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  1. Okay. Can you please try to get to grips with basic grammar before you post?
  2. It looks like we have a father and son team in charge of the company, at least on a superficial CEO and board-level. DEFINITIVE PSA LTD Company number 05989881 34-year-old David Boswell is the active company director. 68-year-old Peter Boswell was the original company director. It looks like he resigned and directly handed operations over to his son. The younger Boswell appears to be ex-military and has connections to the Isle of Man: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-boswell-56992a16/ Maybe somebody can go further with this?
  3. Good luck with your adventure. This kind of episode, though, is what I was originally warning the posters about here. It's easy to over-glorify certain countries (the Netherlands does stand out because it's a well-organised country with a pretty high living standard) where the populace are quite indoctrinated and probably more likely to obey authority than Brits are.
  4. It's not the UK, it's an international mafia with a religion behind it. You simply won't get into these positions as an outsider. The 'leaders' are born into this cult and groomed to play a role for many years. You still seem to have a quaintly old-fashioned view of how power works. It's about family dynasties and selling out the masses. If you're not on-board with the conspiracy, you won't get within 100 miles of the higher positions. This structure has never been in place for our benefit. We're simply encouraged to personally identify with the institutions, ceremonial events etc., as part of our supposed national identity, when the organisations involved are private business or corporate networks. It's all a way of capturing the consciousness, obedience and productive output of the people, by achieving their 'buy-in' with coercive psychological techniques. Look into keyterms such as Tree of Life, Hegelian Dialectic, Bernays, Manufacturing Consent, 'Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds' by Gustave Le Bon. Advisers like Dominic Cummings are simply 'people like us' who became fascinated by the UN and international politics at a young age, and decided to join the dark side. Although some of these mastermind types probably believe they can have more of an effect in improving the world if they work with power, instead of becoming a rebel, it's inevitable that they will gradually become corrupted over time.
  5. The advisors will generally be 120 IQ+ and have the same ability to access alternative information online about the Gates Foundation, Agenda 2030 etc. It's obvious that they are part of the scam. Third World countries have lodges and secret societies, too. So it's not difficult to co-ordinate at all.
  6. Yes, I've explored many of those countries. I don't have any particular prejudice, I just feel attached to England, even if it's a highly unpleasant place to live now. Perhaps my deeper instinct is that we could be approaching the 'end' and if that's the case, I'd rather go down with the ship than flee to another country. Again, we're dealing with relatively peaceful places that are on the up economically, and it's very easy to become complacent and take your eye off the ball in those circumstances. Eventually, even if it's 30 years from now, they will be facing the same challenges. They are still alien cultures where I would most likely be viewed as a traitor for giving up and fleeing my homeland. And they would be perfectly within their rights to perceive me in that way. All I can say is that I feel I'm on my own journey. I don't see any easy escape route out of this nightmare. As much as Britain has become overly commercialised, Americanised or whatever you want to call it, I still feel a psychic attachment to it. While outsiders only see the corruption and assume it's all your fault. I sense that they can't see the mechanisms at play, including at least a century of social engineering. Or even recognising that the same psychological techniques work in every country.
  7. I mean the related storylines were media/distractions or fabrications from the real attack vector i.e. the vaccine and upcoming food shortages. Trying to get people to 'fight' corruption in too much of an abstract way, or thinking Trump will save them and so on. Notice how Viviane Westwood has been heavily involved in the Assange story. She is a major shill and high-ranking J*wess in the UK and historically actively played a role in these sorts of scams. And yes, the authorities in places like Amsterdam, Malmo, Marseilles, Brussels etc. DO know about grooming and abuse of women and underage girls by the arrivals, and do nothing about the issue. You're just an excellent demonstration of continental Europeans' delusion that they are magically above corruption. I keep noticing this. Continentals think they are superior to Anglo-Saxons, let's face it. I think you will be surprised. They will most likely be ripping each other to shreds in the streets when the full reality kicks in.
