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  1. Stupid statement The mere fact that the masses outnumber the parasites does not guarantee they defeat them You explain to me why the masses never defeated the oppressors in Maos china Polpots cambodia North korea For a start. Theres loads more to come Stalins russia Tibet When the agressor comes from the other side of the world the chances of defeating that enemy are higher eg afganistan vietnam These days the agressor is on home ground. It knows the terrain well. Get busy explaining all that
  2. So then if they stink so much it should be very easy to point out where exactly im at fault Go for it....im listening
  3. So many nurses and heaith workers getting sacked or resigning The govts must be worried that hospitals and clinics will shut down I recon everything going according to their plans and expectations They will invite nurses from poor countries to fill in the spaces Those poor nurses dont care too much what they have to do. They greatful fo a chance to earn money to send back home
  4. The lack of weapons is a very big problem Guns rifles grenades bombs can be printed and machined in secret Those machines work 24/7 without stopping All pf the worlds would-be malitias havnt yet thought of that idea yet
  5. Enforcers employed by tyranical govt dont care too much if they lose support from the masses I reckon they would be pleased if they knew they were feared and respected because of their forceful ways They dont work for the masses They work for their tyranical govt that pays them well Man, i reckon i could argue you day and night about "numbers"
  6. A great place. So many recourses huge country small population. I spent 3 years there near perth a few decades ago. Fond memories
  7. There are 2 types of balls Balls with wisdom Balls without wisdom Stupid idiots have a lot of balls without wisdom Way its going as im seeing it.is increasingly the enforcers will be instructed to do great harm or kill when met with any civilian hostility Their response to a thrown brick will be a rounds of bullets aimed at the thrower.
  8. Lot of people are rejoicing that more and more evidence the covid is a hoax Vaccines are not working Vaccines are killing They falsify the numbers More and more people awake to all of this The govts will just keep going regardless They say we dont care about your evidence...do as we say or else Govts can do what they like now because they know the masses will not fight Protesting is not fighting Masses have no weapons no leaders no money no recources no training no direction
  9. They in the process of showing the 190+ other countries their destiny What they do in australia now is sending a message:you dont do what govt tells you they will be brutal and make everyone suffer Its not about covid You the masses, do what we tell you or else They are and will show ruthless brutality that old cambodia/china/north korea would be impressed It ll get much worse than this to the point no civilian even thinks about crossing the enforcers The days of giving cops a piece of your mind are over
  10. They will not allow you to grow your own food They make it illegal Why? Because produce is a carrier of covid especially tje later variants To sell produce you must put it through a special purfying machine which is ruinously expensive and the licence fee doubles every year They can destroy months and years of organized work at the stroke of a pen They wouldnt!!!?? I would bet my right arm they would All tyrannical systems of the past present future have large numbers of well paid enforcers many of them enjoy the work
  11. About gravity magnets einstein free energy THIS GUY JUST PROVED COLD FUSION, FREE ENERGY, DEBUNKED EINSTEIN, ISAAC NEWTON - WITH A MAGNET!!! !! This Guy Destroys Physics, Gravity, Newton, Einstein, All At Once - And The System Destroys His Life. So here you have it, this guy is living proof that they will fukn destroy you if you attempt to break or disrupt the system and current paradigm. 37+ years they hid his video and intel/work, raided his home, took his kid, until he finally moved to Croatia, and clapped
  12. Melbourne earthquake There have been machines producing earthquakes already in existence for 100 years....... This from wiki but you can find better scources all over In 1935 at his annual birthday party/press meeting a 79-year-old Tesla related a story where he claimed a version of his mechanical oscillator caused extreme vibrations in structures and even an earthquake in downtown New York City.[4] Reporter John J. O'Neill's biography of Nikola Tesla includes a version of this story (date of the telling not given).[3] One version of the story has Tesla experimenting with a small version of his mechanical oscillator at his laboratory on 46 East Houston Street near the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo. Tesla said the oscillator was around 7 inches (18 cm) long and weighing one or two pounds, something "you could put in your overcoat pocket". At one point while experimenting with the oscillator, he alleged it generated a resonance in several buildings, causing complaints to the police. As the speed grew, he said that the machine oscillated at the resonance frequency of his own building and, belatedly realizing the danger, he was forced to use a sledgehammer to terminate the experiment, just as the police arrived.[5] Other versions have Tesla smashing the device before the police arrive and have multi-ton equipment in the basement moving around. Another version has Tesla clamping an oscillator to a building under construction and causing it to vibrate so violently the steelworkers working on it left the building in a panic.[6] At the 1935 party Tesla also claimed the mechanical oscillator could destroy the Empire State Building with "Five pounds of air pressure" if attached on a girder and that he expected to earn $100 million from the oscillator within two years.[4] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla's_oscillator
  13. Dear @Velma Youre going to need a bit more than some poison darts Even if somehow you could beat the police you got to beat your own military Even if somehow you could beat the military you got to beat the NATO troops that are asked to help with the roudy and dangerous spreaders of covid variants
  14. Did you see that great crowd of people run for their lives as soon as they saw those police guns? That, exactly is human nature
  15. Exactly. Ive beennsaying this a long time already They want just one good excuse to bring out the machine guns and kill a great pile of civilians Gives them the excuse to lock them down 24/7 with tanks armoured cars patrolling the streets
  16. Cannot. They have no weapons I like to introduce you to the harsh reality A big crowd of 10.000 unarmed people is no match for a very small crowd of well armed soldiers Sometimes all you need is 1 gattlin gun and 1 big case of bullets
  17. This sounds right You could have wrote that same message on a big white board on a stick anh waved it at the police in Polpots cambodia Maos china Police/army in holodomor ukraine North korea Fat lot of good it would have done Sorry, almost forgot russia These enforcers must feel iits better to be on the winning side Better to opress than to be opressed They are in their element They are strong Like to be brutal Get paid a lot of money for it too
  18. People chose to surrender control of their lives to the government. They chose to let the government act like their parents and treat the populace like children. You appoint a legal guardian for a group of children, the guardian doesn't ask the childrens permission when she makes a decision right? That's what people have done. They decided to be children and let government be their guardians. Those of us who didn't want this system, who argued against it, fought against it, wanted to keep our independance and pleaded with people to listen to common sense, we can't do anything about it now. All we can do is watch the masses get exactly what they asked for and inarguably exactly what they deserve.
  19. The world is in serious trouble now They make australia an example of what happens if the people challenge the govt Every country gave up their weapons so easily, dutifully Without weapons you cannot fight armed police and armies
  20. Feel the hate? These guys are monsters
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