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  1. Same - the King of kings. Charlie will one day bend the knee.
  2. Empires come and go, rise and fall. The USA does appear to be on the verge of collapse as the merchants of the earth look to do business apart from her. I wonder what will happen to the UK's special relationship with the USA when the dust from her collapse is visible to all?
  3. Beginning to smell of a Satanic sacrifice. January 27th is apparently a 'day of abduction' (of a female) and that's when she was reported missing. Skippool car park plays a part and it could be that her body was found there in early February. Perhaps this whole song and dance with anomalies galore, dodgy characters, change of lead police officer, is a police cover-up. No way was her body in the river when it was being searched. That would mean that the coroner would also have to be in on the cover-up. That whole area is steeped in the occult, both historically and in the present. Nobody should expect an honest verdict on June 26th.
  4. No options on my five year old phone to switch emergency alerts off (not even mentioned in settings or advanced settings). 3pm came and went - not a sausage. I presume the test failed?
  5. Very few people these days die after either a long battle or a short illness.
  6. There's truth and there's error - that's it. Yet people are loyal to positions based on whatever the majority 'on their side' are loyal to. Truth is not really important these days and has lost its absolute immutability. It's my truth or your truth or his truth or her truth - whatever one's truth is has validity.
  7. That's him and Trump on the same page a year or so back. Have either since publicly renounced their former stances?
  8. They know that fear is the number one tool with which to exert control - always has been. There will also be lots of big lies being told as we near the end. They used both in the form of a fake pandemic and will use both again because it's proven to work. I think the world is ready for some fake alien activities. Perhaps it's close to the time when directed energy weapons can be utilised from above and blamed on pesky aliens. The ultimate fake war. It'll be strange seeing normies banging the drum for an alien invasion and for conspiracy theorists simultaneously rubbishing it as nonsense. Traditionally, belief in alien life forms has been something ascribed to conspiracy types.
  9. I'd never have thought football would become the circus it has when loving the game back in the 70s and 80s. It shows how easy it is to infiltrate, subvert and control ANYTHING if given enough time - whether a working class sport or entire nations. I'll add the utterly corrupt VAR to your list of time consuming follies.
  10. The media have been ridiculously kind to Klopp but hounded Potter every week for months. Really, both should have been getting stick. Liverpool got rid of Mane but spent a fortune on Gakpo, Nunez and Diaz. Yet they genuinely look like mid table fodder. Shouldn't they have been challenging for the title and Champions league as they have been for the previous three seasons? Perhaps Liverpool are out of bounds because they've been media darlings for years now. Say anything bad about that club/place and you're effectively on a level with a racist. Salt of the Earth are Scousers, a different breed. Indeed, they aren't even English. In which case, everybody in Liverpool should pay separate reparation taxes seeing as the city was built off the blood of the slave trade.
  11. Another medical emergency at Molineux. Thought to be a Chelsea fan and happened just before half time.
  12. My team, Wolves, had similar numbers reported - they boasted of it. We've been utter shite ever since; except for thrashing heavily jabbed Liverpool 3-0. I doubt that any Premier League players had a full dose. Perhaps they had the first one, players started dropping, subsequent jabs were not the real deal.
  13. Bizarrely, you might find yourself partly to blame because you didn't speak forcefully enough when warning him.
  14. They are examples of seeding for future watering. Neither will come as a surprise to the general public should they want to pull them out of the hat.
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