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  1. Creative writing, comprehension, home economics (cooking etc) debating (this was common in the 70's and early 80's), basic maths (percentages, ratios, fractions, times tables, division, subtraction, addition) - these were and still are the only things from aged 5 to 18 that I use to get on in life. History, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, economics - many thousands of hours of study and of no use to me still at the age of 55. As mentioned above, these subjects can be looked up on the internet and some of them can also be 'revised' to suit the present. I would say that learning chess aged seven has been of far more importance than those six subjects. I learnt how to make and change decisions according to my opponent's moves and likely moves. Chess was great for developing memory, strategy and tactics as well as continually looking to agendas within agendas from your opponent. Chess basically teaches you to think way beyond what is immediately in front of you. Another skill outside of any curriculum (and more useful) is the ability to read people and situations. Sensitivity to atmospheres, micro expressions, changing tones of voices, body language, clusters - I know when people are lying to me. Because my memory for the things people say in the context of conversations is not far off photographic, I often catch people out in their lies even if no signs are showing (which they invariably do, anyway). Nobody can teach me the most important things in a classroom.
  2. Yes, it's broad strokes that I've used.
  3. Yeah, as if their leftist members would ever employ violence. It's all I ever saw when going on dozens of protests - UAF, Antifa, SWP instigated violence every single time without fail.
  4. Whatever is in there, that's bloody tragic viewing and listening.
  5. I've been waiting for this and also waiting for unvaccinated Muslims and unvaccinated gays to be turned away from various venues or denied certain services. It was obvious from the beginning - and obvious in my dealings with black and muslim people - that these two 'communities' are largely against vaccines and have legitimate distrust towards western leaders and media. Black, Muslim, gay - any sort of (real or just implied) discrimination against them is always jumped on by the hard left, the liberal media and celebrities. All three entities hate them in their hearts but use them for their own reward and agendas, championing rights and privileges for them that tend to elude the white, straight man of no religion (or Christian). Like you, I hope this is not a one-off. I guess if enough money is slung in the direction of leaders, organisers, imans etc then it might not repeat or ignite. The unity in diversity that is actually used to divide could become real unity and could be TPTB's worst nightmare as BLM (and others) fight alongside those the media label as far right. I would love to one day see the left and the right understand that both wings belong to the same bird and that that bird is controlled by persons that despise and use them. Now that the needle is at the arms of the children, the rubber is finally meeting the road.
  6. Yeah, it's always disappointing when someone we like does something like this. I do think a lot of people are naive, rather than malicious in intent, but I also think that we all (who are of sound mind) have a responsibility to find out what the truth of any matter is.
  7. Never saw him play, but my dad did plenty of times (Wolves fan in London that went to lots of neutral games) - said he was one of the greatest finishers he saw and was the king of rolling it inside the post. I only ever saw him as a pundit and loved how he'd regularly destroy Gary Newbon, who was widely despised by most West Midlands football fans.
  8. Rightly called out as a shill puppet in the comments. Loved the character - as I loved OFAH - but they're all the bloody same under the makeup.
  9. He is an embarrassment to the 'new' atheists, having made a fool of himself before Prof Lennox and WLC. In my eyes, this reprobate is the perfect blackboard on which to write the truth - it shows up ever brighter.
  10. Good grief. There's painting the opposition as simple, ignorant and off the wall - then there's this. Show the masses a thousand videos from virologists speaking with sound reason and at best they will zone out (too much information). Show them this one video and they'll immediately be emboldened over their decision to get their kids jabbed.
  11. Can't see the 'machine' audit ever seeing the light of day. Without that, there is no case to answer. Neither the Democrats or Dominion will allow it to happen. They have the full force of the Deep State behind them, as does the Supreme Court - and Trump knows it, hence him not denying that he'll run in 2024. Again, he'll be up against Dominion. He could get 200m votes and still lose, which begs the question why would he bother except to gatekeep the right?
  12. Stinks of a psyop. I said as much when the news broke (on a different platform) and pointed out to these supposed battle hardened anti convid folk that they are so thirsty for good news that they are in danger of swallowing poison. The likes of Nicki Minger do and say nothing except what their Satanic handlers tell them to. Dare to go against the script and you are offered up as a sacrifice. My bet is that somebody close (that she influenced not to get jabbed) shall die. When she comes out in a widely publicised 'repentance' her words will carry great weight amongst the 10-16 age group and particularly those from the black community. It will be as if she cares deeply for them and is appealing to them on a personal, heart to heart level.
  13. The foundation for the entire scam is/was the fraudulent use of the PCR test. The fact that they are ditching it tells me that it's served its purpose and will no longer be required to fulfill their agenda. In other words, they must be confident in the numbers of deaths that are to come. Not cases, but deaths. This is a pivotal moment.
  14. Perfectly in step with the agenda's current target audience for their poison. The narrative was aimed at granny in the beginning before switching to middle aged people dying. Then it switched to teenagers dropping dead and now onto the little ones. It's as if grannies don't drop dead of the rona any longer.
  15. Big Pharma have done very well. $1000 for some pills for one man - imagine if hundreds of millions eventually develop the same issues. However, just as we have been warning/warned many many times; I will not personally share this until such time I am convinced this is not a trap. To me, this did not ring true. His testimony is definitely believable but his delivery didn't seem genuine at all. It is a common tactic for the enemy to put out a lie in our favour, have us shout it from the rooftops, then expose the lie as an example of our madness. It would not surprise me if they start (or have already started) wheeling out strawman crisis actors that are in their pay. We have no need to resort to their tactics but they can sure do it for us. Therefore, is this man traceable outside this video?
  16. Obvious to me which god they follow, and he isn't called the father of lies for nothing.
  17. And yet the mask, social distancing mantra was: "If it SAVES one life"
  18. Comments still coming thick and fast.
  19. It's so easy to do when people simply don't care for the truth of any matter. People who are careless about the enormous value and importance of truth will eventually become darkened in their thinking.
  20. If anybody should relax, that was previously alert, them more fool them. I've read a few 'victory' posts on Facebook that tell me they were never switched on in the first place and have no idea about strategies.
  21. I think not. They would not have made this worldwide move unless they either had their people already in position or ready to take the places of those they would go on to assassinate.
  22. I'm not so sure myself (choosing death over living in a Hell hole). Particularly when thinking on the words of the Apostle Paul concerning his many trials and it being better for others that he didn't go to be with the Lord - which would have been preferable for the flesh. I want to stand before Him having fully discharged my duties. If there's no way out then the chop it is, but I'm not going to rush to the guillotine as long as there are lost souls that wander around the apocalyptic wasteland and gulags.
  23. They are consuming lies and digesting them as truths. There is an ever shrinking love for truth, as if it doesn't matter.
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