  8. I don't agree with you there. I mean these people are familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. But they are usually from a whole families of lawyers, civil servants or previous career politicians. It's a cult that you are generally born into, with connections to black nobility families. Any meme that becomes a bit too popular is doubtful. Prospective MPs are very carefully vetted. The few MPs who accurately represent British public opinion now are the likes of Peter Bone, Esther McVey and formerly Kate Hoey. Definitely under 10 of the 600 or so. There is no need to blackmail them. Anything too Wikileaks or Pizzagate-esque is suspicious and just another distraction or a method for bringing down the morale of the public. If a PM, especially, fails to achieve what's required of them they can simply be removed at the following election if necessary and replaced with somebody who is compliant. Or forced out with lies in the media, or threats. Remember 'they' don't need evidence when they can just fabricate stories that most people will believe anyway (reference the lack of evidence on Ted Heath and Leon Britton, for example - no trials, no convictions).
  9. Someone, I was campaigning for the BNP in the late-1990s (including on the streets in Birmingham of all places). Yet here you are semi-supporting them, but giving a wishy-washy token statement of disagreeing 'with a lot of their politics.' Make your mind up. And stop telling posters here who they supported or voted for in the past, when you don't know anything about them.
  10. The Yellow Vests are a Soros-backed false flag organisation. It's more convincing in the French context, because they have more nationalistic thinking on the left (the unions give the mob of French rural society a bit more protection against Paris). The conditions are slightly different. Anyhow, I've studed human psychology deeply enough to know that this whole problem is not a UK-centric issue. It appears to be true that around 70% of people (in any country) have no internal monologue, meaning they outsource their decision-making to the collective. I always knew my intuition level was way higher than average, but I've still been shocked by the cultural changes in recent years and how people meekly accepted everything. Seriously, though. Do you want to tell me that Belgians are 'awake?' I can imagine it's a nicer place to live at the moment, but I really can't see Belgians as more awake or switched on with regards to the bigger agenda.
  11. Not you personally. I'm trying to explain the general position that outsiders have when commenting on the UK's internal problems. It's like they are demanding that you take personal effective action against the most powerful forces in the world, while they do nothing. But then act is if they are superior. It's just silly.
  12. I agree it's a horrible place now, but I can't agree with you about Europe. Even by 2010, the UK was outside the top 20 in Europe for alcohol consumption. A lot of youngsters in the UK don't smoke or drink anymore. There are libraries, sports facilities and swimming pools everywhere in the UK. Even Germany has been closing those down, to pay for the new arrivals. Sure, that doesn't change the fact that modern Britain is a hellscape. Have you considered that the Anglo countries are under heavier attack for a reason? When totalitarianism comes back around again 100%, continental Europeans will be a PATHETIC sight to behold, believe me.
  13. But this is precisely what I mean. People are too focused on the UK. There is always some schadenfraude going on here, as many people overseas resent having to learn English as their second language or as the language of business; they dislike Anglo-Saxon cultural influences and associate us with unpopular US foreign policy etc. Personally I'm disgusted by that. I mean, when the new 'arrivals' are going beserk in some small town in Belgium, how is Britain's decline going to help them? It's just a pathetic attitude to be honest. Everybody wants to be an observer on the outside claiming they have the answers, when really they are just some lone snivelling coward like anybody else.
  14. Ah, so the moment of truth arrives. You are living in Belgium, of all places! Well I'm happy you're so confident about the future of your adopted homeland, Someone. I just find Brits to be way too self-hating these days. Most other European countries have a more concentrated, socially engineered middle-class yuppie population than the UK, that's true. People are too easily impressed by that, I think. They fail to delve more deeply into the psyche of the nation. The youngsters are still 'snowflakes' (worse than England in fact) and the lack of independent critical thinking or rebellious tendencies is unnerving.
  15. Everyone claims that though. The Dutch, Danes and Swedes are all convinced that they are the 'proving ground.' The Swiss think that they are elite centre of the world. The Americans believe they are the cultural testing ground. Canadians believe they are a soft communism testing ground. But I can see what you're attempting to do here. That is, force the Brits to do all the heavy lifting on behalf of everybody else. But it just doesn't work that way. I'm afraid that men in other countries will have to take on their share of the burden, too. This whole taking the p1ss on the Internet business is a luxury, temporary entertainment phase. Sure, Brits have to make some tough decisions on how they're going to tackle this. But everybody else needs to do the same. You're basically volunteering total strangers in another country to take on the evils of the whole of humanity, and win single-handedly, while everybody else looks on passively while claiming superiority.
