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  1. Exactly. Modern people not used to acting rebelliously. Not used to fighting. Mostly its just talk. I hear so much bravado talk when they are sitting in front of the computer Yeah, at demonstrations/protests people shout "we will not conform" And thats it....its just shouting and no action. These "brave" non comformists will onlt take off their mask because 30,000 others do the same
  2. Here, this is for all you non comformists If you’ve been given a magistrates’ court fine it’s important you pay it. If you don’t, the court can: take the money from your wages or benefits send bailiffs to your home to collect what you owe - you'll have to pay bailiff's fees as well as your outstanding fine ‘register’ the fine - this means the fine will stay on your credit history for 5 years and might stop you from getting credit in the future In extreme cases you could be put in prison, https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/help-with-debt/dealing-with-urgent-debts/paying-a-court-fine/#:~:text=If you've been given,from your wages or benefits&text='register' the fine - this,getting credit in the future
  3. You got some good points there but its nothing to do with the holocaust. If people follow that route of yours we be up to our necks in ww2 stuff
  4. Ok, hitler, goebels and a few other top nazis were the bad guys. Evil, even. They created the great "concentration/extermination" camps. The camp comandantants were bad guys too. I reckon 95% of the world agrees...they were all bad guys The people housed in these camps were also bad guys. They didnt arrive there by accident. They deserved to suffer those awful conditions. They commited some bad action/bad karma in the past. Some of these prisoners may have commited som hineous crime afew years prior to incarceration or in a previous lifetime. I know...some of you are thinking "all those jews, gypsies and homosexuals were good, inocent people!"
  5. Just as you say oz, it makes more work for our enforcers....so what? They got to work a little bit harder. Its not all smooth. It doesnt have to be smooth The great Mafia, the bankers the parasites....they are all laughing and clicking their heels at the moment. Its all going so well for them. There is next to no resistance. Some protests, some demonstrations, some paper signed petitions, someonline petitions.....all are all of co consequence. Soft or hard non compliance dont stop them. Slow them down a little. Thats it. And i have no forgotten the vaccine thing. I have 2 ideas
  6. What can they do? I gave a great long list. Read my 1st post
  7. If we ALL do this is another thing they fond of saying Sure, in an ideal world..... In theory yes it would work Lets say 100,000 are non compliant at a certain event Of course the police could not fine everybody but theg get as many as they can...a few hundred at £1000 Next day its all over the front pages Police show that they can hurt people financially This sounds a message and a warning People thought they could get away with it. It could be their turn the next time
  8. Pretty much all of the top consp. speakers are encouraging the same one solution........do not comply! We are the many, they are the few.......they have power only because we give it to them......resist, stand your ground......dont do as they tell you......reclaim your power......take to the steets All of the above is the same message. It is not working very well. In my opinion is not the solution. All this talk sounds good, sounds right. "If we dont comply....what can they do? They will speak harshly to you They throw you to the ground and beat you badly They arrest you and throw you into the cells They give you heavy fines They terminate your employment They make it extemely difficult to get another job They threaten you or your family For breaking their rules they take you to court and sentence you to long years of incarceration They can arrest you and detain you indefinately without court appearances They can freeze your bank accounts They can fine you heavily for speaking out against official narrative They can kill you You dont wear a facemask/social distance.....the programmed sheep attack/shame you Your messages are deleted, accounts suspended Your computer keeps getting glitches Those are some of the things they can do and actually....do...if you dont comply Non compliance hasnt worked so well We not going about solving the problem in the right way Have i got the right solutions? I have some out of the box ideas What are they? Probably get kicked off the forum if i voiced them
  9. Well, thankyou for your bright energy, man. Glad to be back. If there enough of us we can gang up on the mods and force them to create a few more subforums. Im surprised they have no survivalist section.....or something concerning gardening. Seems like people into the head these days. I suspect its something to do with too much time spent on smartphones and computers. Makes you disinclined to physically do things....like, with your hands and muscles
  10. This technology can also cleanup oilspills [link to youtu.be (secure)] [link to youtu.be (secure)]
  11. Jikwan


    Waiting in line for potatoes for along time sergei suddently stalks off Where are you going? his friend asks To kill gorbachov! After 30 minutes he returns Well? his friend asks The queue for killing gorbachov is much longer than this one
  12. This concept i offer is so stupid, childish and impossible that it becomes laughable. So i put in the comedy section The great mafia that would cull the human population and leave alive only docile,Harmless machine-like servants. What would interfere with their plans are intelligent critical thinkers, alpha males and natural born fighters. They must know exactly who these people are the sooner the better If they have a database of non comformists and troublemakers they can send their contact tracer agents to test them posative and infected with "CV19"......arrest them and put them into special detention centres never to be seen again. In australia its already happening Crowds of demonstrators could be singled out using agents with concealed sensative breath analizers inserted into Their coats/bags/jackets. As soon as their earphones regester the unique (possibly DNA carrying) breath, they move to another victim nearby Heres part of a paper i found..... We're all unique snowflakes, as evidenced by our fingerprints. But our prints and DNA are not the only features individualized to each of us. New research shows that our breath, too, can be used as an unique identifying feature, thanks to the varying assemblies of internal microbes that inhabit our bodies. To discover these unique “breathprints,” ScienceNOW reports, scientists recruited volunteers to blow into a mass spectrometer, a machine often used in chemistry to separate chemical components of different samples. Within seconds, the mass spectrometer spit out results for each person. These breathprints not only vary between individuals, the researchers found, but also change throughout the day within individuals in reflection of shifting chemical reactions within the body. But a unique core signature always underlies a person’s breath, to the point that it could be used to identify the individual participants in the study. In the future, breathprints could become the new urine tests, the researchers think. Breathprints couple be a more surefire way to tease out drugs a person may be taking, or to find out whether an athlete is doping, bringing a new meaning to the term “bad breath.
  13. Jikwan


    Hi everyone. Im jikwan from the old forum. Have been lurking around on and off. I joined a few other forums and been posting a little bit. Just got banned from GLP forum....this time permanently (i think) Havnt been posting much because i think "whats the use? We are in such a mess it looks more unrepairable by the day" Lets see what happens
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