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  1. 10 minutes ago, Human10 said:

    I smell BS 💩 I thought they meant to die this winter... ;)

    I was taken by it. But i might have a slight problem with some doom videos

    Theres so many doom videos its hard to detect bs they are all very well produced

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  2. 23 minutes ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

    ofcourse it is but it could still be challenged legally ,even here in Australia -so far- its still possible to challenge the impositions in court .

    Take advantage whilst you still can

    You can liken what we are going through witj maos china stalins russia and polpots cambodia

    Were there operating courts in those days?

  3. Tremendous 4-minute video from a doctor/scientist. She reveals what the first and second V shot was designed to do. BUT THE BOOSTER SHOTS (Yes SHOTS--four boosters are already planned to roll out) are THE KILL SHOTS. I highly encourage each of you to take a moment to watch this video but for others here is a brief summation.

    *The purpose of the first V is to DESTROY your white blood cells which protects you from all kinds of infections. Destroys as much as 75%.

    *The purpose of the second V is to DESTROY the remaining white blood cells.

    *The first booster will inject 81 strands of foreign material into your now TOTALLY UNPROTECTED body. These are renegade cells NEVER seen before by your body.

    *The second booster will inject 8 strands of HIV into your totally unprotected body AND will shut off your immune system.

    *The next TWO boosters will provide more foreign material until you body is overwhelmed by poison and dies.

    *20-30% are anticipated to die after each booster.

    *Yet in a strange way, those remaining will become dependent on the later boosters in order to survive.

    *In 2-3 years most V recipients will be dead.

    IMPORTANT**If you or your family has been jabbed with the first two doses, you have done damage to your body. But this is NOTHING compared to what you will do if you take ANY of these boosters. THE BOOSTERS ARE THE KILL SHOT!



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  4. 1 minute ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

    i cant see how the powers that be can justify this even if the companies concerned ,ie Apple ,Samsung and Google are complicit .You might be able to make up a reason for banning the unvaxxed from shops ,venues ect ,on the grounds of "public safety " by how is denying them access to a phone or social media account going to make anyone else "safer ?

    Safety has nothing to do with it

    Its punishment for non compliance

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  5. 1 hour ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Apologies if this is already posted.  Yes I know it's the Daily Mail, but this report from

    the criminal gang in the Bank of England is probably on the right track.


    'When is the plague of locusts due?': Bank of England chief warns over string of economic shocks for the country and 'truly hard yards' ahead as country's recovery from pandemic stalls



    I said to friends and family in March 2020 you cannot lockdown countries and place them

    under house arrest (here in Spain, which the Supreme Court has since declared unlawful) without  dire financial

    effects, let alone the mental health of populations. The cost of furlough for 18 months, the cost of all

    the free bogus testing, the cost of all the vaccines etc will lead imo to a Great Depression. I have now fallen

    out with my son and my only sibling, my brother over this. It breaks my heart.


    My mother was 6 years old in 1939 when WW2 started and twelve years old in 1945 when it ended. She said 

    in March 2020, although there was rationing during WW2, our freedoms weren't restricted like they

    are during this alleged pandemic.


    Bravo Mum. xx  If you can see it, then why can't others?


    My Mum atm is in a care home because she fractured her pelvis and even though I replied to their email saying I do not consent to a third vaccine (she hasn't had any) and although four days later they rang me asking to authorise it and again I said no, my MOTHER DOESN'T WANT A VACCINE, they still took her down to be vaccinated in the care home last week. Thank God my mother still has enough cognitive abilities to say "no I don't want this vaccine" 


    I got on the phone and said what the hell are you playing at, to the care home and they said the "big doctor"

    from the hospital had a list of people and your mother would not have been vaccinated because she was not on the list.




    I cannot see a quick solution

    But we can grow stronger in adverse conditions

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  6. 1 hour ago, jack121 said:


    Fully agree. It is all based on hitler's work from the 40's when he found people fed fluoride became docile and refused to challenge authority figures such as government types, police, political decisions etc The people were easier to control and accepted anything they were told, hence the modern day dilemma of sheep and their worship of government types, msm, holly and phil etc

    The fluoride is being increased as the areas which show the most vaccine hesitancy are the non-fluoridated areas.

    There must be something external that makes people be fucked up the ass repeatedly walked all over and kicked when theyre down and all they do is moan and complain

    Its got to.be flouride in processed food. I think you could get higher concentrations in that way

    I ve never seen a study measuring amounts in processed foods beer etc

  7. 5 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    I think you have to look at it from a numbers perspective,army,air force,navy,marines and reservists and terrortorials number about 150k of that number how many have hgv licences?  ,they simply do not have enough to fill the supposed shortage,that doesn't mean they wont do it but they dont have the numbers to take it over completely,yes they may take over essentials like food and fuel and shuffle those who were previously driving that to less essential items there is also the fact that they can change the law under emergency powers regs to make hgv licences redundant for the armed forces but i still don't think they can completely take over the total transport needs of the UK and dont forget lorries are allergic to roadblocks.caltrops,spike strips and fire not that i would endorse such heinous acts in any way

    Also @J47

    I have always belived they will make govts obselete 

    It will eventually be military rule

    Places like thailand and burma they used military rule and works well

    The recent hugo talks he says having military to do the driving is a gradual introduction to the presense of mil. personel so that it avoids shocking the public

    Its got to be military ruls if you want harsh dystopian tyranny

    Military and heavy police is enevitable

    Ok i might be exaggerating the idea that military takes over all driving jobs. They need to be seen on the streets more

    All countries

  8. A very sinister development.....

    Using millitary to drive the trucks

    To drive the trucks that contain the food

    Means the govt has total control of food supply

    If for some reason they dont want you to have food....you dont get it

    Who is going to argue with millitary truck drivers?

