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  1. I did take a look at the solutions part of the video The guy speaks as though we still have plenty of time Extracate yourself from it by developing many virtues Ha! These virtues take years to develop Humour? Humour generally is ok but there are some things you never joke about. These some things you should talk about in low tones and with serious expressions. Some serious developments should not be laughed at There is not much time He says get everyone involved Fact is you can get a huge crowd together and if the govt dont like it they order army to let loose their gattling guns shooting into the coud real bullets a couple of minutes youll see them very quickly running back to their homes
  2. Millitia....lol What they using pitchforks and machettes?
  3. The trucker strike I point out their end objective.....the entire country in permanent lockdown patrolled by millitary/police. No leaving the house or else shot on sight. 5G zones will have kill switch turned up increasingly. Deaths blamed on latest variant People totally fucked. Nothing more they can do How to get to that place? The truckers stop the food and water and neccessities. After a few days supermarkets empty The masses are angry they raid the trucks every man for himself They turn their wrath on govt offices killing officials and police burning down parliament etc Govt bring out the army begin to shoot the rioters. Even any group of people will be machine gunned down The masses are told to return to their homes or get shot
  4. I have offered a few solutions that have been ignored repeatedly One was to storm all of the tv stations at the same time Wouldnt need too many people on each site Some people would get hurt. Have to. Everyone wants to turn everything around without violence. Living in a dreamland If you had antigravity device its possible to destroy all of our enemies in 2 months
  5. I would not put any faith in an angry muddled disorganized unarmed leaderless mob
  6. This is such a mess I would say the aussie govt knew in advance what would happen if they demanded vaxx of truckdrivers I keep saying the govt there want an angry desperate mass of peasants to be rioting and killing a few cops and millitary
  7. Do something! Sure but you cant think of something better than shooting yourself in the foot? Aussie truckdrivers....not known for abundance of wisdom Its like they walk onto the scene and shout..... "We are going to fuckup the whole country" I see it as the same as chucking a bucket of petrol onto a fire
  8. Same as shooting yourself in the foot?
  9. This trucker strike is a very bad idea The masses have no weapons They will get mowed down Its not an intelligent move
  10. Whats a desperate hungry angry disorganized rabble going to do.... Storm the govt offices? Yes that sounds about right. They smash everything up. The polititians wont be there....theyll be hiding long before parliament falls Its the perfect conditions for MILLITARY RULE and INDEFINATE 24HR CURFEW
  11. There is going to be no food and a shortage of water How is that going to help anyone?
  12. The tuckers going to turn the country into a big mess Its what the govt want. A big mess And all around the world people cheering and encouraging The truckers will hurt the people the masses Govt been spoiling for a fight a long time already
  13. the only rights you have are those given to you by the state Get used to it
  14. I disagree. I think its a strap on that she forgot to take off.
  15. This, a post from another forum I cant vouch for its credibility Are there any other similar reports? I clean a popular bar/restaurant. I think vaxxed women are bleeding from their vaginas like stuck pigs. Ever since around April the ladies bathroom trash cans have bloody tampons and panty liners. Before April it was about a tampon a week. Now it's every morning. I call it "String theory" the vaccines are making women bleed from their vaginas.
  16. The masses they have always been abused In some places they have not been abused so much is called a golden age The ordinary peasant (we are just a bit more sophisticated than the rest) is not very impressive....especially the modern corrupted peasants They go with the flow. They follow the fashions they think the same as the rest. Believe in whatever the others believe because they dont like to be ostracised. Their minds are muddled and changable. Their nature is competative not cooperative. Selfish hedonistic materialistic What good things can you expect from people like this Ive lost all confidence in the masses Increasingly i find myself not surprised about their attitudes and behaviour They will not make the effort to put right something until the last moment Theres not many that will inconvenience themselves fixing an external problem like govt
  17. Australia Government hold citizens HOSTAGE, demand vaccine QUOTAS before restoring “freedom” Around the world, rogue governments are now declaring their own citizens to be hostages under medical tyranny, promising that freedom will be restored if they meet vaccine quotas that require mass injections with experimental gene therapy drugs. (They’re not merely “vaccines.”) In other words, you now have to “earn” your “freedom” from government tyranny, but the government sets the rules, and those rules are, of course, ever-changing. As reported by the NY Post, “Six million COVID vaccine shots needed to end Sydney lockdown.” The NSW government is declaring that no one will be free until millions more submit to the deadly, risky injections. This is outright criminal medical tyranny, right in the open, and it’s the kind of tactic that might be used by professional kidnappers who demand a ransom payment to release a few prisoners. If you comply, they’ll continue to demand more and more ransom payments, holding innocent people hostage in order to maximize their gain. Now, governments of the world are acting exactly like kidnappers, and they are holding their own people hostage, demanding ever-increasing levels of power and authoritarian control over society, ordering everyone to comply or be arrested (or worse).
  18. What is this climate lockdown. How can you lockdown millions/billions because of climate? This is a new concept
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