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  1. I had a dream about this happening. In my dream they came and released a purple gas that stripped all Oxygen off the planet.
  2. Cop acted with seconds to spare, Nothing else could of stopped her stabbing the girl in pink.
  3. My mum is kicking off because her soaps are not on.
  4. Just because they are the original "Daywalkers"
  5. Why does he need so much farm land. His plan is to have people eat fake meat in the future. No doubt fake fruit and vegetables will be served with the fake meat.
  6. Nicola Sturgeon has always reminded me of, Rab C Nesbits wife.
  7. So the Kremlin plans to carry out "Salisbury style attacks" Where specially trained agents, use the most lethal poison on the planet. And none of their targets die. The propaganda against Russia is disgusting.
  8. Yes I get the buzzing noise, sounds a bit like loud static pulse in my head. Then am aware I am awake but can't move. Luckily I never see anything but I can feel a presence above me. I have taught myself to wake myself up quite quickly. It takes a lot of energy and strengh. I manage to move my head left and right and my body wakes up.
  9. If all life started in the oceans, Then all life on this planet is alien. All of the water on Earth was transported here from asteroids and whatever else transported ice, water here
  10. She wants a curfew for men. I thought that guy who killed Sarah is a cop. He could be of been attacking women while on duty for a while.
  11. Malcom X and MLK jr were both killed because they started talking about uniting the races against the real problem. Up till then they spoke about Black folks rights. That was just annoying to the power, nothing to worry about. The thought of a country of united citizens terrifies the government. That is the reason they work so hard to keep us fighting amongst each other
  12. I smell a false flag, They have been foaming at the mouth for the US to go to war with Iran.
  13. Right or wrong the Trump supporters were angry at the government, So stormed the Senate to show their rage. BLM, Antifa got mad at the police so burned down cities and looted stores. Nothing to do with police brutality.
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