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  1. I just read an article on cruelty of animals in spain. The donkeys are just one of so many acts of cruelty don by the sadistic spaniards. I never come across accounts like this https://globalanimalwelfare.org/top-10-animal-cruelty-traditions-in-spain/
  2. I was taken by it. But i might have a slight problem with some doom videos Theres so many doom videos its hard to detect bs they are all very well produced
  3. Take advantage whilst you still can You can liken what we are going through witj maos china stalins russia and polpots cambodia Were there operating courts in those days?
  4. Tremendous 4-minute video from a doctor/scientist. She reveals what the first and second V shot was designed to do. BUT THE BOOSTER SHOTS (Yes SHOTS--four boosters are already planned to roll out) are THE KILL SHOTS. I highly encourage each of you to take a moment to watch this video but for others here is a brief summation. *The purpose of the first V is to DESTROY your white blood cells which protects you from all kinds of infections. Destroys as much as 75%. *The purpose of the second V is to DESTROY the remaining white blood cells. *The first booster will inject 81 strands of foreign material into your now TOTALLY UNPROTECTED body. These are renegade cells NEVER seen before by your body. *The second booster will inject 8 strands of HIV into your totally unprotected body AND will shut off your immune system. *The next TWO boosters will provide more foreign material until you body is overwhelmed by poison and dies. *20-30% are anticipated to die after each booster. *Yet in a strange way, those remaining will become dependent on the later boosters in order to survive. *In 2-3 years most V recipients will be dead. IMPORTANT**If you or your family has been jabbed with the first two doses, you have done damage to your body. But this is NOTHING compared to what you will do if you take ANY of these boosters. THE BOOSTERS ARE THE KILL SHOT! https://www.brighteon.com/a7668819-a224-4cbe-9b19-06e743ea59d7
  5. Safety has nothing to do with it Its punishment for non compliance
  6. I cannot see a quick solution But we can grow stronger in adverse conditions
  7. I dont doubt it will happen Its not if Its when?
  8. Our world is being collapst all around us to us to others We lose everything we worked for for so many years and we just let it happen without much reaction And we think its nearly over Its only just begun
  9. There must be something external that makes people be fucked up the ass repeatedly walked all over and kicked when theyre down and all they do is moan and complain Its got to.be flouride in processed food. I think you could get higher concentrations in that way I ve never seen a study measuring amounts in processed foods beer etc
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