrate that I would not have a television in my life. For the sake of her I let the television remain whilst we were together because she would often be alone with the kids whilst I was at work and hadn't yet learned how to enjoy her own company. Within days of moving into my new place I was receiving red letters from the BBC saying that there was no record of anybody living in this flat that had a TV License. I have thrown a good ten of them in the bin over the last seven months and received another one only today. On the front it says "Will you be in on the 30th June?", so it looks like there will be some sort of invasion by a bailiff or some other goon. There is no television in my flat and I do not watch any television on any of my PCs or phone. I watched an online lawyer on YouTube speak about this and he made the observation that nobody comes around to check if you have a shotgun because there is nobody presently listed at the property with a shotgun license, so why should the BBC assume one is guilty of owning a television?
  12. As an antidote to all that Southgate is and represents, I would like to see Sean Dyche walk into the job. This would only happen if the powers in the FA had too much cocaine at their new manager meeting and lost all their sense of safety first. As big and powerful, as influential and important as many of England's internationals might secretly think of themselves, any of that nonsense would be obliterated in the dressing room on the first day. "If you are not going to bust a gut in training, if you are not going to give everything on that pitch, then you can bugger off. There is no place for poseurs, whinging, diving, social media accounts, virtue signalling, politics - ANY of it! Now I want you all to take a backpack full of bricks and to run up and down that hill over there until you sweat blood. Grealish - get an effing haircut and stop falling over like a fanny. Kane - you stop diving as well and stop trying to referee games because you are on £200k a week. You are not the brightest and should just stick to putting your foot through the ball when in on goal, which is your only gift. Saka - I don't care what colour you are, you are not yet good enough to be in my side so go home. Mount - you got in previous sides because of your club form. But I guarantee that if you played for a non London club you wouldn't have got a look in. Here's the train fare home." "The rest of you. If I see one posting on the internet from any of you, one boasting of a wonderful good deed you have done or one mention of effing Ukraine or the NHS or any other such similar shite, you are dead to me." As for Potter @factJack he is indeed from the same factory production line as Southgate. I am not convinced he is fully human. He is the kind of emotionless drone that the FA have already probably groomed to take over.
  13. Mourinho is something that Southgate can never be - a winner.
  14. Molineux rocking to the sound of boos and 'You don't know what you're doing' being aimed at the hapless Southgate. Championship level Hungary are spanking England 4-0. Yet this clown will still likely be in charge for the WC in Qatar.
  15. Some ceremonies do take a lot of deconstructing because there is so much going on (for instance the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony) and as such can lend themselves to all manner of interpretations, not becoming so clear until certain events have passed even a decade later. THIS, however, is as blatant as it gets.
  16. I am a bus user and also surprised that it is still £2.40 for a single - there doesn't seem to have been a price rise in ages. As for cycle lanes that are rarely used, this mess has been here for a year or more. Just as you pass the 1950's communist inspired East European grey block of depression on the left (otherwise known as student accommodation) you come to a bridge where there is little to no room for buses and ambulances or fire engines to simultaneously negotiate. It can take 30 minutes in rush hour just to get through that main 400 yard drag in Selly Oak; all for the sake of the environment as Birmingham becomes increasingly insane for Global agendas. It is as if the road planners are on a remit to make travel as frustrating as possible for car owners. The Bristol Road never goes a year without whole lanes being coned off for works - usually resurfacing because of cheap materials continuing to be used. I have seen the same stretches resurfaced numerous times over the last five years and works often go on for months on end. Meanwhile, heavy traffic is sitting there spewing out the very thing that the powers are supposed to be reducing. The green tax for cars travelling into and through the city centre has made no difference to the volume of cars as far as I can see. Still, it makes a lot of money to pay companies to continue to fix the roads with plenty left over to finance the two weeks of vanity coming up in the name of sport. The council's chunk of funding towards the Commonwealth Games is £184m out of £778m. The one good thing on a selfish level about the first lockdown was flying into and back from work in ten minutes instead of forty minutes or more. Look at this mess:
  17. I'd forgotten the game was on as I was busy farming some legendary weapons on Borderlands 2 with the lad. Even when I was into football I had gotten increasingly angry at International football, the exception being when the shackles came off under Venables. That all came crashing down when Southgate missed against ze Germans. Southgate then took the money in that pizza advert, celebrating being a loser with the help of a bag over his head. If ever there was any such thing as a public humiliation ritual for the sake of some weird promotion to a higher position of influence further down the line, then that advert would qualify. Quarter of a century later and he's a flag bearer for those who need us divided - despite being a nothing manager at club level.
