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  1. Covid is a man-made concoction from Porton Down, various countries had different strains and most Western countries were pre-protected late 2019. Timing, timing, timing! We are 12 years into the US/UK war to destroy the global economy, the banking system was going to crash in 2019. We can’t be sure which banks, but the German Central Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank) would be high on the list & of course, Brexit disaster. The first 3 months of 2020, before lockdown, and remember the New Year sales, but the economy shrank a massive 2.2%, & remember, this 2.2% was the very best wangled stat the
  2. Bill Gates said it himself. "This virus did not convince anyone, but the next one will", with the most sleazy grin, and Melinda coming off like Barbara Spectre, confident and happy with being the root of evil . . . . . Don't throw away your masks just yet, THERE WILL BE A NEXT ONE, AND IT WILL BE A MAJOR KILLER. They know they have to do it for real now, they are going to have to truly scare even the die hards for their plot to work, and NO ONE IS ABLE TO STOP THEM. The subversion simply runs too deep.
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