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  1. Anyone got any information about athsma and its causes? Some information other than peddled by the GPs etc? Just in light of the vaccine lies, I'm doing my research about my sons athsma which has disappeared but they are still recommending a prevention inhaler.
  2. Great, thanks for this. I'll watch over the coming days. Also check out Dr Mc Dougall and the starch based diet. Its along the same lines that processed food is poison and starch based foods should be the mainstay of our diet.
  3. Guys, just found this forum. Been following David Icke for a while which has opened my eyes to Vaccines. Our school is pushing the nasal flu Vaccine which I'm concerned to give to our children. I'm trying to convince my wife who is 50/50 on the matter. Anyone got any good evidence about the nasal Vaccine and why it shouldn't be taken?
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