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  1. Like i said there must be a very desperate energy out there in the estimated 10 or 20 million small buisnesses teetering on bankruptcy. These guys would open up if they knew for certain others have given their word to re open. But of the numbers are few or its all very uncertain....they probably not take the risk. Very heavy fines for re opening...very heavy. We...i mean us, on this forum need to explore this possibility of revolution. A wild example would be Someone could post thousands of emails to small buisness owners in all countries asking if they would
  2. What about testing the waters by asking your boss if he would participate in a mass restart of buisness....that is, if a great number of others would do the same thing? Your boss might have to make some efforts to phone around and talk to similar buisness owners himself. These revolutions dont get started unless theres been an organized effort. Im sure there will be those that cant be bothered People are losing their livelyhood. There must be a desperate energy out there
  3. The twitter link is dated jan 11th. My mistake, i checked it just now. Today is the 15th and i havnt heard if this mass opening of restaurants has actually taken off. The polish ski hotels .....i cant confirm if they were successful yet. Its still early days. Lets see What set me off was the mere concept of 50 000 establishments agreeing to do this action Let see what happens If it works or not at least we got an idea we could work on.... "What do we have to do to inspire 20 or 50 000 similar buisnesses to rebel?"
  4. I reckon this thread completely derailed. I couldnt care less...i will start a new one later And i dont mind a pitched battle also Im surprised at you oz, with your powers of investigation I suspect a number of these "different theories" have been commisioned by the cruel NWO So many, even too many virologist been comming out stating covid has never been isolated. Covid 19 is merely an excretion The testing machine is a farce. You can amplify magnification to prove that absolutely anyone and everyone has covid. With that machine you can test god hi
  5. We can speed it up by first talking about it amongs ourselves...how to spread this idea out and get others to believe that it is a feasable way of turning things around. The more we push this more the chance of it going viral.
  6. This is MASSIVE! this is our way out This must spread like wildfire If youre a landlord of a pub call other landlords, organize a great number of them to simultaneously open up the doors We can all start seriously boozing again! Must have a really good number of buisnesses agreeing to do it If only a few agree the fucking authorities will start fining and arresting the resisters. Cant do anything if 1 million pubs open up at once The numbers are critical
  7. This looks promising. If this works it could spread all over the world and in many areas...gyms, hairdressers, pubs. This action gives me the feeling that there might be a way out of this I do believe this is the solution We have to organize more of this as fast as possible Italy. 50,000 restauranteurs have decided to open up against Covid19 restrictions, lunch and dinner, banding together to form an alliance. This is the only way to stop this, mass civil disobedience. Long Live the People https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/IoApro?src=hasht
  8. Why follow religion? Its easy to do. They ask you to believe...to think something is true or false. Its easy to accept what someone says/what is written Other systems encourage/demand you investigate, question, use logic and check using past experience. They ask you to spend a lot of time looking deeply within your own mind. Not so easy.
  9. I reckon not different from people watching horror movies. Its entertainment producing extreme emotions. Some girls like to shreik in terror. It is such a powerful distraction all your problems are forgotten ....you have reief
  10. One of the 1st books i read about things alternative was a critical analasis of the catholic church/jesuits. Titled christian holocaust. I had a nervous breakdown for 2 or 3 days. My life stopped, i didnt know what to do It was an in depth study of evil A 400 page book, only about 300 copies made. Very rare Rare, i think because the church would want it suppressed
  11. The concept of god was created to fuck you up. Your human rights got nothing to with god Animals....for fucks sake are born in the jungle and from the very first minute they got to fear and worry some bigger animal dont tear them to pieces. Dont animals have rights too? You ask any animal (and yes, thres quite a few humans got ability to communicate with animals) Ask that animal do you think you should be able to walk unmolested from one end of jungle to the other? Hes going to say yes absolutely! These bigger animals are viscious and brutal. They
  12. CATHOLIC church, no doubt Just the tip of the iceberg Should find similar graves near every single church-run orphanages all over the world Should be able to locate the exact spots using dowsing rods the depth of grave and the numbers too Of course youll never get permission to excavate
  13. God is just a fiction People like to sit on their asses watching netflix or playing videogames and when they tired of doing that they sit quietly for a couple of minutes. Thats the time they pray to god. Please god, this world is so upside down at the moment so many bad things happening Would you please fix everything so it all goes back to normal Thankyou god Oh, my car is all broken down...i need a new one. Well, if you could manage it.....a new porshe Thanks in advance, god. I love you so much
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