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  1. When they say 'vaccine' side effects, they probably mean enlarged hearts. Still, smile at the camera and let the people assume they are off with an itchy arm.
  2. So many people have lost their memories this last 20 months. Also shows how people don't ever listen to anything you say. I must have wasted millions of words and had more pearls trampled into the mud than I could ever count. Still, their blood is not on my hands.
  3. Yes, though I no longer do reviews. Did them for a bit of fun and to gain confidence in front of a camera in readiness for a project I'm working on.
  4. Terminal cancer today will be a sniffle tomorrow.
  5. I have a tablet that connects temporarily to 5g (3Mobile Birmingham) but I ensure it goes to the home router. I saw the masts going up in numerous places around Birmingham during the first lockdown.
  6. I'll check that out at work tonight. Aren't China already working hard towards 6g? We have no need for 5g as it is, but I have no doubt that it's for our benefit any more than I think Starlink is for the benefit of poor countries who cannot access the internet. When I filmed this in my back garden April 2020, I had an overriding sense that it was in some way linked to Covid-19.
  7. I despise those two and cannot even stand to hear their voices. We have the radio on in the works vehicle and that twat Schofield does an advert about cars or something. One of these days my fist is going to go through the dashboard. I put up the picture of these two at Wimbledon alongside the picture of then socially distanced in the studio but never got even a nibble from my older sister (who loves them dearly). People's desire to feel safe means that they MUST continue to believe lies and liars.
  8. Same. It was strange to be getting to work on the bus inside ten minutes instead of an hour. It was extremely strange to be striding across New Street and Corporation Street in Birmingham - during rush hours - and being the only person in all directions. It reminded me of some sort of zombie film I saw years ago, where some character is walking in London and everywhere is deserted.
  9. I'll try that at work tonight.
  10. The one colleague, when pushed, admitted that he trusts no government (still) but does trust his highly intelligent (his words) daughter and trusts her with his life. I asked where his doctor daughter got her information from. He had micro expressions that screamed panic when I asked that question. After the one second pause that lasted about an hour, he countered: "She trusts the judgement of her consultants implicitly" So naturally, I said: "So really, you've put your trust - by proxy of your daughter - in the integrity and expertise of people you know not" A few more time wasting exchanges later I asked if he trusted Big Pharma, given their appalling records of corruption, of lying, of bribing health officials, of lobbying corrupt politicians, of widespread death by their hands. I asked him why Big Pharma have ensured they are immune to prosecution and why these experimental gene therapies got the go ahead for emergency use when no 'vaccine' had ever been discovered for SARSCoV-1 after nearly two decades of research. He didn't know his Pfizer shot was experimental!!! He didn't know bloody anything. Yet it was he, and another colleague, who jumped on me out of nowhere. They probably hoped that they could make themselves feel better about their insecurities by listening to me make a fool of myself. They had no idea how armed I was and how quickly I can think in a debate. I knew where the conversation was going at every turn. Regarding media, he doesn't trust any of them and knows that politicians are largely corrupt. These people at work suffer from an over inflated opinion of their own intelligence. They are so thick that they assume a higher position at work (both are above me) equates to higher intelligence. They thought they could bully me. And finally, yes - they are complicit in death. Their kids are in line (under 18) to be jabbed any time soon if they haven't been already. I've now shaken the dust off my feet concerning quite a few at work and almost all my family and many at my former church. I learned only last night that 13 year olds from that church are bring pushed forward by their parents to get jabbed. I despair.
  11. We all are waiting for the horrific shitshow to finally reveal the damage done by these gene altering therapies the moment that seasonal flu takes hold across the nation/s. Already, we are hearing stories of people experiencing the worst colds ever; colds that last for six week with amplified effects. Many couldn't get out of bed, had zero energy, banging headaches. I suspect that those who are double jabbed and on (or about to take their first booster) are going to HAVE to take many boosters, exponentially so, for the rest of their short lives. The sad paradox is that the only way for this evil plan to fail is if millions drop dead this winter. But I guess they'll just put that down to Marburg or whatever other disease they've already primed the masses with in the media.
  12. Just sent this to my older sister, who is angry at me posting something similar a few days ago because her kids got 'Covid' real bad. No, they suffered the flu and besides, are a bunch of attention seeking whelks that will do anything to get time off work. I don't expect her to even read it, being double jabbed and a fully paid up member of the Church of Covid. I do expect her to scream at me if at some point in the future one or all of her kids suffer irreversible heart problems or worse. "If you were so sure it was all a scam, why didn't you INSIST I listen?"
  13. Alistair Carmichael: "Once we have said that it is okay to have a passport for covid, where will that argument go when the threat of covid has receded? If it was okay for covid, why not require people to produce a passport for HIV, for example? What we have before us today is the very thin end of a thick and dangerous wedge.The concept of a vaccine passport is not just a matter of administrative convenience; it is a first step in a major redefinition of the relationship between the citizen and the state, which we should not take so lightly. When freedoms are given up, the state rarely rushes to return them. Remember how it was the last time we had identity cards. It was only going to be for the duration of the second world war, but seven years after the end of that war, it required a citizen to take the Government to court to end it. That is why this matters." It would be an idea to keep a record of voices like his. Amess (who was chair and therefore probably seen as the top troublemaker) won't be the only one to 'randomly' run into a terrorist *cough patsy cough. I'm waiting for an inevitable attack by an anti-vaxer (patsy) on an MP that is fully on board with the jabbing of kids and babies, social credit scores, the works. There will already be a backstory of 'conspiratorial' ramblings - even on here - ready to be quoted by the MSM. They can use a script like that to push harder for the end of online anonymity and for internet access to become a privilege based on one's 'health' status. They'll have no qualms in sacrificing their own.
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