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  1. Rodney Marsh - a close friend of Warne's - died the same day. The MSM ensured that only Warne was talked about at any length, lest the sleeping sheep get a bit wakey. In other news, I've had two heart attacks occur in my circle of acquaintances just this last week. Nobody knows the cause (both in their early 50's) but it was suggested by a pro vaxxer that the one was down to vaping. I could not keep a straight face.
  2. They have no comprehension of and no capacity for love.
  3. Most of 'our' hooligans are walking coronaries in their 50's and 60's. Like with the Russians some years back, the only groups to be attacked by organised firms are scarfers out with their wives and kids. They are usually only sitting ducks when abroad as any present day active English hooligans have their passports taken off them; so it's unusual to see this happen on home turf. The governing bodies won't do much, except celebrate in secret that the horrid English got a kicking. If it was the other way around, we'd get clobbered with fines and behind closed doors games because of what happened in the 80's and probably because of Brexit whilst they're at it.
  4. Deliberate, I'd say - the smile wasn't an embarrassed one.
  5. Definitely not trapped or travelled - I couldn't hear how people thought it might be.
  6. Same with murder investigations - I used both examples to demonstrate what getting to the truth of a matter will look like (when debating pro vaxxers at work). There are lines of enquiry, leads, processes of elimination.
  7. I'm from Birmingham also, though if I wanted to hide my identity and even cast aspersions on somebody else I would say I'm from Manchester or Liverpool or wherever.
  8. Gamed from 1980 to 2013 (arcades, BBC Micro B, PlayStation 1,2,3) but stopped due to kids being born and me not giving them enough attention - sold everything. Now I watch my 9 year old son gaming on the Xbox and see the same obsessional, addictive behaviours as I had - the only difference being he's very good at gaming, whilst I was barely average. So I bought myself an Xbox series S a few months ago and have been smashing Borderlands 2. Trouble is, it's ten years old and the only online community are Steam players with long established parties and groups. Thinking of getting COD when it releases October but the Beta has been slaughtered by early adopters. I'm looking for a cross platform online multiplayer game that is new and up my street but cannot find anything - spent hours searching yesterday.
  9. Nobody wants to have a conversation about Rona because that inevitably leads to a conversation about jabs. Yet when I held court numerous times throughout that two years - EVERYBODY wanted to have their say. All they had was MSM information, SAGE, Fauci quotes, sound bites stolen from NHS posters etc, yet quote them all they did. Ukraine was very convenient for them, for they could focus all their virtue signalling on that part of the world and stop thinking about what horrors they have since gleaned they were complicit in. Plenty that I know had their kids done and the silence this last six months has been deafening; yet you could barely shut them up for a moment over the course of the fake pandemic. I do think that some - perhaps many - have since had alarm bells ringing (because of the silence across the board) BUT the only comfort they have is the hard hat of cognitive dissonance. Those that had the real deal are ticking time bombs and I reckon that they know this - though nobody knows what strength of shot/s anybody had.
  10. https://twitter.com/vivivippp1/status/1570744864555540484?t=gXC-Hyd08CV4QaDi0pkksA&s=19
  11. I've often imagined the absolute horror happening in those final breaths. They will know it was the jab and they will remember how they championed it to even children. What a devastating way to exit this life.
  12. Are you sickened yet by the likes of Justin Welby and the army of tares on social media? I dared to put a toe into Facebook the other day and saw a picture of him in his silly hat with a headline proclaiming her to be the greatest evangelical Christian of the last 100 years. Both of them pushed the jabs and encouraged the surrounding fake narrative of there being a deadly pandemic. Welby even proudly announced that Jesus would take the jab without hesitation and therefore we should do the same. I despise the entity called the C of E as much as the RCC. Both have that infamous form of godliness (2 Timothy) but deny the power and both have set themselves up as authorities over God's Kingdom yet turn their converts into twice the sons of Hell as they are. It's all pragmatism and stoicism, politics and appearances of goodness (self righteousness). The C of E have shares in AstraZeneca, which explains their position throughout the last two plus years. It also explains the fear of man that pervades pews across the nation. 'Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;' That perfectly describes the age we are in. Greatest evangelical Christian - bullshit.
  13. I can really see him returning - on a white horse - to bring peace and safety after the disaster that was Truss. Likewise, Trump riding back into the Whitehouse after the disaster that was Biden. Truss will be a disaster (all planned) and the masses will appear to harken back to the good old days of strong leadership during a worldwide crisis. Puppets, the lot of them.
  14. Same with the one I visit (Wolves). The dreadful woman who runs the site is very much like that psychotic nurse in the mask above and is also a walking contradiction. She permits pro vax talk but all talk of things relating to 'Covid' are not allowed. She is all for inclusivity but does not allow any talk of 'religion' that might shine a favourable light on Christianity. She is an atheist (and I suspect a Marxist) but posted a 'God bless the Queen' thread for those that want to express their views - as long as they are pro Monarchy. I felt (when banned 18 months ago) that all opinions contrary to whatever the media trot out threaten advertising revenue. This site has around 20k members, so they must be generating a decent amount of money and obviously want to keep it so. I so despise a lot of the posters on there that when my team lose I rub my hands together and visit that site to view the tears.
  15. I'm staying well clear of that place, though it's the only place where I converse with certain family members. I can well imagine what is being posted and by whom. My former fellowship will be all over this, being a Church of England denomination. I never did join in with their love of Royalty and for the sake of the bond of peace, I remained silent whenever anything celebrating royalty was concerned. Christ is my headship, not any man or woman. I never understood 'God save the Queen' when the Bible is clear that God is no respecter of persons. Just as they had a blind spot to 'Covid', they had a blind spot to the monarchy. Around 178,000 people have died in the last 24 hours across the world.
  16. Friday night's Burnley v Norwich and Tranmere v Stockport called off. Discussions to be had regarding the possible cancellation of ALL sport this weekend.
  17. Sounds like an incantation similar to BLiar's Education Education Education.
  18. Exactly this. Evil by the hands of politicians (in this case jabs) is always redefined as incompetence (in this case lockdowns). Lessens will be learnt, move along people, look over there.
  19. Same. I have long suspected that freakish looking people are purposely groomed for positions of 'power' in order to wind us up further. They know that when we look at these monsters we get annoyed. If you trod on a praying mantis and took a macro picture, you'd end up with Chris Whitty. That grotesque, demonic face staring at you every day for two years - just adds to the anger.
  20. I'll answer on behalf of one of my jabbed colleagues: 'Yes, but at least the severity of the symptoms were lessened in those that were vaccinated before they actually died. As we all know, no vaccine was ever developed to give full protection; though I am sure our scientists are working on it - which is more than you've ever done with your CSE in woodwork. What would you prefer before death: Terrible symptoms and nobody visiting you as you froth at the mouth with a higher chance of passing the virus on, or... Cartwheeling in a field of daisies as you spend your last days with your loved ones, safe in the knowledge that you are unlikey to infect them. You see, this is why vaccination should be compulsory. It is a selfless act of love.' *This is very close to an actual series of conversations with a real person.
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