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  1. I'm staying well clear of that place, though it's the only place where I converse with certain family members. I can well imagine what is being posted and by whom. My former fellowship will be all over this, being a Church of England denomination. I never did join in with their love of Royalty and for the sake of the bond of peace, I remained silent whenever anything celebrating royalty was concerned. Christ is my headship, not any man or woman. I never understood 'God save the Queen' when the Bible is clear that God is no respecter of persons. Just as they had a blind spot to 'Covid', they had a blind spot to the monarchy. Around 178,000 people have died in the last 24 hours across the world.
  2. Friday night's Burnley v Norwich and Tranmere v Stockport called off. Discussions to be had regarding the possible cancellation of ALL sport this weekend.
  3. Sounds like an incantation similar to BLiar's Education Education Education.
  4. Exactly this. Evil by the hands of politicians (in this case jabs) is always redefined as incompetence (in this case lockdowns). Lessens will be learnt, move along people, look over there.
  5. Same. I have long suspected that freakish looking people are purposely groomed for positions of 'power' in order to wind us up further. They know that when we look at these monsters we get annoyed. If you trod on a praying mantis and took a macro picture, you'd end up with Chris Whitty. That grotesque, demonic face staring at you every day for two years - just adds to the anger.
  6. I'll answer on behalf of one of my jabbed colleagues: 'Yes, but at least the severity of the symptoms were lessened in those that were vaccinated before they actually died. As we all know, no vaccine was ever developed to give full protection; though I am sure our scientists are working on it - which is more than you've ever done with your CSE in woodwork. What would you prefer before death: Terrible symptoms and nobody visiting you as you froth at the mouth with a higher chance of passing the virus on, or... Cartwheeling in a field of daisies as you spend your last days with your loved ones, safe in the knowledge that you are unlikey to infect them. You see, this is why vaccination should be compulsory. It is a selfless act of love.' *This is very close to an actual series of conversations with a real person.
  7. 'While Dr. Kruger’s testimony is by nature anecdotal, as a top-level pathologist of many years, her concerns should be taken very seriously and investigated further. Of course, that would require an honest regulation system which seems to be sorely lacking these days.' And therein lies the problem. If I was to share this with any one of a hundred people I know who are fully boosted, they will dismiss the information because: "If this were true then I am sure governments everywhere would investigate as a matter of uppermost urgency. Why haven't I seen this anywhere in the news?" Whatever you say will paint you as a nutter. They are convinced that governments (in the west) do their best and generally only make bad decisions out of incompetence as opposed to wickedness. As for the media, they would never get away with all colluding together in a lie - particularly the upstanding BBC.
  8. There aren't many that I know of really well - just myself and the wife. She gets pressured regularly by the clone brigade at her church but stands strong in her convictions. They assume that we are no longer together but we are; we just live apart for now. One of them said: "Now that he's gone, you and the kids can get vaccinated". As if I was a bad influence that was trying to kill my own family. I tried to find another fellowship when all the dust had settled but it quickly became apparent that they had the same crippling fear of man that my previous fellowship were bound by. I left after just a month or so when one of the sermons began with the lying premise that it is normal for Christians to fear Covid. Three of us left our seats and walked out, one of them shouting at the preacher that he didn't have a clue what he was talking about (lol). That's four people (including myself) out of a good 400 that I know for sure are unvaccinated. Perhaps some are just lying low and holding their counsel but I don't see how anybody who claims to be a Christian can stand silent as their brothers and sisters not only advocate for a lie, but encourage their own children to not only believe that lie but to get on that wide road with an experimental gene therapy coursing through their veins. I have spent much time (particularly before the jabs were rolled out) genuinely hoping that I was the one who is gravely deceived. It never was about pride or rebellion or any other accusation that has no doubt been thrown at me behind my back or to my wife's face. Rather, I care. I genuinely care.
