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  1. I think most of the population has a panty sniffing fetish. It looks like people are wearing their underwear on their face.
  2. Yeah, they're Trump supporters. Can't make this stuff up. All over the mainstream giants.
  3. Merry Christmas!! We're not gonna take it ANYMORE!!
  4. When the law no longer serves the people, It is rendered obsolete.
  5. I think if you ask them if they are a reptillian, they cannot lie about it. I believe this is the power of the spoken word and the truth. There's an interview with Louis C.K. and Rumsfeld and Louis asks him repeatedly "Are you a lizard?", and he always avoids answering the question with a yes or no.
  6. I had a confrontation with a manager at a Grocery Store in Washington state. As soon as I walked up to the store, some bag boy kid was eyeballing me, I walked in... Bag Boy: Sir, you have to wear a mask! Me: Where's your restroom? Bag Boy: You have to wear a mask to come in! Me: It's okay, I just need to use the restroom. Bag Boy: Do you want to talk to the manager? Me: Yes, I'd like to talk to the manager. Manager: Sir, you have to wear a mask! Me: I just need to use the restroom. Manager: Actually, restrooms are for patrons only. Me: I can
  7. I the other night I had a dream Biden died, and they made Kamala Harris President.
  8. They really are magical and will help you have better dreams.
  9. Those of you looking to build a better life, please research natural building with COB. The Hand Sculpted House by Ianto Evans is a great book and guide. Stop giving negative things your attention and focus. You are not here to solve the worlds problems. You are here to find a way to BE HAPPY, that's your work. As far as relationships go, the only one that matters is the one you have with yourself. Be good to yourself, eat right, exercise, go outside, breath fresh air, smile, laugh, write down your thoughts, BE GOOD to yourself. Be Happy, Be Healthy and FEEL GOOD.
  10. If you aren't wearing a mask, we will break social distancing and talk to you closely for 10 minutes and make actual physical contact.
  11. You don't need a badge or a card to prove you have the human right breath fresh air.
  12. Doesn't being "Exempt" remind you of the yellow star the Nazi's made the Jew's wear in WWII?
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