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  1. Just sent this to my MP, and suggest others do too. Call them out as murderers, because that is the truth.
  2. Another slip of the tongue that got my attention was that twat Toby Ellwood saying that the military should be used to 'control the narrative'. This is the minister who managed to smear his face with blood on Westminster Bridge, while tending a 'victim of the f/f attack, surrounded by onlooking paramedics. It looked like a sick initiation ritual to me
  3. I know it can seem lonely out there - being sane, but keep holding on... Thank you for this reminder, that it's US who are sane. I feel out on a limb at work at the moment, so i'm so glad i joined the forum. Being amongst sane people is what i need right now, cos walking through town looking at the 90% masked people makes me despair.
  4. Hi Wiggs, fellow newbie poster here . I do a similar job, and went to occy health just to document my feelings about mask wearing, for future reference, as a senior manager had already suggested that i couldn't do the job if i was unable to wear a mask in the office. I had my misgivings within a few minutes of my counselling session, when she felt the need to tell me she'd been a nurse for 20 years, so therefore knows how serious this pandemic is. Wallowing in self righteousnesss. I found it difficult to reconcile my willingness to wear a mask in a clients house,
  5. That was my first post, and i feel better already !!
  6. I have a similar dilemma Clansman. I work for a local authority, and a month ago they mandated mask wearing in the office. My job involves visiting people in their homes, and for the few minutes i am with them, i am willing to wear a mask. But for me it stops there. A manager has told me that if i can't wear a mask in the office, then i can't do my job. I won't voluntarily leave, and am documenting my distress with the occupational health department. I've just had a session with a 'counsellor', over the phone, and she gave me the shpiel about wearing one fo
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