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  1. if they did manage to pull it off and vaccine is as bad as they say.....millions would be dropping dead on the streets when the rest of the world hears of it.....
  2. the vid confirms my suspicions of how easy and quick it is to produce these things if they really going to do this 24hr mass vaccination then they would have to have warehouses full of the vaccines in all the major towns and cities already closer it comes to the date they drive these pallets to football stadiums i imagine hundreds of soldiers administering the jabs at one time 1 soldier can vaccinate 1 person every 20 seconds lets say 200 per hour 2000 people done in a 10hr shift 100 soldiers doing it at one time....200,000 in 10hrs 24hrs of that m
  3. there is talk already about the mass vaccination of usa in just 24hrs its done at warp speed! cant do just half the country in one day and half the next day because when on the next day they find out how sick people have gotten they would refuse the vaccine if thats what they plan theres got to be 100s of thousands of military doing this deed they cant all be psychopaths. im saying its got to be a chip
  4. there appears to be something inhuman about modern police. expressionless at best, demonic at worst. like machines they enforce suffering on not only to the general population-----to their own families, friends and parents too they must be chipped....they cant do it just for a pay i reckon they must be using musks sattelites to beam the frequency "I must follow orders"
  5. I am going to nominate you for this years nobel prize for humanitarian efforts regarding the safe, considerate, most compassionate new way of getting rid of 7 billion useless eaters. And i would like to be mentioned for inspiring you to such lofty heights. But they havnt got time to wait for everyone to die off. They want it done soon. Very soon. Your way....they have to wait for this generation to die and their offsprings....this could take up to 105 years.
  6. We are in deep shit My view is they want to exterminate 7 billion of us. Another reset. You say it cant be done, they done it already years ago...stalins soviet union, maos china, polpots cambodia, north korea etc. Proof that huge countries can be brought to its knees. My research shows in a battle between the govt vs the people....govt ALWAYS wins. What about the french? Haha The masses of this planet are sick, a real mess with zero recourses. The Great Mafia that controls all govts, corporations, police, courts, medias have unlimited recources. Fighting these,
  7. The army could be very reluctant to keep their countrymen locked down Unless.......they have very good reason to do it Well, arm the rebels and let them kill a big number of soldiers, with a real threat to kill more....thats a very good reason. Not only that, if there was a lot of looting, raping and destruction...that helps a lot
  8. But people are not fighting We think they got no balls. The way i see it is there is a collective intuition operating which tells them "dont do it. It leads to your imprisonment/death/something much worse"
  9. The main reason for it is they want you and as many countries possible rebelling against govt, police and army. Govts everywhere making insane decisions, locking down healthy citizens for nothing. No one is dying. They want riots, civil war, police killed...as much blood and violence as possible. At the right time they bring in the army and force you to 24hr curfew, soldiers patroling the streets They want the entire world on curfew. Maximum control
  10. Kind of. Their present hell is bearable. If you research the subject of humans that have died and comeback to life somehow, they tell of reliving their entire life....every second of it and seeing all the consequences of their action. And it takes only a second of earth time. They eperience an endless eon of hellrealm in one second of earth time You dont hear any accounts of how the cruel polititians and dictators die. We all think they all die peacefully, gradually and maybe even a smile on their lips. Haha
  11. Youre saying that the reason they want total control is ......they are afraid of dying? I can see why they would fear death. They know that when they die they go straight to the hellrealms for endless eons of time for their hineous crimes If they are after immortality they not getting very far with it Queen of england and her mother in their 90's and 100 year max isnt too impressive Same with rockerfellas and rothchilds. They age, man
  12. He appears to believe it was the planes that did the damage not saying it was an inside job. The great mafia would not allow someone to have great power and go against the official narrative. Yes, now im convinced he ll get the job
  13. Having an american with still a thick american accent, being born and immersed in that culture ruling over the english and telling them how to live. If hes not one of them how can he understand these people? Hes part of the drive to destroy national identity
  14. I cannot see these guys hanging up their boots settling down and being content with a peaceful life. They just murdered 7 billion people .....their minds would be in a hellrealm. They would need some powerful distraction from their bad memories. Their whole lives devoted to amassing power, domination...... Their hunger for power and domination mental and emotional habits are so strong they couldnt just stop. Like a snowball rolling down a snow mountain, momentum is impossible to stop. Your first post made sense to me. They get a lot of pleasure exploiting humans They could
  15. Yes, those 3 or 5 hundred thousands all have to have their memory erased somehow. This, i believe was what happened in the last great reset(c.1815 onwards) Our masters dont want anyone remembering how the last civilization was destroyed, the method they used. Like in the last reset there were so many orphans being shipped around all over the world....so in this coming reset they will do the same....they have to somehow take them away from their parents without too much struggle. Will need at least 5 million of them If there is a food shortage and the parents cant buy food....the
  16. We are the many. This video is issued as a warning to our cruel masters. You are playing with fire Dont push us, we have real power
  17. This vid desribes the new book written by james lee (of a pain truth utube fame) free PDF of the entire book
  18. To my ears, no doubt I couldnt believe what you wrote Had to look it up. Wow
  19. Hes american. How is it possible for a forigner to.have high ruling position over the brits? He dont even try concealing his accent
  20. I ll kick off with the statement The NWO thinksthere are far too many humans on this planet. They want to reset civilization and start afresh. There have been many resets, complete resets, according to my research It means they have to kill off nearly all of the human population What they want is enough workers and technicians to produce food and maintain infrastructure and produce things they all want to use My estimate is 300,000 workers and 2-5 million children Means about 7 billion people got to get killed off. Dead. Their preffered method is starvation.
  21. Now i feel all down and miserable I should read articles a bit more carefully in future Well at least i got a thrill making those calculations
  22. Heres what it says Our research shows that a drop of 100 microliters of water released from a height of 15 cm can generate a voltage of over 140V. And the power generated can light up 100 small LED light bulbs," said Professor Wang. Whether these bulbs are low powered or not dont matter. Theres definately going to be a decent amount of light there from just one very small action They are not saying that from one drop of water they get zero results They are saying from one drop of water light is produced....big or small, it dont matter. From 1 singl
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