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  1. Today - only to be used in exceptional circumstances. Tomorrow - we are in lockdown. These are exceptional circumstances and we must protect the majority of law abiding people who are staying in their homes. Plenty of us ignored the rules during previous lockdowns but if there were robots patrolling every area with orders to kill ANY human in the interest of national security, then we might not be so keen to be seen out and about. You can argue with a policeman but no robot is going to understand you. They have dehumanised us all to a degree, so to have a killing machine with no conscience is a psychopath's wet dream. It wouldn't surprise me if they have millions of killing machines already mass produced and ready to go.
  2. I steer clear of all this kind of stuff but it does get thrown in your face even if you don't follow the news on them (Alex, Kanye, Kardashians, others). The common theme is that anybody amongst their number who dares to touch upon important truths comes across as deeply disturbed, or at the very least a bit weird. Sometimes they just appear to be a bit raving, not having a balanced demeanor - angry and unhinged. I don't like that because they are the public face of 'conspiracy theorists'. It's similar to the soaps I used to watch twenty years ago. Any Christian character would be a figure of fun (Dot Cotton) or a psychotic fantasist, like that woman who once kidnapped a child and jumped off a castle or something like that. The heroes are always ethnic or gay or in the case of Roy Cropper (who I liked) married to a bloke called Harold in a bloody dress. What an image to start the day with.
  3. Daily Mail - hardly a bastion of truth but I doubt they'd risk being sued over something so silly as a doctored image.
  4. That's very similar to my list. This particularly gross image showed up on Facebook. At first I thought it might be jab related but it's probably down to too much indulgence in Botox jabs. Some people are never genuinely happy.
  5. If only he'd shown the same passion for truth before getting his kid done.
  6. Too bloody late for so many parents that I know. Or used to know before I was unofficially shunned, troublemaker that I am.
  7. Thanks - saved me writing something similar. These reports of groups such as stop oil and their ilk spread themselves across the internet and even television/radio, giving the impression of there being huge support for climate matters. There was an hourly bulletin on the radio the other day - something about glue and a busy airport and flights being cancelled. It's no more than a yappy dog in the Grand Canyon, making amplified noise that travels far and wide due to the massive echo chamber it finds itself in. The media ensures that the yappy dogs of climate activision get the same boost to their voices. The bigger the hypocrisy of it all, the better - they want people exasperated over twats like Thunberg, Gates and any other famous name attached to the environmental agenda. I look forward to it all being melted some day.
  8. That's the sort of red flag that I look for. The entire documentary can now be dismissed by anybody who might otherwise have watched it. Extremely amateurish or deliberate?
  9. The game - like almost everything else that we used to love - has long been hijacked. Unless you switch the internet off, the radio off, don't glance at newspapers when out shopping, avoid places with television screens, you'll be politically and spiritually bombarded with dark agendas hiding behind pretend moral outrage. I've had the games playing on my radio as I don't yet hate football to the degree that I know I should. I think that perhaps I'm appealing to the days of my childhood when football was everything (1970s) - going to Molineux with my dad and grandad, hundreds of away day memories, queuing in the chippy with John Richards or seeing Kenny Hibbit jogging around the playing field. I sometimes tear up when getting nostalgic. The innocence. Then I get angry when I see and hear what my 9 year old son is bombarded with, when all he wants to do is watch a worldie so that he can recreate it in the garden with commentary - just as I used to do. I'd be Socrates, Rossi, Kempes. My son would be stuck with Harry fucking Kane tripping over a dandelion whilst wearing a £500k watch and a rainbow on his arm. The joy robbers cannot have my memories. I share every one of them with my kids and encourage them to take hold of the day, to laugh, to daydream, to create. I've a theory about VAR, notwithstanding spread betting in certain minutes within games where certain decisions have to be made to suit the market. It's only just come to me this minute whilst typing this. The joy robbers have the ultimate tool at their disposal in VAR. I remember the corporate outpouring of joy when a goal was scored, with tens of thousands leaping and shouting and cheering in unison. That was one excellent valve for releasing all the week's woes. Well that's been taken away. With VAR you are not really allowed to do that anymore because you don't want to expel all that energy only to find that Raul Jimminez's cock was a millimetre offside ten passes back. At least it was after they had drawn their lines and blown up the image so much that even the players become blocky pixels. I hate what football has become.
  10. First thing I thought of was the scene from Midnight Express: https://youtu.be/rW9DxqYtvmU
  11. Loads of Drill rappers in Birmingham repping various post codes, boasting of murders or warning of upcoming murders. I regularly hear them spewing darkness on buses across the city, their mouths speaking what their hearts have become - hardened and without hope. I occasionally have to work in the Erdington area of the city, many parts of which are no go zones even for the police. If they do have to go into an address, they have to raise a small army, as well as a warrant. 23 Drillas, for instance, can call on 200 lads (and girls) with a single phone call and they'll be there in minutes, weapons in hand and ready to do life in prison for their gang. It can get a bit on top in many areas where a single road divides post codes. Broad daylight drive-by shootings are a weekly occurrence and stabbings a daily event. Occasionally, the local press will pick one and report on it. Aston, New Town, Ladywood, Erdington, Kingstanding, Druids Heath, Kings Norton, Frankley and a host of other areas are all plagued by gangs. They were there well before Drill became a thing. Drill music is generally a rap about real life in these gangs - drugs, shootings and stabbings, gang rape, threats, being the most common themes. They boast about murders and warn of hits not yet unfolded. I'd go as far to say that Drill is a celebration of that dark lifestyle. The beats and synth lines are themselves dark - sort of slightly off key and out of tempo. It really is horrible shite.
