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  1. Right or wrong the Trump supporters were angry at the government, So stormed the Senate to show their rage. BLM, Antifa got mad at the police so burned down cities and looted stores. Nothing to do with police brutality.
  2. That and trying to show Iraq and it's people angry at the illegal invasion as just a bunch of backward un-educated peasants, who want to kill all westerners.
  3. When AI tech takes over most jobs, The biggest market will become the people who teach others how to hack into the AI tech and stop, distrupt it working.
  4. Take the chimpanzee with super strength, Add a sprinkle of human intelligence, blood lust and gereral love of destruction. Fast forward 20years when the last humans are kept in cages for medical, product testing.
  5. He swapped it out, A few times the press has managed to get a picture of whatever is written on paper carried by politicians.
  6. Same thing happened in 2016 DNC leaks, The press only talked about how the leaks got out, Left out the the real information about the DNC corruption. Now the Democrats are talking about how the Biden information was released. Not the corruption revealed.
  7. So Covid now only works the night shift 10-6. What a rascal.
  8. So Americans have the choice of voting for two alleged sexual predators, Either way you are fucked.
  9. If it's true all life started in water, then all life on Earth is alien as all of Earth's water came from astroids. From God knows where.
  10. Im sure Delta Air Lines own 49% of Virgin Atlantic. Plus they pay very little to no Tax at all in the U.K.
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