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  1. The rise of the Antichrist, is conditional upon the removal or stepping aside of the KATECHON, the restrainer. Another word for that is grand monarch. Your spirit will guide you to reveal the AC.
  2. The rise/coming of the Antichrist is conditional upon the removal of someone that stalls/restrains him. That restrainer is the KATECHON, or GRAND MONARCH. She has in effect stood aside, has she not. Its all in the bible. The BEAST IS HERE.
  3. March, June, September and December are favourite months for NWO. Throughout history. But obviously not limited to these months.
  4. 39 is the most significant number for illuminati, and 111.
  5. Remember, NWO use mayan calendar. So we are in 2012. Any dates that are divisible by 6, when added, are events planned and ochestrated by the luciferans. Example-21/03/12=36.(Uk lockdown). Go through the dates this year, or whenever, using the mayan calendar method, minus 8 years, and you will be shocked. Same applies to birthdates of leading lizards.
  6. The antichrist assumed office recently. He will deceive the world soon, because he is the last person anybody expects. The red dragon. 616=The beast, not to be confused with 666, the mark of the beast. Marvel studios, earth 616.Ryan Reynolds, Wrexham Fc. Prince of Wales. Not him, but his offspring. Koran, beware the kafir, he will have a mark on his head and be blind in one eye. Research the birth date of the offspring, and something significant happened before. Blackfriars bridge, God's banker.
  7. Hi everybody. I have also become somewhat of a pariah amongst most of my family and friends, because of my beliefs and convictions. However, my spirit and instict are my compass, and there is tremendous evil and unearthly forces sweeping the earth. And its accelerating very quickly. Uk and Australia are the staging posts for the new world plan, which will encompass the world. The Illuminati use the mayan calendar, which is 8yrs less than the Gregorian. So we are in the year 2012. By year end, possibility 21/12/2012 something very big and dramatic is going to happen in the world, and i fear for humanity, because it may usher in the false prophet or the antichrist.
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