  9. As soon as I heard the words "Don't Pay UK" I smelt the same thing.
  10. Sounds about right, though I reckon they will simply shoot dead the dissenters. Why faff about with boosters?
  11. A colleague of mine's wife works in a hospital, is clued up, and so motioned to leave when the deadline for nurses getting jabbed was reached. Half or so got jabbed and half did not. They are still all working together but there is a divide between them. Those who got jabbed (I am told) resent those who chose not to and are angry that they 'made the sacrifice' but get the same reward as those who did not - a job. The divide is still there after 15 months. Some of the nurses left before the original deadline, of which some returned whilst others decided to get out of the NHS altogether. I guess that they saw what we saw and couldn't work for this organisation in good conscience. Part of the reason why my colleague's wife is clued up is because her husband got clued up - and did so through the likes of me as I work with him 40 hours a week. He also had friends who helped to educate him and so all of that negated the constant stream of lying information through the media. My point is that the reason I got clued up is this forum. So if anybody ever needs encouraging, as if all is lost and they haven't made a difference, words of truth (maybe only one link or one paragraph) spoken on here can make a very important difference to somebody you will never meet - even if your warnings were not heeded by those you do know. Information wise, it is a six degrees of separation thing.
  12. I was thinking of that just now and would suggest getting whatever colours are available and testing them for yourself. Most people won't be studying another's mask for tiny irregularities and I found that most people avoided eye contact during the mask wearing pandemic because masks make you look as if you are staring at people when you can only see the eyes.
  13. You could - if absolutely necessary for you to be in a situation where you have to wear one - make numerous small cuts in one with a razor blade. These cuts should be just a centimetre or less in length but you can get away with dozens of them without anybody noticing. Make them much longer than that and they become obvious.
  14. Jib jab or just lost the will to live listening to that psychotic moron?
  15. Same here. I took the test once because I wasn't going to die on that hill. Once done I had a strong conviction that I had done wrong and motioned never to do it again. I've since faked tests on a few occasions by wiping the swab on objects such as toilet seats and the sole of a works boot.
  16. Quite possibly they tried to give him a respiratory depressive such as Midazolam or a high dose of opioids.
  17. I had absolutely no idea that he was a short arse. I've not seen an image indicating scale before and always just assumed he was 6'4" or so; probably because of his incredibly long donkey face. This is one of many borderline midget pictures I came across after reading your post:
  18. It's been a good year for bees in Birmingham - I've seen them everywhere in large numbers. However, I've only seen two or three wasps. Usually, they are everywhere but there didn't seem to be many last year and next to none this summer.
  19. I remember Shaun boasting of his vaccination status on some inane TV watching programme last year.
  20. I have seen the same whilst travelling on the Bristol road into the city centre (taken just now).
  21. The drugmaker said Haleon (pronounced “Hay-Lee-On”) was inspired by the merging of the words “Hale”, which is an old English word that means “in good health” and Leon, which is associated with the word “strength”. Unwittingly, they have announced that their other products are not associated with good health and strength.
  22. The wife and I live separately, though reconciled in all other ways, and so I initially moved into an over 50's complex with the same housing association. All heating (gas) is in with the rent - and that rent cannot go up beyond a certain amount because it is protected under some social housing law. Therefore, I could have the heating on 24/7/365 and not have to spend an extra penny. My electric bill is only tiny because I have use of a free launderette in the complex and tend to do all my charging at work and water is in with my rent as well. But for the permanent use of three fans right now, my electric bill is around £5 per week. Should my family not be able to afford to heat their house sufficiently this coming winter, or afford the electric bill (five of them use up a huge amount - mainly washing and drying clothes) they can come around mine for 75% of the time; just going home to sleep. It is a sad thought that they might have to come around mine for a warm in a 'developed' nation but I can see what was originally a disaster to me last November (splitting) as becoming a providential blessing. The average age of folk in this complex is over 75 and it's pleasing to know that there are 50 elderly people who won't have to choose between dying of starvation or pneumonia. That was already a thing for years before the deliberate destruction of our economy, but is going to be exponentially worse this winter.
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