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  1. Couldn't believe the continual freezing of bus pass prices here in Birmingham. They are cheaper than what they were two years ago. Yet my rent has gone up 25% and council tax 10% in the same period. Food prices are ridiculous. So yes, the public transport cap stands out.
  2. This. It's shut the mouths of everybody except the darkest of souls.
  3. Still being put down to the 'most dangerous respiratory virus ever known to man' if you read the comments on Brigden's and other's tweets. The second most deadly virus is the conspiracy theorist spreading fear and toxicity. Thankfully, if not for the jabs, many more hundreds of millions would have died. All who call on the name of Pfizer shall be saved.
  4. Strange - disappeared. It's on Dailymotion but the link won't work.
  5. Could be that the last booster has thrown that security guard over the edge. I've noticed personality changes in some of those I've known who have had every available jab. Even more so, physical changes for the worse. My workplace is brimming with the walking wounded. One dead from a turbo cancer, one with multiple heart attacks, one with a clot, two with arthritis seemingly out of nowhere, everybody having flu's and colds ALL through the winter, two with unshiftable coughs since the autumn. Continued sickness will often affect people's moods, which in turn give the impression of a personality change. I do think that many now know what they didn't before getting jabbed and are probably beating themselves up.
  6. The last time I voted with any conviction was for Brexit. Nothing has changed. As for right or left, blue or red, it's all futile to me and so I don't vote. Surely anybody (at PM level) who dares to serve the people's best interests will be taken out. But then my hope isn't in man.
  7. Sainsbury's here in Birmingham were trailblazers during 2020. They were first to implement every mandate the psychopaths commanded. Masks, one way systems, one in one out, perspex screens, extra security, two metres, sanitary stations, rationing of items. I had cause to go in there recently and noticed that there was only one human on a row of tills ten long. Everybody was doing their shopping at those wretched scanners. I watched in amusement as someone rolled an iceberg lettuce over and over a glass plate. Computer said no and one of those old fashioned humans in a uniform was called for. Went into the bank today for some physical money. Three praying mantis in suits launched themselves in my direction and asked what I wanted. Told them I needed the cashier, but not why - they hate it when you don't tell them your business. Only wanted fifty quid but wouldn't give the mantis the satisfaction of seeing me use a cashpoint. Interestingly, the bloke next to me wanted to get £400 out but the cashier said they had run out of that amount of physical cash. The masses deserve what is coming upon them. They have sacrificed my young children on the altar of selfish convenience and laziness of thought.
  8. Myself and others speculated when the jabs went public that the next chapter was written before the end of 2019. Russians, dirty bombs or what has become known as Disease X (maybe all three) will cover for gross excess deaths. They are on the verge of not being able to keep a lid on all the suddenlies, unexpectedlies and turbo cancers. When the deaths are exponential (quite probably sometime over the next two to three years) then we'll see carnage in the name of something else. Twenty million plus over such a short period of time will need a seriously big and nasty covering.
  9. I know plenty who had at least three, but when later testing positive all said: "Had I not been fully boosted, I might have had it a lot worse" Some even claim their lives might have been saved - particularly the many that were incapacitated (in my view either by flu, the jab itself or both). That's one hell of a change from the original reason why they got jabbed.
  10. So long as I can afford to, I eat six 170g sirloin steaks - loaded with B12 and Zinc - every month. I'll lay off those particular two supplements for one to four days after having a steak. I've suffered colds and other sicknesses far less than my colleagues this last five months. Some (happen to be heavily jabbed) have not been able to shift colds, bad coughs, viral infections since October! Others recover for a short while, only to be laid low again a few weeks later. Yet one colleague insists that but for the wonder of flu jabs, he'd have been much worse off or dead. We happen to agree on most things that others would consider tin foil hat territory - wouldn't surprise me if he reads this forum - but he's totally blind to the lies of Big Pharma, Bill, Hancock, Vallance and the rest of the liars. He is one who is always sick with flu-like symptoms, despite (because of) being triple jabbed against Covid and double jabbed against flu. Removing red meat is a psychopath's wet dream. They love it when people suffer. I don't think they'll stop there or with dairy products, but will find a way to ban supplements through new 'expert scientific research'.
  11. Almost every good thing he's mentioned has become corrupted and used for evil. AI (I feel) has been designed purely with wickedness in mind. It's no surprise to see him bigging it up.
  12. The Americans have noticed that many of their reporters and news readers are wearing black when speaking of Charles, as if he's already dead. Some have speculated that the Queen died well before it was announced and others (myself included) have noticed that not all official clips of Charles this last year look like him. As for the grim reaper, there will be no room for royalty when the final scenes play out on this planet.