  12. I'm already having a hard time seeing people decaying before my eyes, let alone dying. I've seen two people recently that I hadn't seen in over a year and they both looked like they had a grave illness. The light had gone out of their eyes and they both had a grey complexion. It was like seeing them in black and white. They looked like they were in mourning or in a desperate depression or had a bad cancer. There was something obviously very wrong with them. I'd be surprised if there isn't an exponential curve of 'suddenlies' from the start of year two this winter. Either folk add to their broken immune systems with more boosters (and flu jabs) or they will have to stand in what immunity they have left. Perhaps a superstrain will emerge - or a dirty bomb war - that will serve as a cover for what really killed people in great numbers. I already knew that the future looks terrible but to be seeing it unfold in the present is something I'm still processing. I don't want to lose compassion, to become cold to the suffering of others, for the sake of my own wellbeing.
  13. This is all very strange because I watched a video of him renouncing Christianity and commented on it somewhere on here. Then I saw that this had been posted by him - a testimony I haven't yet watched - and cannot for the life of me find the video where he declares his Atheism. In the comments there was great support from at least one of his cheerleaders; a regular who stated that even the notion of there being a God is for the weak and mentally unstable - you know, the usual. Now I'm wondering if I actually dreamt the whole thing. I think that perhaps I did because I blocked his Facebook page, yet today (when I looked) he is still on my list of groups. As I was scrolling through every post this last few months I came across this, which adds to the list of people he's accusing of shillery.
  14. This is the Hugo that proudly declared his Atheistic position a few months ago. This is also the Hugo that occasionally mentions God and quotes the Bible - particularly eschatological Scripture that is prophetic and supports whatever it is he's proposing. This is the Hugo that never shows his face. This is the Hugo that is at great pains to criticise anybody who is 'part of the system' yet is such a person himself with his Patreon. This is the Hugo that out of one side of his mouth thinks it suspicious that somebody should have millions of YouTube views; and out of the other side of his mouth has his own YouTube channel with 142,000 subs and millions of views. He's a strange sort. Perhaps he envies Icke, perhaps he himself is controlled opposition. Either way or no way, I've planted those seeds in exactly the same way as he has planted seeds about Icke. During the fake pandemic, I observed that many of his videos followed immediately what was spoken on here - as if this was his main source of research. He does have a point with the tacit agreement thing in that petition but the implication is that Icke is somehow in on it - why else flesh the video out with negative suggestions concerning him?
  15. Forgiveness requires repentance. Repentance requires confession. Confession requires conviction. If there is no conviction of me doing something wrong then I won't have any desire to confess to wrongdoing. My conscience will be unbothered and my tongue silent as a result. If there is conviction of me doing something wrong then I will (if my conscience isn't seared) want to confess to what I have done. That confession will be useless if I am not going to repent. True repentance means acknowledging what I have done wrong and not only turning from it with my mind and my tongue but demonstrating it's validity with my future actions - which will reveal the true intent of my heart. If anybody complicit in genocide jumps straight to forgiveness without confessing what they have done, then they have never been convicted in the first place and any apparent repentance is useless. In such a case you are probably dealing with a narcissistic psychopath. In fact, I'd say you most certainly are dealing with a narcissistic psychopath because this bastard is demanding that we forgive EACH OTHER. Such a person will always claim victimhood and imply you are at least equally guilty. They will do so publicly in order to project a moral superiority - just as Hancock did. I won't be surprised if that snake declares forgiveness to all who said hurty words about him; comparing that to (or even blaming that on) the lesser crime of adultery - which was a set-up to 'get him out of there'. I assume he hasn't confessed to genocide yet? What crime against humanity did you or I commit when speaking the truth in love; when warning others for their own good in the face of false accusations even to the point of family members turning on us and careers being destroyed and businesses being lost and mental health being crushed? These people are sick.
  16. How did the Democrats do so well? Is it that the majority of people (like me) have given up on voting?
  17. They are both uninformed of the truth and super-informed of a lie. When the television was invented, I bet those who wanted to rule the world - they already did - were doing cartwheels of joy. They could eventually get their lies into every household and even force the masses to pay for the privilege. Same goes for the internet.
  18. Same principle with masks. I'm still seeing single sheets of perspex at counters.
  19. Just as an unrepentant serial killer would ask to be forgiven for stealing a bag of crisps.
  20. They are still at many entrances to shops and I've noticed that some people don't just put it on going in, but do so coming out. Most of my colleagues are obsessed with hand 'sanitiser' at work and will do all they can not to touch multi contact points such as door handles. They have small bottles of the stuff hanging from key chains on their belts. The three that are the most obsessive with the gunk also happen to believe that people who wear seatbelts are - and I quote - poofters afraid of death. "I firmly believe that when your time is up, there's nothing you can do about it" Which is true, up to a point, so why won't you touch a car door without two layers of gloves and a hazmat suit? Presumably, it's better to die by going through a windscreen than it is to die of 'covid' or, more likely, cancer. And I'm the nutter. Their thinking (programming) is loaded with terror.
  21. Their immune systems are shot to pieces. That won't stop them blaming you, of course. "Probably caught this off that unholy Pete's unvaccinated breath at the last meet. These tin hat warriors are like drunk drivers walking away without a scratch whilst the innocent melt in a fireball. Should be in jail." I'm certain that awful things are said about us. I've noticed a distance between me and some of the jabbed at work since the MSM have allowed many 'sudden deaths' of fit, young people to make it into print.
  22. Only 35 years old. Intelligent and disciplined players can certainly play at a very high level at that age. Indeed, he had 18 months left on his contract...
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