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  1. He is doing a survey, Which Country is best at getting rid of his skid marks.
  2. So Americans have the choice of voting for two alleged sexual predators, Either way you are fucked.
  3. If it's true all life started in water, then all life on Earth is alien as all of Earth's water came from astroids. From God knows where.
  4. Im sure Delta Air Lines own 49% of Virgin Atlantic. Plus they pay very little to no Tax at all in the U.K.
  5. Yes I do, Though the Hypocrisy by Britain and America bitching about China wanting to grow is my problem.
  6. Britain and America has spent the last couple of centuries building their own empires. Now China wants to build its own. The other two are outraged, scared of a bit of competition.
  7. The police say they hacked a encrypted messsaging app that criminals use. They say they arrested about 750 criminals in 1 day in a huge operation.
  8. The Democrats vote with Republicans on most bills. The DNC love Trump. They can just complain about Trump being the problem while voting along with the Republicans to keep their big donors happy.
  9. We work hard, we play hard,
  10. I would think wearing a mask for long periods, Breathing back in some of the Carbon Dioxide you breathe out, would end up making you ill. I could be wrong.
  11. The British empire causing trouble, Cutting up Countries and drawing borders, Sometimes by people who had never set foot inside of a Country before drawing up it's new borders. It has caused nothing but trouble.
  12. The next war would consist of Countries try to destroy each others communication, Military defence, satellites, Nuclear Missiles would be useless without GPS,
  13. When she was home secretary Teresa May's office helped Libyans in the UK go to Libya and help fight against Gadaffi. They were brought back to the UK after the Gadaffi murder on British military ships.
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