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  1. I wish I could have voted he is a game playing shill as I do think that's better, an opportunist reminds of the old love police guy Charlie, riding the good publicity of being "alternative" but happy to play the msm card as needed he is a grifter, and that portrait....oh dear. but life takes all sorts and I say he is harmless if not irritating to some.
  2. Conservatives have waited a long time to get revenge on people of Liverpool and I suspect bojo and crew have their orders and won't bend at all.
  3. Watch the British one it's raw and brutal with very little break from action but so far everyone I know agrees it's much better than this remake. Get a free Amazon trial and binge watch it then cancel trial if you like.
  4. Hey I'm 43 a mum of 7 aged 23 to 7 and work in the city of London, I do not go along with this hoax to humanity known as covid 19, and won't be tested tracked traced or vaccinated, not sure how often I will post here but felt really inspired by the London real interviews with David, hoping to learn more as I go along. Cheers
  5. i see someone playing with a clitoris, no pubes so with current trend of being bald down below for alot of women cant tell age of female here, but with all the #saveourchildren stuff i immediately saw this and wondered, could this all be a trap.
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