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  1. I'm seven minutes in and crying I'll try and fit more in over the next week - is this going to continue to be hilarious or are they using hilarity as a Trojan horse for predictive programming? I'd love it if they were actually warning us.
  2. I've been awake half an hour and already have had enough of the internet for one day.
  3. Yes, that's a possibility I've held concerning him since recently catching up on all this Q business.
  4. This. Kushner is reading from a dark script - the same as the likes of Madonna and all manner of foul birds. Trump has no discernment whatsoever.
  5. The Plan is for Biden to be inaugurated. This wasn't the plan a month or so ago. The Plan will always change and people will be trusting in it still in four years time, whilst their nation burns to the ground.
  6. Brilliant. Revisiting old conspiracy theories reveal what turned out to be conspiracy truths.
  7. In other news, but relating to this election in terms of promised actions by Trump/Q - Obamagate declassified.
  8. The only thing I see happening as 'big' will be assassinations, mass deaths, absolute carnage. All for the cameras, of course. Nobody convicted of treason over 911 despite the wealth of evidence. That gave confidence to the deep state that they could do anything - even in a super sloppy way like Boston - and get away with it.
  9. Even if there was ever an entity calling themselves the Republican Party in power, it would not function in any capacity beyond serving China.
  10. Same here. I'm not convinced of anything, given we are living in the age of great deception. One thing I am convinced of is that darkness grows exponentially over the earth right up to the very end. Even peace and safety is to be viewed as something to be wary of - it will be nothing of the sort.
  11. It will be an enjoyable spectacle, watching these devils consume each other over the next four years.
  12. Rather than clog the USA election thread - or the Q thread for that matter - here is some information on Simon Parkes. I normally wouldn't bother giving too much attention to such a person but YouTube seem to love the man of late and therein lie red flags at a time when censorship rules the waves. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/the-northerner/2012/mar/27/whitby-councillor-alien-mother-simon-parkes
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