  18. I watched it on a portable black and white television in a caravan somewhere in Torbay. Gemmill and Alan Rough stood out for different reasons.
  19. Haven't seen it for this season. Wolves were heavily criticized for buying so many Portuguese players but now everybody is in on it, there is no problem. The Dippers have just spent another £80m on a Portuguese player to go with Jota and Diaz.
  20. My first thought when it was reported that Russia had 'invaded' Ukraine was that an outright war - particularly if it got dirty (literally) - would be the perfect cover for masses of deaths from something else. Not just in the UK but across the whole of Europe. The USA and Australia would also have to be involved in some capacity, perhaps with the help of China supporting Russia, if a new 'pandemic' cannot be sufficiently started. That might be a stretch but then so was Convid.
  21. I was there that night and went to the first game at Old Trafford where it ended 1-1 and our keeper (Parkes) played the game of his life. Some Man United fans climbed up the pylons and some made it onto the roof of the South Bank - it was a time when gates were regularly crashed by away fans. Liverpool and Man United fans were notorious for doing so, but I guess they had by far the most fans in that era. I went to the Liverpool game at home that same season and there must have been an extra 15,000 in the ground as Liverpool went on to win the title and Wolves went down. I think the official attendance was around the 50,000 mark but there must have been well over 60,000 in Molineux that night - the South Bank was absolutely heaving as it was in the United game. Because it was my life as a child, I tend to remember the smallest of details. Football (and cricket) were intrinsically entwined with my relationship with my dad. I think that might be one of the reasons why I detest what it has become because working class people have been priced out and kids have had something special taken from them. I have no chance of ever taking my son to the game except the club crashes like it did in the mid 1980s. Speaking of which, one of my favourite eras at Wolves was shortly after they nearly went bust and ended up almost going out of the league. We signed Steve Bull for £70k and he scored for fun as me and my mates went to places like Rochdale, Scarborough, Bury, Southend and the like. It was as if we were the Man United of the lower leagues; hated by everybody as our fans took over little grounds and Bully scored over 100 goals in two seasons. Happy days. Now we are owned by an arm of the Chinese Communist Party and but for a few thousand diehards have lost the soul of the club.
  22. Alithia (Greek: Η Αλήθεια, meaning "The Truth") That laugh did not seem genuine. Rather, it seemed to me to be deliberate (acted out) and looking at the meaning of Alithia it looks like outright mockery.
  23. I remember the same 'debate' when Convid became mainstream news in early 2020. Is it airborne and how long can it last on surfaces? Studies being done, conflicting data, changes of 'science' etc. Of course, Bill and Melinda Gates had their rich fingers in the Imperial College (London) pie - which happened to be leading research on the potential catchability of the Rona at the start of it all. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200317-covid-19-how-long-does-the-coronavirus-last-on-surfaces Same MO with the CDC changing its recommendation on wearing masks because they did not want to confuse people. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-cdc-removes-mask-recommendation-monkeypox-travel-notice-avoid-confusion-2022-06-07/ Sowing confusion is something that is done deliberately by these people and it could mean that there is another whopper of a lie coming. Offering two contradictory statements allows them to go back in time and keep the one that best suits any agenda. The one that is scrubbed is done so in the name of new research. We shall see the term 'new research appears to show' many times in the future if they decide to run full throttle with monkeypox.
  24. We lived just outside Wolverhampton in the early 70's and my dad once came into my room and said: "You can support who you like but if you want to go to the match with me then you will support Wolves. If you want to support anybody else you can make your own effing way there" I was seven years old. I watched Wolves all over the country for 15 years or so regularly from 1975 until 1990, covering 82 league grounds (many of which no longer exist). Had so many great memories and learnt how to love and be loyal to something that was generally shite and would regularly make me miserable. Like you, I stopped following football (religiously) a long time ago. I do still listen to it on the radio when bored at work or at home but it means NOTHING compared to when it was an idol. Then, it was everything to me - as was cricket. Once you realise what football at the higher levels really is, you cannot enjoy it with any passion. Personally, I think there is much corruption in the game - notwithstanding it being used as a platform for all manner of dark agendas. I think of that famous Orwell quote often when I see Dippers crying: “So long as they (the Proles) continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern...Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbours, films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” As for Southgate, I find him odious. I find football forums to be odious. I find the whole SKY thing to be odious.
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