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  1. Everybody I know who has had the jab is highly intelligent. Retired engineers, teachers, architects etc. Intelligence not used is foolishness. Not one of them employed wisdom - which in this case is to simply find out the truth of a matter. They had the intelligence to do so but did not. Instead, they put their trust in the government and the media.
  2. If she played for Man United, Fernandes would have buried it before the check. If she played for Wolves, she'd have been sent off for diving. Bloody corrupt game off the pitch.
  3. until

    I've seen tatmam all over the papers - either injured or being carted off by police.
  4. Heard the news bulletins at the football half time on the radio last night. "The trial of Derek Chauvin continues.... He is accused of killing black man, George Floyd" How blatant.
  5. First time I've read those words (lyrics) and without having to think about it, instantly read them as mocking the whole 'conspiracy theory' crowd. Obviously, seeing them in context with the rest of the lyrics might change that first impression. The Second Coming will be on time - just not man's time.
  6. Speaking out of his wallet. They all are.
  7. 1981 for me. I spoke to my four kids yesterday (4yrs 8yrs 11yrs and 13yrs) telling them that they will never enjoy the freedoms I had, despite promises to the contrary from teachers and the bollocks being spouted by celebrities and newsreaders. I told them that everything will get worse and have told them many many times that the Ariana Grandes and Boris Johnsons of this world - indeed almost every human coming through their television - DESPISES them. I regularly break the spell over them with a sledgehammer. My main responsibility towards them
  8. Thanks - very simple to understand. Sadly, most people I know have celebrated having the vaccine but not many (if any) have had the second jab yet.
  9. I couldn't get a coffee and a slash anywhere on the day of the second Trafalgar Square rally back in September. Track and trace App, leave your details or no service. I went with the last option. That was over six months ago and it was commonplace in London. I knew then (for sure) that time was short.
  10. That one certainly does. I've noticed that many do have wild eyes that are too far apart and mouths that could accommodate a frying pan.
  11. Jimmy Savile literally ran around his bloody house. No way in this world did the security around the Monarchy not know about Savile's activities. No way in this world would the Monarchy not be informed they had a child procuring paedophile corpse raping Satanist cooking bacon sandwiches up in their kitchen. He was at home with the Royals.
  12. until

    Military funeral to be held Saturday April 24th at 3pm. The English Football League have already moved all of Saturday's games to Sunday. Can't see anything being allowed in London on that day.
  13. I was also a bit miffed at 19:59 last night when switching on Radio WM for the Fulham v Wolves game, only to learn... "That was I want to know what love is by Foreigner. As a nation mourns, tonight's commentary is only available to people in Wolverhampton and the Black Country" As I'm in Birmingham, I had to suffer Talk Sport and their London centric bias. Even had a bloody Fulham fan doing the commentary.
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