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  1. I was wondering what maskers were going to do when it started raining.
  2. Most people begging say the phrase, "Can you spare any change?" I've often felt this statement really means more than just money. Change the way we interact with one another and treating each other like our brother and sister. Change the world.
  3. I learned this one from my Aunt... When they tell you to wear a mask, say, "What?" Even if you can understand what they are saying, keep saying, "What?" And move closer. Then ask them, "Can you take your mask off? I can't hear what you're saying?" Bonus lesson from my Aunt, if you are in any line waiting, just cough loud a few times, and people get out of the way pretty fast.
  4. When you think about everyone on social media, how many selfies do people take before they upload the perfect one? Masks take away your uniqueness, so you can be like everybody else. Masks appeal to psychopaths and narcissists, those who want to hide their true self. The cult has been manipulating society to become more narcissistic for years. Society can't wait to submit to the sick fetish trend, goes right along with the programming.
  5. You ever pay attention to those guys carrying a sandwich board with some bible verse on it and yelling, "The End is NEAR!" Probably not. In the movie, "They Live", Rowdy Roddy Piper (R.I.P.) had to have the toughest street fight in history just to get his friend to take a look at what was really going on! Then they had to knock out the transmitter (5G tower) to get the masses to wake up. Am I suggesting you knock out 5G towers...NO! I would never tell anyone what to do. You have to do what you feel is right. I do believe if people didn't have access to the internet
  6. John Connor


    Breakfast: Oatmeal with Hemp seeds 3 tbsp Chia seeds 2 tbsp Sesame seeds 2 tbsp Banannas Blueberries I have mine with Hemp Milk, but use whatever you like. This is all Vegan, and has more protein than two cheeseburgers. The fruit you can freeze if you need to. Everything else keeps for a long time. I also have a glass of water with half a teaspoon of Spirulina. I always have a stockpile of Goji berries and eat a few of those too.
  7. That nasty taste in your mouth that won't go away after wearing a mask, that's what fascism and tyranny actually tastes like. Are you sick of it yet?
  8. Yeah, the secret ingredient to the vaccine is actually called "LUCIFERASE!" I know the bible says, "beware of the mark of the beast," but I never expected them to label it with the name of the prince of darkness. You can't make this stuff up.
  9. @Harmony about 13:00 minutes in, your questions start to get answered, but it's worth watching from the beginning :-) This is a link to the Zeitgeist movie https://www.bitchute.com/video/BYq8I2ctcJTu/ The Pyramids are not tombs, but represent the three stars in Orions belt, the three kings.
  10. Have you guys ever seen the movie Zeitgeist? It explains all of this.
  11. Sweden doesn't need masks because they are already micro-chipping people there. And that's what this is really about. They will be in the upper class of the "Hunger Games Society." Remember, masks are only being used as a test. If they got you to wear a mask, Then they know you are ready for the vaccine.
  12. When Obi-Wan Kenobi died, he merged with the Force. That dude didn't have a lot of money or anything, as a Jedi, he looked like he lived a humble life. But at the end, he stood up for what was right, against the most evil tyrant in the galaxy! Vader had the whole empire backing him up, and this humble old man said, "Strike me down and I shall become more powerfull than you can possibly imagine!" He inspired the young next generation, Luke Skywalker, which ultimately changed the course of the universe and brought down the evil empire. We don't have to figure everything
  13. Saying you are exempt will not work indefinitely. Here in the USA, land of the so-called FREE, at the airports there are "Exemptions", but they will arrest you if you don't wear one anyway. David Icke is right, the only solution is to tell those bastards, "WE AIN'T HAVING IT!!!!" If they try to push it, use George Floyds last words, "I CAN'T BREATH!!!"
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