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  1. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the Inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious Anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee
  2. People are just scared. And they should be. You can't run away from this threat. You can't live off-grid and think they won't get to you. They will. This is about standing up and saying "NO! I AM NOT DOING IT!" And maybe... just maybe someone else will join, and other people will stand with you, so you can then say, "WE AIN'T HAVING IT!" Consequences be damned. $1000 Fine in New York for not wearing masks https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/09/30/918704017/new-york-city-imposes-fines-of-up-to-1-000-for-those-who-refuse-to-wear-face-mas
  3. I was in a hotel a couple of weeks ago, turned the TV on, and it was a wrestling match, and instead of a real audience, it was a bunch of tv screens of people broadcasting on their phones like that. Welcome to Dystopia.
  4. People won't give up their phones or their social media. The addiction they have is stronger than heroin and/or crack cocaine. That dopamine hit, is constantly hitting you every time that like button is hit and/or a notification goes off. Even IF Bill Gates came out and made a video, publicly stating the vaccines are poison and about control, that covid19 isn't real, and that 5G is really dangerous! People would still line up to get the vaccine. Nobody will give up their phone. Want to do a fun experiment? Try taking a friend or family members phone from them and watch what happens. You will start to see how evil all of this really is. Even monks and homeless people have phones. They would rather believe the lie, and most people, even if they know the truth, will simply accept it as their fate. I agree though, this IS THE SOLUTION! But it has to be a choice, and people will NEVER choose this. We have already crossed the line of the point of no return. If there was a global EMP, maybe humanity would have a chance. If people didn't have a phone, a link to the matrix, they would never accept being in a lockdown.
  5. I hate to quote mainstream media, BUT.... Elon Musk has said he won't take the vaccine They don't mention it in the video, even though it's the title of the page, but they quote him in the article https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/29/business/elon-musk-nyt-podcast-covid-vaccine/index.html
  6. If the virus really existed, everyone in India would already be dead.
  7. Narcissism. It's like a cancer. Our society is based on it. It's why the system needs to fall.
  8. Not sure if it's been mentioned here or not, but Max Igan has also been banned from youtube. https://www.bitchute.com/video/3BHocNGCkNHM/ I know youtube has a comments section, but I expect comments to get taken away soon. Same reason mainstream NEWS media doesn't have any comments section. Same reason Netflix doesn't have a comments section. They are making it very hard to communicate with each other. Expect it to get worse.
  9. I live in Oregon, USA. Mandatory face masks in public. There's no way around it. Not really. You can't go into the store if you don't wear one. No choice. The same policy will be for vaccines. To go to school, travel, shop, eat out, see a doctor...anything. And eventually, they will come door to door to test every one and vaccinate. It will be the law. They will just take you away, put you in a camp and vaccinate you anyway, so you will feel there is no other choice. But there is. Expect what is going to happen, and you will be prepared for this mentally and spiritually.
  10. I first heard David Icke around 1996, 1997. Caught the banned interview, and blew my mind. I thought it couldn't all be true. Like watching a movie, I suspended my disbelief to what David Icke was saying...and thought okay, what if everything he said was true, just pretend for a few days! 2 weeks later I saw starlink satellites, around 50! Night after night. Why the hell are they launching all of these satellites and no mention in the media (very little!), I mean we are in lockdown, essential work only! At first I thought some of what he was saying was true, I mean...there has to be a virus, right? Anyway, after doing my own research, I became convinced 1000% that it's all a big lie, it's all about the vaccine and control. David Icke was right, and I can't thank him enough for being brave enough to speak the truth. I've tried talking to friends and family members online, and off. Only a couple of close friends and my mom are on the same page. I had to let everyone else go, even deleted my fakebook profile. BTW, if anyone is still on there, they are updating their terms of service October 1st to own all of your images and use them, sell them in advertising however they want! And delete anything you post that they want. I swear they made it sound like they OWN YOU! Evil bastards. And I was posting videos for the last 6 months, trying to wake people up, very few people liked or responded, but as soon as I said "I would rather breath one day of fresh air, than wear a mask the rest of my life! It's like a prison for your face!" I still didn't get 'likes', but I got tons of comments. A lot of people ridiculing me (I can only imagine what David Icke has had to go through all these years), and family members trying to get my mom to not let me in her home. Nevermind the fact that I haven't been wearing a mask this whole time! I followed up with this post, anyone please feel free to use it if you need to: "I don't care who you are. If you disrespect me, that's it. You're out of my life. I forgive you. But I don't have space for anyone in my life who doesn't love or respect me. Because I treat people with the love and respect I have for myself." Despite what is going on, I honestly have not felt more free in my life. When I go for a run, I yell at people who are wearing masks, "Don't cover your beautifull smile!" "How can you breath with your face covered?" "They don't want you to be healthy!" "They want to poison you!" "They want to lock you down!" "They want to shut you up!" "Don't live in fear!" Anyway, I finally joined the forum because there really isn't many places we can still speak freely. And I knew I would find like minded people here.
  11. I was skeptical for about 2 weeks after the banned London Real interview. Then I saw all of the Starlink satellites...around 50 of them, night after night. So I did my own research. I'm 1000% convinced there is nothing to be afraid of, except 5G and a vaccine. I'm not afraid of it, just aware of the truth now.
  12. A morally strong person would never get an abortion. Psychopaths make horrible parents. The machines tried to abort me, but my mom was too badass.
  13. If everyone took their masks off then and there, the cop would have felt pretty stupid. Everyone just kept on like nothing was happening, even the cheerleaders kept cheering as she got tazed. Brave girl. She's a hero.
  14. The devil has been busy. This is spiritual warfare people.
  15. The way out... Don't wear a mask. Don't follow ridiculous social distancing rules. Don't take the vaccine. Consequences be damned. Thank you Mr. David Icke. I wanted to go off grid years ago, I saw the impending collapse coming. Unless you already live off grid, you are not prepared for it. It takes learning how to build your own shelter, and practice doing it. It takes an understanding of nature and knowing what you can grow and forage. It takes skills to hunt and make your own tools. What you need to do is talk to anyone who will listen. Talk to your friends, family members and anyone in your community (not online, you can try, but that is most likely a waste of time). Talk to your real local community. Take a stand for what you know to be right. Talking to people in churches is just one way, and it's a good start...anyone who will listen. If they won't listen, do not waste your time, attention and energy. That is the only thing of value anymore, spend it wisely. If you are reading this, You are the Resistance. ~John Connor
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