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  1. True, probably why so many people say they are fine after the shot, it helps give the appearance that anti-vaxxers are conspiracy nuts. But, they are going to mandate the shots every 6 months, so it’s important to try and avoid these as well. It may be near impossible not to take the jab very soon…
  2. Of course, I can’t be certain, but there was definitely a story in the local news about a woman who got a saline injection. All I’m saying is, if you do believe that they are committing genocide, they would have to have a placebo to kill people gradually. If everyone who received the vaccine died, people would wake up very quickly and refuse the shot. Their only other option is to vaccinate the entire population all at once, which we know is impossible. So, the saline placebo becomes the more practical solution….
  3. I had a feeling that they could trap your soul with it. Looks like I am going to have to take it, though. I can’t quit my job.
  4. This is so true, but I’m getting old, tired, and weak. Stay strong, my friend.
  5. I call them embeds, they are embedded in the matrix, with no connection at all to the higher source of all, or whatever you prefer to call it. They can be very intelligent, charming, and attractive, but they can’t even imagine anything beyond this reality, even though they may devoutly follow an exoteric religion. Their bodies are just vessels that the Archontic consciousness uses to keep us imprisoned. They are limited to topics like sports, sitcoms, movies, mainstream politics in their everyday conversation. Hit them with some Icke or Carl Jung and invariably they get this vacant look in their eyes, and may even become highly agitated and aggressive. They also don’t like looking up at the sky and will usually keep their field of vision earthbound.
  6. I seem to remember reading somewhere years ago that the vaccines can imprison your soul in the matrix by trapping you in an endless cycle of incarnation into the new technical sub-reality. At the time I didn’t give it much credence, but now, who knows? Has anyone else heard about this?
  7. No way out, my friend. Get ready to take your lumps. We’re going to be tortured in internment camps because of these assholes. But, hey, that’s what they were put here for.
  8. You can’t wake up dead people. When the soul leaves the body permanently, one is said to be dead. Most people on this planet have no soul, so they can’t technically be “alive”, they are just a artificial biological system animated by their lower chakras to serve and enforce the dictates of the program upon the souled individuals. That’s what is truly meant by the zombie apocalypse. These soulless zombies will be attacking us and assisting to get us force vaccinated. It is pretty frightening, right out of a science fiction horror movie. Aren’t you glad to have been born in this era?
  9. The problem is, there is now a vaccine bias built in to all governmental and legal systems. I’m sure most, if not all, judges have been vaccinated, and it would be very difficult at this point to even find a barrister who would be willing to handle the lawsuit, knowing that most will not be sympathetic to your plight.
  10. Where can we find Part 2 of The Answer video cast?
  11. Hello to all, I’m certain that we will have to be vaccinated as a condition to maintain employment within the next few months due to Plandemic Phase 2. Just curious to see how people on this forum plan to deal with this, especially if they have a family to support. I don’t want to take this poison, but it looks like I’m going to have to real soon.
  12. Where do we go to watch part 2 of “The Answer” live stream?
  13. Looks like the real thing to me. You can see a small orb of light cross the field of view at the beginning.
  14. Makes sense. More people are not getting sick than the ones who are, but that will change when they reduce the number of placebo jabs and increase the mRNA lethal injection..
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