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  1. If he was talking shit about Russia, They would let him talk for as long as he wanted.
  2. In the US these companies have human rights in court, Yet they never really get punished for breaking the law.
  3. We will know in a few years when deformed, non human looking babies are being born in the Ukraine, The same as Iraq.
  4. If it happened in the Ukraine, It would be on the news 24hrs a day, And politicians would be lining up foaming at the mouth demanding justice. She is the wrong shade of white for western press.
  5. The more weapons they send, The more Ukrainians will die. They could not give a fuck. They think punishing Russian civilians will help overthrow Putin. Russians know that the world is punishing them, they end up supporting their government even more. When the sanctions really start hurting the West's populations, The people will end up protesting and rioting against their leaders. Leading them to stand down and quit.
  6. If it is true that life on Earth started in the oceans. Then that means all of life on Earth are Aliens. All of the water on Earth came from space in Asteroids and whatever else. Maybe if that water ended up on another planet, We could eloved into anything.
  7. I thought she was engaged to Alex Rodriguez a couple of months ago,
  8. The oil companies lost a fortune when everybody was locked down,
  9. First off Russia has every right to limit access to the British propaganda channel BBC, After we blocked RT & Sputnik, just because they showed a different side to stories. Russia is telling it's citizens 'They are performing security operations in Ukraine' Every country propagandises their own citizens, UK is no different.
  10. The Ukrainian government has been killing it's own citizens in the East since 2015, I don't ever remember hearing anybody calling that out.
  11. Any advanced race, Would know to give Earth a wide berth,
  12. This is Hunter Bidens pet project, They are also handing out Crack and under age prostitutes.
  13. America spent Billions putting their own puppet President in Ukraine, American neo,cons always accuse Russia of doing exactly the same as they do.
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