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  1. You may not be familiar with this, but I have long argued that Terra Australis Incognita, the ‘imaginary’ southern continent which appears on virtually all medieval maps of the world, was a real continent that matches Plato’s mythical Atlantis in many respects, see here. I believe that a comet had struck the earth at an oblique angle and caused a dent of aboout 7000 m in the crust of the earth , right where TA and South America meet on the TA medieval maps, creating the Drake Passage. Some of these maps in fact show a rectangular plain surrounded by mountains, exactly as described by Plato (see below). The maps below (Schoner 1533, Vatican, Schoner 1515) show a once continuous continent systematically being flooded, first the Vatican map, and then Schoner's C-shaped 1515 map. I recently watched a TV program in which a scientist claimed that even today the mass of bedrock Antarctica together with its ice cap is so huge that it is slowly subducting the crust of the earth. The same has elsewhere been said of Greenland. Schoner 1533 map Vatican 1530 map Schoner 1515 map The images below show an marked correlation between the tips of Schoner's C-shaped 1515 map and Australia / New Zealand, when its submarine topology is included. The 'imaginative bulge' on the west coast of South America is also visible on the ocean floor. Schoner 1515 map compared to NASA submarine topology 'Bulge' on the west coast of South America Comet impact point Lots more on the website, showing for example that some of these maps display huge lakes in the middle of the Sahara Desert, which could only have existed during the Green Sahara period, which ended thousands of years before Menes came to power, not to mention when European explorers set out to discover the world in the 1500s. At the very least, I hope you will enjoy the read.
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