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  1. Feel the hate? These guys are monsters
  2. I like the idea So you dont make videos....you modify them? I dont think you have editing permission if its a video you havent created How you going to insert your messages....or is it a bit of a top secret subject?
  3. Are you thinking to insert your own messages to recondition the masses? If so, wow you got a lot of videos to change
  4. Oh that kind of sub messaging... Everyone knows that I thought dalep was refering to the split second flash go buy a bottle of coke Theres nothing we can do about the messaging disney & co are using...its too big a monster
  5. Ive heard of this subliminal insert about 30 years ago I want to know what you were suggesting that people didnt respond to it like you might have hoped? I made a thread about this just recently ....not much reaction This... just read this on another forum. This may explain the mass psychosis Extremely easy to embed information in the digital signal. This is why they killed analog years ago. Combine a commandeered digital signal and 5 flat screen smart TVs per household and they have a legion of brainwashed automatons at their disposal. i should say im on the smartphone quite a few hours a day....im not fooled like the rest of them or maybe they embed different information specifically for my type
  6. Just took this post off GLP forum Docs and Nurses Being BRIBED to Go Along with Scamdemic - Solid Uncle Intel Money printers have unlimited access to money. They are now using it to bribe nurses and docs to go along with the scam. We need more confirmation this is happening, just a few honest people stepping forward will put an end to this crime wave. The people at the top in govt must know this is happening. It'll have to go out through the people. From a friend in FL (no link is available, this is genuine uncle intel). Let's see how the shills respond to this one...LOL ******** BIG NOTE HERE: WILD and wooley convo this evening with an active top line nurse specialist - first hand knowledge tonight - NURSE from Broward Co... offer 15K per week to continue to go along with the mass fraud in Fl - 60K per month enormous numbers of nurses are getting paid here - she fears for her life right now - Doctors are making over 100 to 300K per month to go along with it - anyone not willing to go along are terminated and black listed - these records exist she says = SHE HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH INTERNAL DOCS AT LEE COUNTY SYSTEM HERE= that prove all of it is a fraud and has seen the fraudulent docs and medical records as they are being manipulated and that everyone virtually knows it's all BULLSHIT and that they are in on it to get paid huge amounts - and that 100% of all patients coming in as of right now are all double jabbed as well as with boosters - she says that the hospitals in Fl are filling up with nearly 100% patients vaxxed and they're all clotting out, skin falling off - massive black spots from skin clotting etc - from the description she laid out, huge numbers are showing up now - WE ARE IN THE QUICKENING PHASE as of right now I suspect when the real dying begins THUS the NECESSITY to MANDATE the vaxx in order to continue to run cover for the subterfuge and plausible deniability - She said all of the news and main hospital staff are completely bought off and that people are getting weird around her and she feels like she may be killed soon - said in FL they've got less than 30 days to take the jab or be fired and apparently large numbers of already short staffed hospitals are going to walk what is left - the rest are getting paid off with ridiculous amounts to keep it going - this is from tonight - all of it is what she reported - as well as NONE of the rolling portable morgue trucks are full of anything but air - the hospitals are filling with blacks and hispanics she said with the sickness and she said something very strange as well - said nearly NONE of them are white UNLESS they have been double jabbed or boostered x3 etc
  7. 6uild 6ack 6etter Im telling you this is going to go viral It looks good,darkly sexy and naughty I think its got zap
  8. Good and neccessary thread especially in these hedonistic times The more you try to get pleasure from the senses the more stuck you are in samsara Enjoying samsara is like eating food that is poisoned
  9. Some ideas if you want to fight Some ideas you want to run There is a way but it comes with a price Got to go to very remote place Must have waterscource Dig underground cavern use builders plastic Forested area can.alaska siberia aussie bush Take a ton of seeds scattered planting all over hidden by weeds Eat sprouted mungbeans wheat Rye Use grinder Use vortex stove...gives no smoke or smell...you undetectable Go from you cavern very rarely therell be drones and sattelites watching You.must be mature enough to live alone Invest in repeater crossbow for defence Vortex rocket stove
  10. Exactly, compulsively aggressively trying to force a change This is what fundemntalist christians and muslims do Its barbaric
  11. The golden rule of posting on any forum is dont feed the shills and trolls I am merely elaborating on this very important rule
  12. Ignore these posts It tries to make you see something that doesnt exist Dont engage with debunkers. It never ends well
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