    If youre compliant youll get food

    If you dont comply you dont get it

    Watch out.....army driving everything, supplies fuel etc

  9. 16 hours ago, gregory-peccary said:

    I watched the first 20 minutes then wondered how many of his logical fallacies I could be bothered to refute.


    Let's take F=ma and the shock result of 0 because the magnet isn't moving.

    The equation shows how much force is needed to accelerate an object. No Acceleration No Force.

    So what is his problem?



    I was completely taken by his confident and smooth presentation

    Ive previously come across einstein a fraud gravity doesnt exist and even idea you can get voltage fron starlight

    I believe all this stuff. I think it real but i dont have enough intelligence to work it out myself

  10. 11 hours ago, Macnamara said:



    I fully expect them to try and control food production which is why they created codex alimentarius


    The point i'm trying to make is that marching in the street is not enough to stop them. People have to both refuse to do everything that they tell us to do as well as doing everything that they don't want us to do


    I'm not advocating that people just march, i'm advocating that people turn their lives into a living protest


    We aren't just pushing back on some small faction that has managed to encamp at the top of our system, we are dealing with an entire corporatocracy where elite bloodline families who have been organised in secret societies for centuries have created CORPORATIONS to act as legal vehicles for their business dealings and they have gained control of governments through assassination, threats, bribery, central banks, taxation systems and all the rest


    We were in deep shit BEFORE covid its just that many people didn't realise it which is why i was advocating back then BEFORE covid that people do all the things i'm saying now like rejecting all smart tech, growing your own food, working to become self-reliant, boycotting the corporations and buycotting the alternatives


    I'm advocating the creation of an entirely separate and parallel system because think about it....even if by some miracle one of the protests somehow changed the direction of the government (will never happen) you still have the problem of the fact that we are all living in the cabals corporate system


    The covid jabs are just the latest toxic product the corporations are pushing on us. Why would you selectively reject the covid jabs whilst still drinking the corporations fizzy drinks with neurotoxin aspertame in it? Why would you eat food sprayed by roundup (with glyphosate in it)? Why would you drink water that's been fluoridated (destroys IQ)? Why would you eat meat pumped full of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrate (carcinogens)? Why would you have a smart phone in your pocket irradiating your balls whilst it spies on everything you do?


    I could go on and on....


    They are waging a full spectrum war against us and that requires a full spectrum response


    Smashing your smart phone and moving your money out of their banks and stopping eating their junk food is a far more powerful action then any march will ever be and if you grow your own food you are not only avoiding the toxins they put into their products but importantly you are taking away market share from their businesses


    If enough people did that their system would fail. Its that simple but people just don't want to hear it. They want to think that marching or rioting will change everything and then everything will simply go back to normal and everything will be tickety-boo. They are not living in the real world

    Thats a heavy post...i just take 1 thing. Your suggestion/demand that everyone throw away the smartphone

    It sounds like the right thing to do. Sounds like if people did what you say it would interfere greatly with the cabals plans

    The masses wouldnt do it. They cannot. Because they are addicted seriously addicted to smartphone.

    You can see it everywhere....people are suffering stress their whole world is collapsing around them they are fearful nervous and worried

    They cant handle much more

    They dont want to know about any more problems

    They want relief refuge a distraction from it all

    And they can get it. A press of a button and if they dont get instant relief they soon will after a few clicks

    But this relief is long lasting!

    Total absorbtion is easy to get if you know how

    Life has changed in a matter of seconds....its a most wonderous thing!


    And you want that they stop that immediately and re enter their miserable lives?


    Of course they got laptops and heavy desktop systems but they cant switch these on in the tube walking the street waiting in line

    Use a phone even while showering or on the toilet!

    They cannot wait till they get home they want distraction NOW


    It is not possible


    Someother time like pre-2019 maybe.     but not now


    This mass addiction is seriously a problem thats gone way out of control for too long

  11. 20 minutes ago, Armesis said:

    Thanks for sharing mate. Where I live (Malaysia), nobody is fighting back, its totally an asian thing to just obey and keep your eyes on the floor. Even my mom couldn't take the pressure from being alone and went to get the shot without telling me. Everyone is terrified of 'covid', with its 0.02% mortality rate, even driving with their masks on. Sometimes I feel I dont want to be here anymore. It's not the government oppression, but the spineless nature of people. I bet to aliens, Earth is nothing but a chinese factory where people work to death for 12 cents an hour. 

    Been in sri lanka already 10 weeks planning on staying lot longer

    These guys here are conformist no1 on the planet. Not a single consp theorist.in the country apart from me. Spent 13 years in thailand its the same there too

    When its time to kill these SE asians it will be so easy

  12. 2 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    When push eventually comes to shove the populace outnumber the agents of the parasites by millions to one.

    Stupid statement

    The mere fact that the masses outnumber the parasites does not guarantee they defeat them

    You explain to me why the masses never defeated the oppressors in

    Maos china

    Polpots cambodia

    North korea

    For a start. Theres loads more to come


    Stalins russia



    When the agressor comes from the other side of the world the chances of defeating that enemy are higher eg afganistan vietnam

    These days the agressor is on home ground. It knows the terrain well.


    Get busy explaining all that

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  13. So many nurses and heaith workers getting sacked or resigning

     The govts must be worried that hospitals and clinics will shut down

    I recon everything going according to their plans and expectations

    They will invite nurses from poor countries to fill in the spaces

    Those poor nurses dont care too much what they have to do. They greatful fo a chance to earn money to send back home

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