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  1. On 4/9/2021 at 2:18 PM, Niknik said:

    Hope they didn't hold PP's death date back to hold a State Funeral on the 24th and scupper the threatened day of action.


    Not suspicious at all that he 'passed' on the 99th day of the year,on the 9th of the month.


    Military funeral to be held Saturday April 24th at 3pm. The English Football League have already moved all of Saturday's games to Sunday.


    Can't see anything being allowed in London on that day. 

  2. 11 hours ago, Seconal said:

    Great. I'll wait for the news the following day. 'Police Clash with Protesters, Accused of excessive force'. Comissioner says 'Protest became unsafe and a danger to public health'.


    And the Sun rises and I read the news with my coffee and those in jail start to feel less empowered and more like a prisoner as they realise the crowd has left and they are alone.




    Do street party protests actually ever effect real change or just temporarily embolden people to express themselves, aimlessly where their energy is most wasted and upon the deaf ears of the Police as if by doing so you're really fighting 'The Man'.


    It took Liberals 80 years of infiltrating and educating in order to get to where they are able to change the world. If all it took was lots and lots of people to march around a city to effect change in the high places then the defence that 'Proper Channels' offer all levels of government would be undone by anyone who could bolster a crowd.


    I'm all up for standing up and uniting but when its aimless and to no end but to feel expressed then energy is finite and where you aim it becomes very important. Deflecting the energy of large groups to where it be safely and harmlessly expressed and diffused is never more true with the new laws on how, where and when you may protest.


    The moment a protest requires organisers to get permission to protest from the very powers they're protesting you no longer have a protest, you have been granted the liberty to moan.

    If the emboldening encourages people to go and speak truth into their local areas, their workplaces, their families, to strangers on the train home - then it's worth it.


    Many are feeling beaten and have given up, except to come on here and a few other places where eyes don't actually need to be opened.


    Facts without zeal is only good for the individual. Facts with zeal is good for everybody who cares to listen and find out for themselves if what they have been told is true.


    Never underestimate the power of a spoken word of truth.


    The less emboldened might just need the encouragement of spending a day around real, like-minded people (as opposed to written words and avatars on a screen) in order to open their mouths for the first time in the real world - or to get off the floor and go again.


    For thousands of years, forums were face to face. Technology has killed that and technology controls the narrative.


    It was planned that way.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    I live out in the suburbs (Billesley) but I don't mind a short 25 min bus ride into the city centre. I have nothing else planned for that day, repotting my cacti will have to wait! 😆

    I went to Trafalgar Square but this is right on my doorstep (I'm in Selly Oak). Just rang a manager on the off chance of getting Saturday night off and have been granted it.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    It's a sad state of affairs really when I admit that the last time I went into Birmingham city centre was for the last rally in August.


    There were a couple of hundred other attendees, and the police didn't seem much bothered with what was going on.


    This one could be very different though. No doctors or Piers Corbyn in the announced lineup so far. Will the Ickes be targeted by the police this time?


    I have to admit that while I'm prepared to listen to what Mark Steele has to say, I do have my doubts about him, I'm not entirely convinced that LED streetlamps are 'lethal weapons'.

    Might well pop along myself but I'm in-between night shifts. I'll see in a bit if I can get some leave as this is walking distance for me.

  5. On 10/15/2020 at 6:50 AM, oz93666 said:

    The idea of an organization or group that decides when the gathering shall be ...  decides who shall be invited to talk ... organizes a stage and sound system is very outdate. It's  prone to infiltration ... easily targeted by police ( they just take the sound system) ...Also the idea of a speaker talking to thousands of people ... a one way exchange , seems unsatisfactory , We don't need leaders so much .... Of course people like DI have a lot to teach ... but this can be achieved by watching his videos...


    So I return to the idea of an informal gathering ..once a week , every week ... TS , or really a park would be better , Hyde Park , around speakers corner .... people could wear signs around their necks "I've got a great idea how to wake people up , ask me "  .. or .. " I'm from Sidcup starting a local group"  ... and people would chat , gather in small groups exchange ideas and support one another , others could bring guitars and play ...Of course DI and other notables could come and would attract larger groups around them , but exchanging ideas and asking questions ....


    A whole day event Sunday in Hyde Park ... make it a picnic , impossible to infiltrate , impossible to sabotage  , much more difficult for police to break up. 


    It needs someone like DI to put out this idea to get it started. 

    Hyde Park it is.

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  6. Extremely naive to think that the organisation isn't already heavily infiltrated. If it's like any 'protest' group I've been involved in, money would have changed hands long ago and the direction it will be going in will already be in the process of being steered into the least beneficial (to the cause) direction possible.


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