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  1. Where is all this evidence of comets and meteorites? Nobody in recorded history has ever seen one in our atmosphere Where are all thes craters from their collision? There arent any A big hole in the ground doesnt mean its from outerspace rock The alleged meteor site must have tons of alien rock not found on earth There isnt any of this alien rock anywhere Its laughable what they say these proffessors and experts They say comets selfcombust before they hit the ground and conveniently leave zero trace of their presence Ive said it before....you give me some cash 1 or 2 techs 5 or 10 mechanics i coul build you an impressive firey selfcombustable "comet" in just 2 months What about your evidence? 3or4 small and medium sized rocks falling at 300mph is evidence? Proof! We want credible proof
  2. They are and have been discussed these past few weeks. Its been moving along quite nicely I would like to see the minimization of FE researchers discussing the subject with full on opposers of our FE theory. These full on opposers only come here to........im not going to say it. I ll stop Im saying FE investigators must not discuss the subject with FE debunkers Bflat and voiceinthecrowd discussed with the debunkers but they are not like the usual poster They were super cool cats and knew their subject well
  3. I would not put any faith in an angry muddled disorganized unarmed leaderless mob
  4. This is such a mess I would say the aussie govt knew in advance what would happen if they demanded vaxx of truckdrivers I keep saying the govt there want an angry desperate mass of peasants to be rioting and killing a few cops and millitary
  5. Do something! Sure but you cant think of something better than shooting yourself in the foot? Aussie truckdrivers....not known for abundance of wisdom Its like they walk onto the scene and shout..... "We are going to fuckup the whole country" I see it as the same as chucking a bucket of petrol onto a fire
  6. Same as shooting yourself in the foot?
  7. This trucker strike is a very bad idea The masses have no weapons They will get mowed down Its not an intelligent move
  8. Whats a desperate hungry angry disorganized rabble going to do.... Storm the govt offices? Yes that sounds about right. They smash everything up. The polititians wont be there....theyll be hiding long before parliament falls Its the perfect conditions for MILLITARY RULE and INDEFINATE 24HR CURFEW
  9. There is going to be no food and a shortage of water How is that going to help anyone?
  10. The tuckers going to turn the country into a big mess Its what the govt want. A big mess And all around the world people cheering and encouraging The truckers will hurt the people the masses Govt been spoiling for a fight a long time already
  11. The fireballs could easily be manufactured rockets programmed to release firey gas for 2km then selfdestuct at a given altitude I remember seeing a big one in siberian skies The small rocks could be ballast thrown out of baloons to give greater height
  12. The problem i have with comets is theyve never in recorded history has anyone witnessed a comet entering our atmosphere and crashing or exploding before contact of the ground. When we look up we re always seeing "comets" streaking by sometimes thin streaks sometimes thicker. So what...? A giant one might "fly by" every 5000 years. These "stars/planets/comets" are programmed into the firmament like computer software....why not? Hey, i dont know its my opinion only A lot of stuff like this we can only guess Its because no one knows (im refering to giant comets and planets out there)
  13. the only rights you have are those given to you by the state Get used to it
  14. All evidence that proves round spinning ball is neccessarily lies False
  15. Of course. Hes one FE giant i can listen to a bit and its good but not for too long There are other speakers i ll listen 3hrs straight
  16. I disagree. I think its a strap on that she forgot to take off.
  17. Checkout that booklist. It has one by m sargent Mark Sargent - Flat Earth Clues - The Sky's The Limit (pdf) - roflcopter2110.pdf download
  18. This vid is for anyone new to the FE theory Really well presented by someone that knows the subject. 2hrs long its so good you do it in one sitting They are hiding god with the greatest lie ever
  19. Good post...i could hardly fault it I think we dont need to know the exact shape of our world to achieve the highest goal: realizing our true nature and abandoning this low level existence. Make an end to this cyclic existence of repeated birth and death. Make an end of this miserable life. This samsara. Only possible through wisdom and awareness I ll stop there. This subject could derail the thread a bit
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