  13. To this day, Liverpool's hierarchy never took any responsibility for Heysel. Dalglish and Co blamed the authorities for not having a ground fit for purpose and not enough police/segregation. Liverpool fans blamed Chelsea fans, who randomly decided to show up and kick off. Lots of London accents were heard as they charged the Italians. All a lie. The 70s and 80s saw carnage at football grounds and surrounding areas every game. I went to hundreds of games watching Wolves (who had their own hardcore lunatics) - no club was angelic. I saw Man United fans overload the South Bank on a night match, climbing the pylon and getting up on the roof. It was a cup replay, night game, and there were a good 5,000 away fans more than was safe. It was said that 20,000 United fans turned up in Wolverhampton. Same with Liverpool fans 75/76. They did it at Molineux and everywhere they went. They smashed through a large fence at Wolves - must have been 5,000 who got in without tickets. There were another 5,000 outside the ground; so double the amount that actually got tickets. This culture was still ongoing when they played that tragic day in Sheffield. They were renowned for turning up ticketless in massive numbers and smashing through fences and turnstiles. Yet that day, they didn't do that. Everton fans have shown themselves to be equally odious in their unwillingness to take responsibility and eagerness to blame anything and anybody for the rank corruption that's happened at their club. Scousers are anything but the salt of the Earth. There are as many knife and gun merchants in Liverpool as any other major city, as many big time crooks and dealers. Yet the media fawn all over that city, as they will Klopp today as my team play at West Brom. He'll get more attention in the build up and aftermath than anybody connected to the actual match they are presenting. Yeah, Klopp's never going to be allowed to even hint that any jab has damaged him.
  14. He signed a contract extension to 2026 back in April 2022 - six months after he made his repulsive comments about those not wanting to indulge in experimental gene therapy. He announced to the board that he was fatigued (and therefore leaving) back in November last year. Six months post jab - chipper and agreeing to work as Liverpool manager for another 4 years minimum. Nineteen months further on and he's fatigued, unable and unwilling to continue beyond this season. He goes out of his way to say there's nothing wrong physically, except 'a few bits and bobs'. Sounds like he might have had a scare. If he's had any heart issues, we'd not know about it given how high profile he is and his previous very public and hardcore stance on the jabs. It's unusual for a driven, must win at all costs obsessive to 'take a break' at the age of 56. I can't think of any highly successful football managers that have done such a thing.
  15. Just in time for the new bat variant, along comes the bloke with a piano in his mouth who I'd mercifully forgotten existed until just now. Expect more bat drama over the coming days.
  16. There are fake lists all over the Internet already. People are desperate for views, not giving a shit about such concepts as truth and justice. One such list doing the rounds on YouTube and Reddit is a list of famous people who had 'covid' - Gervais is on there but then so are many we would strongly suspect to be guilty as well as being the type to release misinformation in order to muddy the swamp further. Meanwhile, TDS suffering msm are conflating Trump's former business connections to Epstein (before he cut ties) and alleged visitors to paedo island, as if they are the same thing.
  17. Match abandoned at Bournemouth. Tom Lockyer reported to be responsive.
  18. I wonder if the people left behind, presently hating any mention of the jabs 'possibly' being to blame, will continue to forget when the next pandemic and jabs come round? Those who had the real thing, and still stand alive in wilful ignorance, have no idea of the grace that's on their lives.
  19. Tom Lockyer has this last few minutes collapsed and the game has been stopped between his team (Luton) and Bournemouth. He previously collapsed this year at Wembley and needed heart surgery.
  20. This entire case has had Satanic vibes since the Skipool video of forensics at that car park. The village, with its county lines connections and occult history, is like something out of Rosemary's Baby.
  21. My Bible says much on the subject. Unfortunately, God's word is clear that towards the end the majority will hate truth, exchanging it for a lie. God will give people (as He did me) ample opportunity to repent, but won't strive with man indefinitely. The world is heading towards great spiritual darkness at an exponential speed. It matters not how rich or poor a man is, how many tins of spam and rounds of ammunition he has, for we all must die. Therefore, at the bare minimum, call on God to reveal His true identity to you. He will.
  22. I shook the dust off my feet with just about everybody I had previously pleaded with. My silence on the matter probably unsettles them more than when I was impassioned. They no longer have any pearls to trample in the mud, but I'll help them help themselves if ever there's a genuine cry for help.
  23. Been seeing a lot of old images and memes in my archives of late. It's quite healthy to go back to the beginning, lest we forget any of the lies they told.
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