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  1. What an amazing speech. Wonder how many well have the balls to step up to the mark. Interesting times are ahead.
  2. Play at your local super market via a loud portable PA system and see if the sheep wearing masks wearers react...
  3. Haha. Just brilliant,. My favourite I will print and wear around the shops is this...
  4. Your thoughts? https://www.bitchute.com/video/PFg4pQD9GLgA/
  5. So now, you can not only get covid toes (look that one up folks), but now you can find it in sewage. Lulz. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8825321/Shock-sewage-tests-COVID-19-Queensland-city-wastewater.html
  6. Oh, don't forget Covid-19 also makes you deaf too apparently... https://www.en24news.com/2020/10/the-covid-19-could-in-rare-cases-also-make-you-deaf.html LOL !
  7. Sometimes firmware update by phone manufacter can push out stuff onto your phone you never want. I always root my phones and install twrp recovery. Installing twrp recovetu neefs an unlocked bootloader. That way you always use an open source version of Android without any proprietory code or unwanted apps. If you can't root your phone and install grapheneos on it, then my advice is to bin your smart phone as their is no privacy. Older phones can be tracked by stingray (stingray was developed by government by making the phone connect to a false cell tower to accumulate
  8. Technoviking. We need you back to save the world...
  9. Fear is an imaginary construct of the mind. It only manifests itself from fear of the past or future. Neither exist. History is a begone, future is unset. If a battle ensues in years to come, stay in higher consciousness; use empathy, compassion and love as well as teaching others of the suppression of ourselves will teach others to refuse in voting, or registering their children as a debt slave (via the birth certificate) in this society. Only then can we bring it finally bring it down. Their is no other way; collapse the birth certificate and legal fiction, do not vote and take a stand.
  10. Their is one final 3trd truth... Never contact with government EVER. That will destroy the power of their acts and statues. Acts and statues can only be enforced by the consent of the governerned. No contract = no power. Combine this with the two other truths above and you not only regain your power as a soverign, but they are then truly fucked as they then have no power. Learn these truths and share them en masse.
  11. We will answer all questions in this thread with two answers. 1st truth in is rawest form... The birth certificate.... The 2nd truth is this:
  12. You should ask them if they had herpes or genital warts. After all, you got more chances of catching that than Covid-19.
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