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  1. Joe Biden has just this minute released a statement: "Terrible thing that carrot hefgh you know, the thing. Donald Trump and me have had our differgers, dingerfers....sorry....diff...I mean... inflation is down. Down I tell you. Don't listen to Trump. Anyway, it wasn't me that fired that bullet. Jill will tell you I was, I mean John, no it is Jill...anyway God bless America. Don't forget to vote Bison, Bidet...sorry...Obama sngf plop gnurg"
  2. The people at the top of the pyramid can take out anybody they want at any time, notwithstanding Divine protection. They remove their own further down the structure all the time. I think they'll take out Biden before anybody else.
  3. If you look at the main photo they are feeding us, the bullet must have come from an invisible midget on the stage - presuming that the 'one dead' is the 'shooter on the roof'. The story will change numerous times.
  4. Of course. The script will be full of symbolism once unpacked. You'll have the left and the right and the couldn't care less and the Q folk at each others' throats - mainly via words on screens but dividing in their psyches. I catch myself getting annoyed at the clown left (particularly places like Reddit, Facebook, mainstream media) even though I know it's all bollocks. I've even found myself defending Trump until I come to my senses and remember the bigger picture. They are very good at what they do. Trump derangement syndrome is every bit as real as left derangement syndrome. I react to clown world all the time even if only for a fleeting moment.
  5. It used to be dirt cheap to just turn up at an airport and grab a last minute flight. I found out this week, from somebody who'd done just that, it's anything but cheap and actually far more expensive to do than to book months in advance. You used to pay through the nose for advanced assurance of a timed flight but are now heavily punished for chancing your arm with minutes to go before take off. They'd rather lose money on an empty seat than give people an easy option of 'escaping' for any reason.
  6. This is in the process of being built just down the road from me. It's some sort of partnership that involves the university and digital healthcare companies. It will be one of many and work started about the time that the jab went viral, if you get my drift. https://www.business-live.co.uk/commercial-property/construction-starts-new-birmingham-health-21826424
  7. She has loads of different looks. Like this one...
  8. All I know is that my first coffee of the day needs to be consumed whilst sitting on the toilet. I used to drink twelve mugs a day (mainly on night shifts) but have drank only one to three a day for a few years now. Since doing that, the first one clears me out within a couple of minutes. Previously, it had no effect in that department no matter how much I drank. When I was consuming vast amounts, I noticed that I would get blinding headaches if I went without. That's the reason why I cut right down - went on a tapering schedule like one would do with opiates.
  9. There might well have been an agreement in place, financially speaking, for using Tom as a poster boy for their genocide. Perhaps that involved certain immunities.
  10. Same here. Life went from a normal living room to one with an elephant reclining on the sofa - which had always been there but I hadn't noticed.
  11. Had four or five leaflets from the local grossly overweight sweaty pig faced Tory. Had one 'letter' with House of Commons heading signed by that Indian midget that looks like Jeff Goldblum mid change between human and fly.
  12. Certainly looks like Biden was deliberately pushed onto the debate stage for the purpose of justifying the need for a replacement. If he refuses to stand down, he will be Clintoned. I suppose that Trump is fully conversant with the script?
  13. Incredibly, or perhaps not, the unvaxxed are still being called granny killers. We were the cowardly, the uneducated, the paranoid, the cruel and uncaring ones spreading fear through lies. I remember the main argument from colleagues at work back in 2021 being 'if only everybody had to be vaccinated or face jail, the virus would no longer claim lives'. It is these sorts, ironically, that helped put an end to so many lives. The psychopaths at the top used the media as their prophet and the masses as their evangelists. The ones telling the truth were stoned to death. Some things never change.
  14. As with Bulley and other high profile media missing persons cases (Maddie is still going strong after 17 years), the only solution to this problem is to be proactive. Perhaps some sort of internal trackable digital passport could put an end to all this parental worry and strain on policing services.
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