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  1. Agree with him. Just need to fuck Corbyn off and anybody else who is comfortable with the MSM and has ever sat on a daytime television sofa. The people are the ones who matter and... STOP LOOKING for a leader who is a known face! Anybody who is recognisable should be kept off of microphones, megaphones and stages.
  2. In many respects, the problems will begin there. Man is inherently wicked and somebody will always want to be king - even from amongst a decent group of folk with common ideals, the monster lurks.
  3. If I was to take a poll of the people I know that have had at least one jab, then it would be around 60-70%. However, like iPhone owners, you know when somebody has one because they cannot help bloody telling you. The images are plastered all over social media and they boast of it when you meet them face to face. Those who haven't an iPhone (or jab) are not likely to tell you that they haven't one. The silent majority do not own an iPhone.
  4. I've considered that - let the rest of us have our own land where we will be cut off from communication with them and their leaders - but then remembered the mind of the cultist. In my experience, the cultist - of any flavour - won't rest until you have been converted to following their particular idol. They have their (not so) Great Commission and have it drilled into them that they must make disciples. The mind that is set on the flesh with its vain imaginings cannot comprehend the beauty of a narrow road. Like caribou grazing on the Tundra, they need vast numbers in order to increase their sense of individual safety from the wolf called Death. The more the better. It doesn't occur to them that we are ALL on the road to death. It's as if their blind faith in the words of their leaders has secret designs on these great ones one day cooking up a brew of eternal life for them. Their thinking - like that of their leaders - is all over the place. There's no anchor; the foundations for their beliefs ever shifting with the 'changing science' and 'new data'. If we could have our own land, it would only be a matter of time before the more zealous amongst them try to get in under the fence in order to save us. It would nag the crap out of them to know that, as they travel about their smart cities, there's a whole lot of people living the old life that existed before the first industrial revolution.
  5. It's their war effort, something to tell their (imagined) grandkids about. Their passports will be their medals of valour.
  6. Just randomly clicked on another of his videos and have noticed the same thing - people who have had the jab are obsessed with whether you have had it. That's never been the case with flu or anything else. People are definitely behaving differently.
  7. Incredibly stupid, that's how much. Everything - however ridiculous - must be accepted as long as the central doctrine of Covid-19 being a killer virus is upheld.
  8. I've felt for some time that Johnson won't be there at the next major shift towards full blown fascism. Perhaps there will be fake consternation over passports, threats of a rebellion etc but it will be passed just like everything else. Close, but passed. Or maybe he will just about oversee this next stage but then pass the baton to whoever shall bring in mandatory jabs. Herr Gove is suitably ugly enough to be the next puppet to arrive centre stage.
  9. That last sentence right there. The BBC news has been a constant in everybody's life in the UK for half a decade or more, like an extra family member you can switch on at the wall whenever you want to know what's going on in the world. It's been such a part of people's lives, people's families, that there's a certain comfort from seeing familiar faces and hearing familiar voices. The professionalism, the suits, the hair, the shuffling of papers. You can't trust the newspapers because of political biases to the left or to the right. But you sure can trust the BBC when it comes to news; a stoic institution that speaks only straight facts and would never stoop to any agenda or leave you hanging halfway through a broadcast to bring you inane adverts. It is indeed difficult, I'd say impossible, for the majority to distrust the BBC. Certainly the people I know best (mostly middle class and in their 40's to 70's) would choose to believe what the BBC say about Covid over what I say. My hair looks like shit, for starters.
  10. I too agree with his points outlined in the posts beneath the main header. One can only hope it was naivety and not deliberate subversion. Assuming it was naivety, I would expect the next one to be free flowing for the majority of the time and not static - that is if the main organisers can accept constructive criticism. If they can't (and are not deliberately steering the masses into a cul-de-sac) then they are putting themselves above the actual mission. What I've seen in the past is what I warned about (to a few of these groups on their FB pages) after the first big demo: Egos, financial motives, splinter groups, in-fighting, all will destroy a movement very quickly. I also told them to watch out for anybody famous who has ambitions to be a 'leader' as figureheads are easier to take out than nobodies. In this case you have Katie Hopkins and we all know how she's perceived. Indeed, it would not surprise me if she's working for the enemy, playing her part so to speak.
  11. My team are at a training camp in Spain. Some Wolves fan was gutted because he bought a ticket for the friendly against Celta Vigo, had flight tickets and hotel booked, then tested positive at work a few days before being due to fly. The silly twat then boasted how he was double jabbed. I assume now that when he suffers not a single sniffle he will hail the vaccine as a complete success. Not one person in the ensuing comments said a word because there is no room for dissenters on football forums - instant ban enabled if even hinting that it's all a scam.
  12. Sorry to say that at the turn of the year I had to have a test as there was a breakout of positive tests at work. I did not let the swab anywhere near the back of my throat or past the entrance to my nose (did it myself in private) - took all of three seconds. I was convinced I had a chest infection but the PCR test came back a week later and said otherwise and so I was told to stay away from work for eleven days or whatever it was. This is what I could have legitimately wrote: "Full recovery from Covid a week after testing positive. Symptoms were very mild, thanks to amazing immune system Please, don't get your jab and do remove your mask. Learn to live how humans have lived since the beginning - do not cower to the lies of the government"
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