  16. Fair enough. So what are your own plans for anti-establishment action in your own homeland then? Oh. Let me guess. "We won't allow it to happen here." Am I right? Why the obsession with the UK and demanding that strangers in another country do all the heavy lifting?
  17. Yeah, I recall that video. Horrifying. Remember, though, that the BNP did achieve millions of votes at the European Parliament elections. I dislike how eastern Europeans sometimes pretend that they're the only people who've lived under tyranny. How come it took 40 years to fight back, then? I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences in London, though it's good that you openly recognise these organisations are more powerful than you. That's a start. I'm not sure where you get the idea that Brits aren't aware of their own elite's corruption? Londoners are probably the least aware people in the country, so that could explain it, I guess.
  18. You've got to add France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the Nordics to that list. Usually I find Brits to be well-aware of the corruption, which is why they're so miserable. They just don't like when they are singled out. It seems fashionable to make Brits the new scapegoats (especially in eastern Europe). Like I said, don't be fooled that Poland is safe and doesn't share our destiny. Also, Wikileaks, Assange and Epstein are PSYOPs, so perhaps you don't understand the system as well as you think.
  19. Hostile language is fine. Your opponents have all the time in the world. If countries like the UK fall, I don't see a brilliant future for countries like Hungary or Slovakia. I think the whole 'eastern European saviour' thing (while I respect the people) is a kind of pseudo-Conservative, Breitbart-derived false dialectic. I think our occult rulers sometimes realise they've gone too far and panic, then they relax and shore things up in some parts of the world. For now, that's Hungary/Poland/Slovakia etc. I know many eastern Europeans desire 'revenge' on the Anglo-Saxon world, but it's unwise to wish misfortune on the UK. Eventually you will face the same fate.
  20. You haven't properly considered this. If countries like Britain go down, it's over. Eastern European countries are mostly in the EU, so overseas soldiers can be put into action there. You will be unwelcome as a foreigner and considered useless and a burden, as a female. Emigration is a band-aid that won't "work" from the 2020s onwards. Of course, you're free to do whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. I just wish that the Anglo-Celtic world would realise that the brunt of the attack on is on them, largely. That means it will follow you wherever you go.
  21. I just find in alternative circles online that there's just a bit too much unnecessary self-hatred emanating from the UK. Many Brits are sceptical towards authority, people have already abandoned TV in massive numbers and most newspapers are loss-making and totally subsidised by oligarchs. I've not even found eastern Europeans to be that 'switched on' in reality. It's a bit like how people from the former east Germany all claim that they were against the Stasi etc. when in practice about 70% of citizens just went along with literally everything they were told to do. There is a lot of bluster. In conclusion, I would advise Brits to ignore any bravado from overseas. Most eastern Europeans are pro-EU and Americans/Australians/Canadians/NZers aren't putting up any meaningful opposition. Just look at Australia. They were totally unprepared and just assumed that totalitarianism is something that could never happen to them.
  22. The UK is sh*t because it's been under heavier attack (from all angles) and for a longer time. Poland gets a lot of unwarranted praise, I think. Let's just say they're in a kind of optimistic honeymoon phase, because of their recent economic boom and improved living standards. But it won't stay that way forever. Also I've not really found that Poles are more 'enlightened' on the control system than Brits. It's just fashionable to be down on Britain. Of course, the people are miserable. That's because they have been treated disgracefully. It's really not that difficult to understand.
  23. You can be against it, but the fact that you're owned by Germany and the USA means they get to decide your fate, and probably will eventually force mass migration on you. Personal opinions aren't easy to enforce against a superpower. I also dislike the anti-British views of many Poles. We'll see how strong you really are in the years ahead. I think you have an unpleasant surprise coming.
  24. Poland is a full member of the EU, UN and NATO, so it WILL catch up with you, and it's obvious Poles won't do anything about it. Anyway, feel free to leave. Nobody will miss you.
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