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  1. Just curious, why do some of the videos in Icke’s headline section get taken down?
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7045880/#__sec17title
  3. I can only report what I’ve seen going on around me. I know that it is hard to verify my observations, but that’s why I’m asking questions. I’m certainly not here to win a debate, but when you tell someone who has had the “symptoms” of “whatever” that Covid doesn’t exist, if looks could kill...
  4. Nor do I trust the vaccine. I think there is a non-lethal virus that is being exploited to further an agenda, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that there is no virus..
  5. I agree that that the PCR is absolute nonsense, but I also acknowledge thar there are an unusually large number of people getting hospitalized due to symptoms from “something”, in my experience.
  6. "Symptoms then positive tests, then quarantined at home for two weeks" "- I will agree with this."
  7. I normally know about 2 or 3 people a year who get the flu, and never someone who has died from it. In 2020, I personally know one person who has died, and know of 3 or 4 others in my extended circle who have passed. At work alone, we’ve had about 25 cases of covid ( abnormally high number, even if is just the flu) I’ve had the flu before, I’ve never had trouble breathing to the point where I’ve had to go to the hospital, and I’ve never noticeably lost my sense of taste or smell. I know several people who have gone to the hospital because they couldn’t breath, very unusual for the common fl
  8. I personally know young, otherwise healthy people, with no co-morbidity (some of whom I work with) who all contracted the symptoms, and subsequently tested positive on the test. They all said the symptoms were flu- like but a little different (loosing sense of taste, very difficult to breath). I normally don’t know this many people who get sick in such a compressed period of time.. If it is pneumonia or some other normal virus, causing it, not Covid, why all of these symptomatic cases all of a sudden?
  9. I realize this, but what is making people sick if not the virus? I know people who have had the symptoms unique to this virus (loss of sense of taste, trouble breathing, etc.) There is no doubt in my mind that people are falling ill, with or without the PCR. I’ve seen it...
  10. I personally know several people who have been diagnosed with symptomatic Covid 19, along with one person who has died, my cousin, with no co-morbidity. If the virus doesn’t exist, as Icke claims, what is the cause of these deaths and illnesses? If it is in fact 5g, how are the members of the cult and other “insiders” protecting themselves from these ubiquitous electromagnetic waves? I believe much of what David says, but based on my personal experience, I’m having a hard time believing that there is no virus. This is not to say that the virus is not at least being exploited by the global eli
  11. Link posted below. Thank you for your response!
  12. Does any one know what happened to the video of people being rounded up due to a positive Covid test in a China Airport? I think it was posted last Wednesday.
  13. She works in the medical industry, and he’s a 21 year old pratt at the London school of economics. Need anymore be said?
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